The nature of this world and the nature of hereafter

Discourse notes:
Monday 07/01/13

– Allah (swt) mentions in the Quran that he loves his creation. However, if someone chooses to fail in this life by continually committing sins, then it’s his fault, and not Allah’s. Allah forewarns us not to be unjust, against ourselves and others. If we do, then it is we who are to blame for our failures and no one else.
– There is a part of hell called ‘zam-harir’, this is a place which is extremely cold. There is no fire there, it is more like [-] millions of degrees. This is specifically designed for the jinns who are rebellious of the laws of Allah. However, some humans will also be in there among the jinns, suffering!

– Syyiduna Ali (R) said, there are 3 categories of life;

1) Purpose of life: This is attaining the closeness and pleasure of Allah.
2) Necessities of life: These are things like marrying, eating, drinking etc.
3) The desires of life: These are things which a person wants more and more.
If the necessities of life classes with the purpose of life. A person must sacrifice the lawful (the necessities of life) and try attain the purpose of life. For instance: A person who knows by eating too much food he will become lazy in praying salah, then he should eat little, and sacrifice the unnecessary food; in order to fulfil the purpose of life.

– We also learn in the Quran that Allah says he has taken the responsibility for providing for us in this world. Yet, we are still concerned day and night. Working hard at earning more and more of the dunya. However, Allah (swt) does not say (with regards to hereafter) that he has taken the responsibility to take everyone to paradise. With regards to the hereafter, he (swt) said people will have to work for it. Yet, in this we are reluctant to work ad earn it. Thinking Allah is the most forgiving and he will give us paradise. – we are not willing to work for it.

– This world is perfect for testing people/creation. It is not perfect for pleasures and desires. Paradise is perfect for pleasures and the fulfilment of desires. People who are looking to fulfil their pleasures here, will not fulfil it in this world.
This world is a mirage!
When someone is deceived in this world regarding a product. He will lose out may be in his money or health. However, if someone is deceived by the devil, he will lose his soul!
In this world we are being tested on our actions and beliefs. People who follow evil, darkness and dark smoke enters their bodies exploiting the spirit, making it black!
-The greatest message is waiting for us in the hereafter. That is to hear Allah saying to us: ‘today I am pleased with you’.

– Syyiduna Ali (R) said;

Sin is temporal enjoyment and regret and hardship for forever. However, righteous deeds are temporal and are pleasures for forever.

The mashaykh say, love is in 3 degrees:

1) A seed: many people claim love of the prophet (saw). But, their love cannot be seen. Their love is like the buried seed which cannot be seen.
2) A plant: when you can see the effect of the love of the prophet (saw) on a person: the beard, turban, being gentle, humble, etc. – the sunnah.
3) The highest degree of love is, when the plant gives fruits:This is when a person gives dawah, drawing people to Allah.

The ummah of the prophet (saw) is forgiven in four things: [taken from 2 hadiths] – No sin is written down.

1) Things done out of forgetfulness.
2) Things done accidentally.
3) If someone is forced to do something.
4) The bad thoughts of people. As long as this is not translated into action.
This is the rahma (mercy) of Allah. Mercy is not something where we do a sin intentionally thinking Allah will forgive us. – This the action of fools!!

By ServantofAlMalik

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