Sacrifices of Syyiduna Umar, Imam Hussain & Aisha (R)

Discourse Notes: Thursday 6/12/12

Allah says in the Quran that the life of this world is very short. In these last few days we have left. we have mostly past the month of Muharram. Many people wished to do many things, to become better etc. However all they did was to mourn the loss of the Ahle bayat (something which is not allowed in islam. As we are not a ummah who perpetually mourn) and they did nothing else. But, this is no good for them or in the sight of Allah. People who wish only and do nothing will do this even in the hereafter. Wishing to change or for a second chance, then it will be too late. The bani isreal used to to this, only wish and claim things. Take for example the pharaoh, he new musa (as) was a prophet of Allah. Yet he choose to accept this fact at the wrong time, when his time was up.
– In the sight of Allah the life of this world is like a day or half a day. So, this month we are passing is like month for us. By looking at the month of Muharram we can have a example of how we are living. It is a reflection of how our life is going on a bigger level.

– Syyiduna Umar (R) said; don’t become a person who is afraid of the devil. But, become a person who satan fears. The only way to make this happen is by having the fear of Allah. Don’t magnify the devil, but magnify the remembrance of Allah. Using the devil as a excuse for our sad state of affairs; ‘the devil made me do this and that’. Don’t say ‘shaytan Akbar’ but say ‘AllahuAkbar’.
– Everyone on the earth fears something. There is no one who does not fear. The difference is some fear the dunya; fear they may be hungry, homeless, lose their job etc. Whereas others fear Allah. When Syyiduna Umar (R) was stabbed he still did not fear the attacker, in reality the devil who inspired the killer Abu LuLu. The devil knew Syyiduna Umar (R) did not fear him. As a last resort he used the cursed person to kill Syyiduna Umar (R).

– The only option people have is to die either in the remembrance of Allah or the remembrance of satan. Since we all must die anyway at some point. Die either like Syyiduna Umar (R) or die like Abu LuLu (the killer of Syyiduna Umar (R)), – in the worship of satan.
– A generous person is liked by Allah, even though he may have a bad relationship with Allah on his private level. Like hatim tayii, who was a kafir at the time of the prophet (saw) but a generous man.
– A stingy person is disliked by Allah even if a person is a worshipper on his private level. – A person who does a lot of optional worship.
– The death of Syyiduna Umar (R) teaches us, ‘despite going through pain and difficulties, do not give up on Allah. Do not break your relationship with Allah’. May be a person cannot be generous to everyone with money. But, everyone can be good with character. With the death of Syyiduna Imam Hussain (R) we are tought that, even if your body is cut and severed. Do not disobey Allah.
– Another huge event which took place in this month and is often overlooked is, Syyiduna Aisha (Ra) sacrificed her rightful burial place next to the prophet (saw) for Syyiduna Umar (R). This is a great example of preferring others over oneself.
– Siratul Mustakeem (the right path) is for every situation. The right path of sleeping, eating, drinking etc. when we ask for guidance for the right path. We are asking for it in every situation. Allah (swt) not only showed us the right path but also showed us role models who walked on the right path.

By ServantofAlMalik

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