Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Five categories of people who worship Allah

Thursday discourse notes: 30/05/13

– All of creation has a purpose and a reason for its existence, this includes human beings as well. Some have not realised their purpose whereas others have. However, from those who have understood their purpose in life, the worshipers, the munimeen, some of them attach their own motives for worshipping Allah. Which means they have not actually understood their purpose. Allah the almighty says, if someone who comes to me walking I go to him running etc..
(paraphased Hadith qudsi).
– So the question is, why then those who worship Allah, do not attain his closeness? It is because they attach ulterior motives and desires for worshipping Allah. A person who will worship Allah for Allah then this Hadith qudsi will undoubtedly become true.
Allah is the being who cannot be deceived into anything or by anyone. This is a fact known to all.
– The moment a person listens to the whisperings of the devil. It is as if he has given authority to the devil. The more a person listens to the devil the more authority he gives to him.

The Miraj of the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) perfectly illustrates the four major obstacles a muslim faces in this world in his journey to Allah Azzawajal.

– During the night ascension the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) saw a old woman. It was later revealed to him that the woman was the representation of dunya itself. Establishing the first obstacle in reaching Allah, – the allurement of dunya. Further in the journey, he (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) saw an old man. This was later revealed to be the devil himself. – The second major obstacle a person faces, the devilish whisperings and temptations to do evil. At a certain point in the night journey the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) then was presented with wine, honey and milk to chose from and drink. The prophet (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) chose the milk. A representation of the purity of his ego. The last things he (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) saw in the night journey was different people and how they were either being punished in hell or rewarded in paradise.
From the example of the night journey and from other sources, The mashaykh have deduced the following four main deceptions of this life.

1) the dunya
2) the devil
3) the nafs (ego)
4) finally the creation/people.

1) People who have not started the journey to Allah have not done so because they have been trapped by the world. Their whole life resolves around making and attaining as much dunya as possible. These people do sometimes come to Allah, but when in time of need and want of more money and wealth. It is not wrong to ask for an increase in wealth but a person’s relationship to Allah should not be based on this. That, ‘the more wealth I get the better the relationship’.

2) Second group of people are those who come out of this deception. They realise the world is a trap and is obstacle to reaching Allah. However, they are still deceived and have not fully freed themselves from the entanglement. People in this group are those who place a condition to worshipping Allah. People who alway say if their problems are fulfilled they will worship Allah more rigorously. For example: ‘If my financial, family or social problems are sorted I will worship Allah in a more focused manner. I will come to gatherings of piety and righteousness’. The reality is, these people will never come as they have made these small trials of life their main focus in life. For them worshipping Allah is a side matter, a small issue compared to their own goals of life.

3) The third type of people are those who have left behind the previous two states. They have realised the dunya is a deception and that Allah should be worshipped without any ulterior motives. But, here in this category people start to go after spiritual experiences. They begin to worship Allah when and if only they experience spiritual states and visions of the unseen world. They have also not understood their purpose completely.

4) Those people who reach the fourth category are people who worship Allah for the beauty of the hereafter, or out of the fear of the life in the grave, hell etc. Although this is not wrong to wish, but this then becomes the endpoint for many people. They do not want to reach higher and go further to Allah.

5) In this category people worship Allah because they want spiritual statuses and ranks. They worship Allah for spiritual ranks and stations like the Awliyah of the past. These people have also not understood their objectives in life. The ultimate goal for all should be only Allah and him alone.

Shaykh Ahmad Najmudeen Kubrah said: if in pursuing Allah you are entangled with the dunya and hoping to attain the spiritual ranks. You should know even if all the spiritual ranks of the prophets were to be given to you. Still do not pay attention to these insignificant things. Your attention Should be only on Allah.
– if a person’s intention is good but the object of worship is not correct like worshipping idols for example, then it is not considered correct worship.
If a person’s object/being of worship is right, like worshipping Allah for instance. But, the intention is wrong then this is not worship of Allah either.
Both the intention and object of Worship should be right, only then a person’s worship will benefit him and be accepted by Allah.

This is the ultimate teaching of Laillaha’Illalah
(There is no other gods except Allah). – To worship Allah alone without any want/by conditions/ spiritual states/statuses or ranks.

– A teacher will never force a person into piety, he will only guide and give advice. It is up to the patient, the student, to act on his advice.

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