The lost founding father of America

In the founding of America, we often hear more than not, the valiant and heroic actions of the founding fathers of America. How they fought selflessly to defend their land and defeat the British. By extension, the colonial powers. Every school child is brought up getting taught the names of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin franklin etc. Much like we get taught the name of prophets and messengers.

The idea was to form an independent and a free country, that would be a drastic change from the old world of Europe. In which people were seen as ‘subjects of governments’. The new world was trying to make people get recognition as ‘citizens’. Where governments are accountable to people and not the other way round. A group of people who were instrumental in helping find this “new world”, were the native Americans. From movies to the cartoons, native Americans are ridiculed and reduced to being a group of people very primitive and knee-deep in occultism.
The truth is far from this! In fact the native Americans were vital in the formation and constitution of the ‘deceleration of independence’.

– Chief canastaego is a real Iroquois leader who had a profound impact on the founding of America. Many people do believe him to be a lost founding father. The stories related about the arrows and franklin and how it led to the bundle of arrows in the great seal is true. In resolution 331, passed in October of 1988, which acknowledges the influence that the Iroquois constitution had upon the American founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence. For example in 1787 John Rutledge of South Carolina read to the members of the constitution convention from Iroquois law. Words written 250 years before the American constitution. Here are the words he read out:

“we, the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity and order”.

– One day Chief canastaego came to franklin and by way of demonstration broke a single arrow. After which he got a bundle of 13 arrows and tried to do the same, to break them. But, as the mass amount of arrows was greater. He was unable to so. In effect Chief canastaego was showing franklin that the 13 colonies of the states will be stronger together and not being apart. That, to win their war against the colonial powers they will have to form a union together. This is why the seal of America has 13 arrows incorporated into the claws of the eagle.

All in all, minority groups in any nation always play a crucial part in keeping the wheels of modernization spinning. What the native americans did for America, their land, is white washed in the circles of historical discussions. Usually, the painted images of native americans is a group waging war against the occupiers. Their contributions to laying the basis of America is left out to dry. America would not have been what it is today, if it was not for the native americans.

What i find most strange about the american people is the way they follow and adhere to the constitution. More religiously than anything. It can be safely said, from every child to an adult, the content of the american constitution is deeply engraved in their hearts. Reciting the amendments of the constitution as verses off a religious book! The founding fathers are revered like Messengers and prophets, in the eyes of many. Showing more zeal and obedience to the constitution, than any religious person does to his religion. It is startling to see, how despite their disgust at divine religions and the adherents of divine religion, they have adopted a new religion of “Americanism”, to coin a new word. In place of the every thing they were working tirelessly to get rid of. in front of almost every official building and house in America,you will not fail to see the american flag posted. The symbol of “Americanism”.

By ServantofAlMalik

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