The immense virtues of the night prayer (tahadjudd)

Discourse Notes: Thursday 15/11/12

Allah (swt) says in the Quran in his sight there are 12 months. In many of the planets the days are very long. Some days are long like months. Allah (swt) choose us to be here in earth. Where we have days and nights, months and years.
– There are many wisdoms and reasons why we get night and days when there is no nights in paradise. One of the wisdoms which the ulema say is because nights and days are a means for our test. An examination. If we had no night, then there would be no test on people waking up for tahadjudd or fajr. – if we find no struggle or hardship in getting up for worship then there is no test.
– This is why there is no night/sleep after we leave this world, neither in paradise or hell. Because, the test will finish as soon as we die.
– Don’t think people who waste money excessively are brothers of the devils only. Those who have free time and are not implementing Islam in their life are a greater brothers of the devils. The squanders of the wealth of time are a greater ‘devils advocate’ than extravagant money wasters.

– Don’t assume not getting ill or having difficulties in life is a sign of the closeness to Allah. For the devil himself never falls ill or faces hardship.
– Muharram is a first Islamic month in the calendar of Muslims. This is telling us we have a new chance once again to start fresh. Fresh in the worship and obedience of Allah.
– – Muharram is the month of Allah. Whenever Allah’s name is added to anything the greatness of that thing or person drastically increases. For example, people have books, others write books. But, when it is said ‘this is Allah’s book. The importance and greatness increases dramatically.
– To fast and give charity on the 9 & 10th of Muharram will get the reward for one year.
If anyone can fast the whole month of Muharram then there is great virtue. (Qiyamul Layal) is very virtuous in this month.
– Those people who have time and do nothing, do not act on Islam. Are at a greater loss than people who are busy. as they can be lead astray more easily!

Imam bayhaqi & imam tirmidi both report the prophet (saw) as saying:
‘Stick to the night prayer, the tahadjudd prayer. For it was the righteous ways of the pious of the past. The night pray also expiates the sins done during the day. Automatically sins are forgiven’. (Paraphased Hadith)
– The worship that has the most virtue after the obligatory prayer (fard prayer) is the night prayer (tahadjudd).
– It has great temporal closeness to Allah. As Allah himself descends to the first heavens. – The way it befits him. So, the person who gets up to pray at that time he is the most closest to Allah. In a nutshell, when all these factors come together, it acts as a tool to help get a servant close to Allah.
– The people of insight (basira) say when Ramadan begins, it is as if the world is being played on colour TV. Everything can be seen clearer and in more beautiful imagery. As soon as the holy month ends, if is as if the world returns to a black & white TV.
Similarly the people of insight say; there is a very shot time in the last part of the night during tahadjudd. The world turns into a colourful world like it happens during Ramadan. It was also during tahadjudd that the prophet (saw) was born.
– The second part of the Hadith
‘… it was the act of the pious of the past’,
tells us if we want to be considered in the circle of piety. Then we too should adopt the act of late night worship.
– Another benefit of the night prayer is it will save a person from sins. Help him to avoid the sins. The night prayer is very difficult on the egos. It is a very helpful element in saving oneself from evil.
(Sura Muzamil)
– The night prayer also keeps away many of the illnesses of the body. (Both the physical and spiritual illnesses). We learn from this that, if anyone is ill, then they should make dua to Allah at this time. After all, Allah (swt) himself says ‘is there anyone asking anything from me?’. During the last part of night.

By ServantofAlMalik

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