Unearthing the treasures of Dhul Hijjah

Discourse Notes: 22/10/12

From amongst the creation Allah has chosen a select few. On them he has given great blessings. They are known as prophets and messengers.
They are referred to by a number of names in the Quran. Out of all the names used to describe the prophets & messengers. One thing is common. They are informers of news which is beyond the reach of mortal humans.
They bring a knowledge which is not known amongst the creation.
Just as newscasters, the messengers are a people who only read the news of the hereafter to people. They do not do anything else but read the news. No one can force anyone to do anything.

– The are two types of knowledge of the unseen. One is that of the paradise, hell, Allah, angels etc.
Second is the knowledge of seeing beyond the apparent outcomes. For example, in sins we see pleasure and happiness. However the prophet or ‘Nabi’ will see the real damage of doing a specific act. He has the foresight to see beyond. They can see the consequence of an act, of which we will not be able to see it’s long lasting effects.

– Hazrat Ibn Abbas relates a hadith in which the prophet (saw) said ‘there is no better days to do good deeds than in the days of the 1st 10days of dhul hijjah!’
If anyone does good deeds then these are the days to do them in.
– A person who does not increase in doing good deeds in days like dhul hijjah but only does the usual obligatory acts. They are acts done out of habit and not out of worship. Because, it has become habitual acts for him to only pray and do good now and then.

– Someone asked Syyiduna Abdullah ibn Adam ‘can I be excused from leaving sins?’. He replied: okay, only if you can say to the angel of death, when he comes to take your soul. ‘I will not leave’. If you can say this to him. Then you can carry on sinning. If you can’t, then you should leave sinning otherwise at the time od death you will be held severely.

– The message of Islam will never change. No matter which era or generation people live in. Be aware of false people who are relaxing the rules of Islam. Saying hijab is not necessary, praying five times a day is not necessary. Etc. They are fake people and stay away from them. If you are looking for ease and comfort then these people are ready to go give you this. They will lax the rules of Islam. So, that your life will be easy and comfortable. Islam does not say ‘don’t have a easy and comfortable life’. But this should not be attained at a lose of your hereafter.

– Syyiduna Wahab ibn munabe said;
when Adam was sent to the earth. He wept for 6 months for what had happened in heaven. After which Allah sent down revelation saying ‘what has made you become in this state Adam? That, you are always crying’. He replied saying ‘o Allah I have done a mistake for which I have left the abode of eternal life and come to this wretched world. Where death and decay is rampant’. Allah answered saying ‘ if the entire creation was very obedient and never did a sin. Yet once they slipped into sin. I will still throw them amongst the sinners. Despite only a slight sin. After hearing this, adam (as) cried for a further 300 years! After that amount of time, angel Gabriel came down saying to Adam. ‘If you want forgiveness then look for the 1st 10days of dhul hijjah’. Then Adam went out seeking those days in which finally things were corrected for Adam (as) stopped crying.
Reported by Syyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani in his book.

– Look at the virtues of the 1st 10days of dhul hijjah!

By ServantofAlMalik

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