Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Advise of Syyiduna Umar ibn al Kattab (R)

Discourse Notes: Monday 19/11/12

The prophet (saw) said in a Hadith, ‘my companions are like stars. Whoever follows anyone of them, will be guided to the truth’. (paraphrased Hadith)
There are different types of companions. For each of us, there is an example of a companion to follow. If someone is unlettered for example, then there also companions who were unlettered. So, for every type of person there is an example in a companion.
– In the companion of Umar (R) there is an example for the majority of people to follow. For he was a non-Muslim at one point, a warrior, a ‘Muslim-hater’ etc. If a person like Umar (R) can become the second best person after the prophets, despite being what he was before Islam. Then there is hope for us as well. No matter what we are, or what we are doing; an alcoholic, a sinner, a fornicator, etc. If we change and submit to Allah, we too can become a great friend of Allah. – [Never lose hope of Allah’s mercy].
– Never under estimate your own abilities.
However, we are in such a sad state we are opposing the prophet (saw). Not in beliefs but by actions.

Advise of Syyiduna Umar (R)

1) * ‘Be kind and fair to the people’.
[He was kind to non-Muslims when they deserved it and he was merciful to his companions. However, towards sin, disbelief and opposition to the truth he was harsh.- A person from whom the animals and his own household fear him unduly, then he should take a lesson that there is something wrong with him. – It is not a good sign of one’s acceptance in the sight of Allah that he’s own household are afraid of him. The prophet (saw) said, ‘the best among you is the best in his home’. If there is no boundaries of shariyah which are being broken or the shariyah being opposed. A person should be kind and caring in his household].

2) * ‘Do not deceive people in wealth, trust and knowledge’.
[The prophet (saw) said ‘there is no iman of a person who does not guard a promise/a trust of someone’]. – paraphrased Hadith.

3) * ‘Do not take their riches, their wealth and life (referring to the lives and possessions of others). Do not break promises. Don’t miss lead people or overpower them with your authority’.
[Do not use your authority to mask people from asking questions and clarification. Alluding people to think everything is fine. Every one has authority over something; a family, a country, a company or even your own body].

4) * ‘Be truthful with your words and guide people with the sunnah of the prophet (saw). Speak and act with the knowledge you have. Let the truth come out as become the beacon of light and sunnah. Be the strength among the weak in sunnah and shariyah’.
[several incidents are recorded where Umar (R) was strong in justice no matter where, what or who it was that deserved justice or his rightful support].

5) * ‘Follow the sunnah in eating and sleeping. Be the one who has no fear of satan. Be be the one who satan fears’.
[don’t make satan more than what he is. He can only invite you to evil not force you to commit evil. It was the prophet (saw) who said, ‘if Umar is going down one path. Then the satan takes another path.- paraphased Hadith. Satan did this out of his fear’.
– A saying; ‘When Umar should die. Then Islam should weep’].

6) * ‘Be the one who is approachable. For the people in need, with gentleness in heart and body. Be unbreakable force against the devil’.
[become like Umar (R) for your own body. Being strong against sin and evil].

Side note:
= Imam bukhari mentions in a tafsir of a Hadith that the Durood of Allah on the prophet (saw) is not like ours. The durood of the lord of all the worlds is entirely different to how we send Durood. The way Allah sends Durood on the prophet (saw) is by gathering the angels and together they send praise on the prophet (saw).

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