The four fundamental deceptions of the shaitan

Thursday discourse notes: 04/04/13

The four tools of deception:

1) the world
2) the nafs
3) the devil
4) creation.

Summary of last weeks discourse:
– Serving Allah will mean dunya will serve you. Serving dunya will enslave you. Not only that but drag you to hell aswell.
– Heedlessness is the treasure of the nafs. People who become heedless from the Remembrance of Allah in effect steal the treasures of the Egos.
– One thing is to remember Allah but the other is to keep the remembrance of Allah alive in a persons life.

The purpose of Allah Azzawajal sending us on earth is and always was for testing. Dunya is not a resting place but a testing place. From among the tools of the test we learn Allah says in the Quran, a person’s wealth, parents, family and children can be a barrier between him and Allah. They too can be the means for a test.
In one of the verses in the Quran, Allah Azzawajal said ‘I have created humans and jinns to serve me. I don’t want anything from you. I will provide for you’. (Rough Translation)
Some people pay lip service to the idea Allah is the provider. But in reality do not believe with the heart. When it comes to difficulties they are hopeless and resort to unlawful means of earning livelihood.
– Money, women, men, creation, nafs are all different forms of dunya. They are the different colours of dunya. Dunya and death will both seek a person. Just as death will undoubtedly come to a person; a person’s rizq will also reach him no matter what.

Continuation from last week:
– The third fundamental deception is the devil himself. People often make it out to seem the devil is invincible and they cannot win against an invincible opponent. This is the first deception people fall for, which the shaitan uses. The devil admitted in the quran, he has weaknesses, this means he is not as we think. In his famous words of rebellion he said ‘ I will lead astray everyone except the pious and the saliheen’. From this we immediately learn people who are sincere with Allah will not be lead astray
Who are these people?
They are the people who will worship Allah Azzawajal unconditionally! This means they will not worship Allah for health, wealth, family, friends, the dunya, status, power, feelings etc.
Many people worship Allah for peace and other ulterior motives like feeling good.
In reality they are not the people who worship Allah but are worshipping their needs/desires. They are not the servants of Allah but servants of their own feelings and whims. Allah should be worshipped no matter how we feel, wether good or bad. – This is what the devil meant when he said ‘I cannot lead astray your servants o Allah’. This means people who worship Allah with sincerity without any other motives in mind.
A person who will start his relationship with Allah without any strings attached. The devil will not and cannot lead him astray.
People who are sincere with Allah have a secret weapon against the devil. This is ikhlas (sincerity) itself. When a person will bow down to Allah with sincerity, the devil will be helpless against the person. Helpless in the sense he will never be able to lead that servant of Allah astray!

– The second weakness of the devil is his promises are false. But whatever Allah has promised is without a doubt true. This is why the guilt felt after a sin is the sign of having been deceived out of something, having been led to believe in something but then not getting it; Not experienced the lasting pleasure of drug, women or unlawful wealth.
– The third weakness of the devil is he can only invite people to commit evil. He has no strength to force anyone to commit evil. People who make a stand against the devil. Soon the devils begin to fear them, as they (the devils) see the spiritual strength of a person. People who remember Allah when there is opposition of evil in front of them attain more rewards than periods of time when there is no opposition of evil.

By ServantofAlMalik

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