What does it mean by our rizq is already predestined in the heavens?

Thursday discourse notes: 21/03/13

– Allah is the only being who is limitless. Everything else has limit; the dunya, the lives of creation/humans and creation itself. Even the amount of rizq, (provision) a person is to receive throughout his life is already written on the lawhi mahfuz, it is limited and not endless. No matter how he will try to earn money whether through halal or haram means, he will receive his amount of risq before death. Then why go through haram means to earn unlawful earnings? If a burglar steals a millions pounds from a bank. He would have received this amount of rizq in a halal way. He chose a haram means of attaining this. When a person’s share of rizq is finished, his time of death will draw near.

– However, Allah the almighty has not guaranteed to make sure everyone receives his share of paradise. This is a blank canvas left for a person himself to write on, for himself to decide and fill in. He has to choose whether he wants to go paradise or hell. He (SubhanAllahu watala) has not predestined a person’s part of paradise, like he almighty has done with rizq.

Some people are generally imbued with goodness, they pray five times a day, are generous or naturally patient at times of adversities. They can do these acts of virtue effortlessly, it is a natural habit. A god given gift given to them by Allah. It can be said these people have not done anything by themselves to achieve this state, since this natural disposition of being good has been given to them by Allah. However people who are naturally inclined to do good stop there. They do not want to progress to higher degrees of servitude. In this situation it is as if Allah is saying ‘to do more acts of piety and reach the higher stations of paradise you have to put in effort’. It is like a bank crediting a person’s bank account with some money, without the person earning this money. Now to earn more, the bank will not go on crediting his account. The person must do it himself.

– The meaning of tawfiq is not that an angel will come and drag you to the mosque, or make you do an act of virtue! Tawfiq is the the abilities Allah has already given you to do good; the favourable conditions of your body, mind and heart and the environment you live in. The eyes, hands, intellect and the well-being of the body. – This is tawfiq.

-A person once asked sayyid Tawaqul, a great man of Allah.
‘In the Quran we read how Allah has mentioned our rizq is in the heavens. However every time I plough the fields I see my rizq, my provision, my food, coming from the land and not the heavens. What do these verses mean? The saint then explained that if the sun was not there, its rays will not penetrate the ground to help the soil become fertile and help the seed grow. If the heavens withheld the rain, then again there will be no water to irrigate the lands. No matter how much effort a person may put in, if these favourable conditions are not there he will not receive his share of provisions. What Allah wants is for his servant to put in little effort, then by the help of Allah he will receive his share of provisions what ever is destined for him. Many people say this and agree to it. But this is only with the tongue and not with the heart!

If we really believed in the words of Allah; that our rizq is already destined, we will not fall for fraud, deception or corruption by indulgence in haram, etc.

This is the commentary on the Hadith qudsi where Allah says to dunya, ‘whoever serves me you also serve him. Whoever serves you, you also leave him’.
(Paraphrased Hadith)

By ServantofAlMalik

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