Al Jazeera: Special Programme ‘Dawkins on Religion’

To give credibility to an argument for the case against God’s existence, it wont be surprising to hear the name of Dr. Richard Dawkins being thrown in. Just for good measure and to make an argument seem credible to the ears of an opponent. Dr. Richard Dawkins is a leading Evangelical (excuse the pun) atheist arguing the case against God’s existence. He travels all over the world preaching his religion to people, simply put, that God does not exist. By many people’s standards he is seen as the scientist of his generation, a man of authority, debunking the dogmatic beliefs of people of faith; faith in God, heaven and hell. Using ‘logic’ and tangible ‘evidence’ to win over many insecure people to his cause. His book ‘The God Delusion’ shot him to fame with millions of copies being sold world-wide.

Mehdi Hasan interviews evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins at the Oxford Union and asks: Is religion a force for good or evil? Can it co-exist with science? Is science the new religion? And why if god does not exist, is religion so persistent?

The idea that a God or a supernatural being is in control of our lives is completely ridiculed by him and many other new-age, hardline atheists. But, surprising as it may be, Dr. richard Dawkins is not what some may call a 100% atheist. In his introductory response to Mahdi Hassan’s interview on Al Jazeera’ ‘Dawkins on Religion’ programme he says:

“Nobody can be certain to say that nothing exists”

What strikes me as being so odd is that here is a man who claims to deny God and is actively advancing his ideology and yet is not fully convinced of his own argument. A man who is unsure, in the middle; maybe God exists, maybe not, not ‘either or’. Funnily enough, he claims have the answers to the fundamental questions of life. Yet, struggles with answering the most basic and simple question of all time, Does God exist? Here is a man who is, in all honesty, in spiritual turmoil; Between his heart and mind. His heart wants to believe in God, yet he chooses to give his intellect the precedence by denying to believe in God almighty.
It seems to me this is a man who is confused than be considered as the “most intellectual man of our times”, as some people claim. I find it amusing to see how people who use him as a reference point to deny the existence of God, is himself not 100% sure God does not exist!

Moving on in the programme Dr. Dawkins admits science may not be able to answer ALL the questions of life. He refuses to accept any answers which religion may give in the face of science’s inability to do so, like; why are we here? where did we come from? etc. In his opinion anyone deemed to be an adherent of a religion even if they are scientists, is inferior to an atheist. As an atheist uses evidence and logic to lead his life, not by an unseen divine entity above the heavens. In Mahdi Hassan’s interview, Dr. Dawkins plays it safe, choosing his words carefully in replying to the questions posed to him. However, even in his most composed form, there are glimpses which shine a light onto the inner dilemma and spiritual struggle he is going through. History is testament to the fact that religious influence was the key reason in producing great people; without which many of us would still be savages, in very primitive forms, living by the selfish gene. It was religion which taught us to elevate ourselves above the base animalistic desires; the need to only look after at ourself and not care for others. However, as usual Dr. Dawkins stubbornly refuses to accept this fact. Instead placing any achievements made by man to his intellectual abilities, and not because of religion.

In the course of the programme Dr. Dawkins attempts to make fun of Islam, of its more obscure aspects, (in the eyes of the atheist). – Obviously, for a muslim there is no obscure aspects of Islam. Dr. Richard Dawkins tries to make parallels to the “irrational” story of the night journey, especially the winged horse, ‘buraq’, with his arguments that religion is based on irrational and fanciful ideas. In many respects, Dr. Richards Dawkins typifies a typical atheist, ‘if you can’t see or hear the evidence for God, then he simply does not exist’.

Having heard all the hype surrounding Dr. Dawkins, “the highly educated, the most learned and advanced scientist of our time’. One would think his arguments for NOT believing in God, would be more advanced than simply saying, in a nutshell, ‘if you can’t see or hear’ the evidence for the existence of God, then he does not exist’. Anticipating Mahdi Hassan’s interview and what it will produce, i was hoping to hear Dr. Dawkins “intellectually stimulating” arguments on why he arrogantly disbelieves in God. Yet, i was sad to see simpleton arguments put forward, rather than anything real. Surprisingly, the age-old and petty arguments used by the ‘disbelieving camp’, throughout the ages, still exists today; ‘i dont believe in God, because i cant see or hear him’. Simply put, Dr. Dawkins entire argument against the cause for God is underpinned by this motto, ‘If i cant see or hear God, then he does not exist’.

To end, it is in man’s nature to believe in Allah. If he chooses to reject the idea of a God, then he will only replace it with another deity. Either by science, technology, or even his own intellect as God. Whatever you choose to call Allah; ‘the higher being’, ‘the universal energy’, ‘spirit’, ‘God’, it all boils down to one thing. That is, a being far greater and superior than us, created us, supports us, and is maintaining us. Without whom nothing would have ever existed. This is none other than ALLAH!

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

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