How to have the access to the mercy of the prophet (saw)

How to have the access to the mercy of the prophet (saw).

Discourse notes: 29/10/12

Allah (swt) is the most merciful. The second most merciful being is the prophet (saw). However, to have access and benefit from his mercy. One has to follow the rules and regulations set down by Allah. This will open the gates of mercy to flood a person’s heart. For example;
– A person cannot get immediate electricity supply despite being in a power station. He will have to attain the right tools to have access to the electricity. There has to be the right wires, the amount of power, etc.
– A person cannot have free, fresh running water in his house even if he lives next to a lake. He will have to have the right plumbing done in his house which will allow for the fresh water from the lake to come into to his house. Likewise, to have the mercy of Allah & the prophet (saw) following your way, into your life. You will have to follow certain things, certain protocols.

To understand the nature of Islam, one only has to look at who is the employee and who is the employer. If this is understood our lives will run smoothly. – we will recognise the MD/ the CEO/ Manager/Employer. – He is none other than Allah and we are the employees. When we will let ourselves realise this fact. We can lead a more straight forward lives, free from unnecessary stress & worries etc.
Problems arise when there is confusion. When the employee does not know who the employer is. What the goals are, what the objectives and rules of the company are. He will carry out his tasks poorly and unsatisfactorily.

The five pillars and how they relate to the servant.

1) shahadah: This shows us who is the master and who is the servant. That, Allah is the Lord and we are the slaves. This also tells us, in our lives we should make the command of Allah above all other commands. The second part of the shahadah teaches us, despite the prophet (saw) being the best of creation & the best worshipper of Allah. He is still a “slave”, and is submitting to Allah.
– Does this not show us, we too should submit to Allah alone? When the prophet (saw) was far better than us. That he was the best of creation.
Isa (as) once said to Allah, ‘O Allah, how can I come to you?’
Allah replied, ‘leave yourself and come to me’. Which means ‘leave behind your nafs (ego) and you will automatically be with me’.
From the testification of faith (shahadah) we get the fundamental objective of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah. Which teaches us to give Allah’s command above anything and anyones else’s. Secondly, teaching us to make the sunnah of the prophet (saw) our ideal lifestyle above any other.

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