Hamza Yusuf’s absurd views on Hijab

One of the instrumental figures in shaping my Islāmic life and enabling it to grow as a result, was Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. I remember being introduced to one of his fiery speeches back in the late 90s. The talk ‘Dajjal and the new world order’, catapulted me into learning more about Islam. Prior to this encounter, my idea of Islam was pretty much pessimistic, at best. On a daily basis, i would attend the after school evening madrasas to learn how to read Arabic texts and nothing more. Occasionally, getting beaten up by the dreaded imam with the stick and then coming home after class to yet another evening of the same mundane homework. This was my understanding of Islam. – You go to the mosque, get beaten up, and then come back home. Only to repeat the same procedures the next day. There was no thirst to learn Islam. Simply, because i had not really ‘seen’ Islam, free from the usual rituals of after school evening madrasas.

In the late 90’s the Islāmic after school madrasas, were nothing like it is today. Although it would be safe to say, there is much improvement still needed. It has improved nonetheless. I remember it being as ‘the-most-hated’ activity of the day, sort of thing. Where after school we (inc the other kids) would dread going to the class out of sheer distaste and boredom. We certainly didn’t learn the Islam we were meant to, save only learning how to read and regurgitate the surahs being barked at us by the man with the stick! But, Shaykh Hamza’s speech opened my eye to a far greater and a more beautiful picture of Islam, than what i was accustomed to. I realized then, there is more to what meets the eye. The contents of the talk, the fashion and the tone in which it was delivered, rallied me to learn more about Islam and to search out more lectures by Shaykh Hamza. Another reason which spurred me on was the fact that, he was the first convert Muslim scholar i had ever come across. I was taken about by the fact how he, despite all the freedom he had as a non-Muslim; the chance to drink, dance, have girlfriends, chill-out late into the night etc, would choose to leave all that behind and come into a restricted and rigid religion. As i was seeing it at that time anyway. His lecture totally revolutionized my perception of Islam. For that i am grateful to him and make dua he continues to help others.

Fast forwarding a few years to the early 21st century, Allah blessed me by giving the chance to meet my shaykh. For whom i am continually grateful for.
Anyway, for some time now, my concerns about sidi hamza yusuf has grown steadily. Not that i am qualified to teach or direct him, Or, to judge him. But, as a concerned brother in Islam. I have noticed how (as i have mentioned it before), his views and the language of address has changed alarmingly post 9/11. To the point, the Hamza Yusuf i had known in the late 90s is no longer with us. His views and outlook on Islam has changed in such dramatic fashion! For a while i had heard some disturbing news about his views on Hijab. I had wished to leave this aside and let him clarify what his views actually are about the hijab. Sad to say, it seems, he is only festering his views on hijab further, and not withdrawing the controversial remarks. In 2010, in a response to a question he wrote in his article on about ‘Empower our women as spokespeople’:

While I am personally committed to the injunctions of modest dress for men and women, I think we absolutely must get beyond the wedge issues in our community, such as who wears a headscarf and who doesn’t, and recognize that we are all in this together, and that people’s outward degrees of religiosity do not determine their loyalty to the faith in any substantial way [1]. While the ideal is inward and outward congruity, nonetheless, we have people whose outward displays are of religiosity while their inward reality is hypocrisy; contrariwise, we have people who have no outward display of religiosity but are actually doing much more than the average Muslim to help Islam and the Muslims [2]. It is important to get beyond judging people according to stereotypical expectations of what a good Muslim is or is not. I heard a wise person state, “The trappings can be a trap,” and I completely agree. We have brilliant, committed Muslim women who do not wear a headscarf and are extremely effective, and they should be centralized, not marginalized [3]. These women can reach people much more effectively in many but certainly not all cases. Here again, a case-by-case assessment is important. The majority of American Muslim women do not wear a headscarf, and to always assume that only a woman in hijab should be chosen to represent Muslims is a misrepresentation of the diversity of our community [4].

[1] He says;

“I think we absolutely must get beyond the wedge issues in our community, such as who wears a headscarf and who doesn’t, and recognize that we are all in this together, and that people’s outward degrees of religiosity do not determine their loyalty to the faith in any substantial way”.

This sort of responses from a highly influential ‘scholar’ only serves to give support and fuel to liberalist Muslims like Mona Eltahawy, who argue to case against the hijab. Calling it backward and an ancient cultural clothing imported from Arab cultures. It allows people like Mona Eltahawy, to completely throw the Quranic injunctions of the hijab out the window and totally disregard it. It further gives an unjustifiable right to those people who champion ‘hijab of the heart is far more important than the hijab of the body’.

[2] He says:

we have people whose outward displays are of religiosity while their inward reality is hypocrisy; contrariwise, we have people who have no outward display of religiosity but are actually doing much more than the average Muslim to help Islam and the Muslims

Regardless if a person is pious or not from the inside. We as Muslims must obey the divine laws of Allah. We have no right to say, if a particular person may seem to be a hypocrite, or have some weakness, she should not wear the hijab. Nor does it allow only pious women to wear it. People’s personal inner state is a matter with them and Allah. What we must live by the God-given laws. No matter if we seem to have a clean heart or not. The Quranic injunctions is ‘ALL women MUST wear the hijab’, period.

He carries on:

It is important to get beyond judging people according to stereotypical expectations of what a good Muslim is or is not. I heard a wise person state, “The trappings can be a trap,” and I completely agree. We have brilliant, committed Muslim women who do not wear a headscarf and are extremely effective, and they should be centralized, not marginalized

How can you decide or even allude to the the idea, Muslim women who wear the hijab are not ‘brilliant’ or aren’t as ‘effective’?. Secondly, the women who choose not to wear the head scarf and yet seem to you as ‘effective and brilliant’, are lacking the foundations to stand on. The basic injunction of Islam for women is to wear the hijab. It does not matter how forward thinking a person may be, if the foundation is not there, then the castle they’ve built on sand will not last long. Sooner than later, it will be swept away by the satanic tides of the world.

[4] He adds;

The majority of American Muslim women do not wear a headscarf, and to always assume that only a woman in hijab should be chosen to represent Muslims is a misrepresentation of the diversity of our community

If majority of American Muslim women do not wear the hijab, then change this perception! Teach them to wear it. Don’t just ‘live and let be’. If an evil is rampant in society, then you must do what you can to decrease its effects. Not leave it be and say, ‘well that’s the norm. i cant do anything’. That is an attitude of the non-Muslim! You should love whats good in a society and change whats bad. Secondly, Yes, only a Muslim woman who wears the hijab should be chosen to represent the Muslim community. Why? Because, not doing so, will have negative re-precautions in our communities. The hijabi muslimah will be a role model to the hundreds, if not thousands of other Muslim women. Now if they begin to see a leading Muslim woman, chosen by the community elders. Does not wear a hijab, what moral ground do you think they will find to wear one? One can already see the evil of his own doing. All the women will slowly begin to remove hijabs and take a stand like her. ‘In order to be accepted in society, be seen as a modern Muslim woman, i must remove the hijab. Begin to wear skin-tight clothes and go out all guns blazing’.

This is just one example of the ludicrous claims he is advocating these days. His views, which is held in reverence by the majority of Muslims, especially American Muslims, is only giving strength to the twisted, evil and government sponsored ‘Muslim’ groups like Progressive Muslims to advance their ideas into other territories. It is not surprising to know why these groups are emerging from the close headquarters of Hamza yusuf in Los Angeles, America.
Hamza Yusuf is beginning to sound more like Robert Spencer. His tone of address, the condescendingly demeanor attitude towards the Muslim world. Only justifies the remarkable resemblance. It appears, he too like Spencer and Pamela Geller, see Islam is in need of change. Change from the ancient 7th century, cave dwelling and camel riding days to the modern age of liberalism, open free sex and dance. He is beginning to sound more alike the ‘critics’, the bigots, and the anti-Islam commentators who come on prime time television on FOX news. Slowly beginning to distance himself from the traditional Islam which was layed by OUR founding fathers, the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam) and the companions.

His infamous Youtube video on hijab widely circulated among the modernist Muslim groups is only the tip of the ice burg on how far and dangerously distant he has become, from that of traditional Islam. He makes ludicrous and absurd claims Umar (radiallahuanhu) did not allow slave women to wear the hijab. He then goes on to couple this with, apparently a historical fact that, “there were women who walked bare breasted in Madinah”. (God forbid) First of all, to desecrate and defame the honor and reverence of one of the greatest companion of the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam), the master of all the lovers, the second most blessed person on earth after the prophets, Umar (radiAllahuanhu). Is a major sin in Islam, in extension to this, to disrespect any companion is a grave sin.
Secondly, the tone in which he alludes to this fanciful claim is shocking. Showing no thought, or consideration to the consequences it will have. As if to say, ‘Umar (radhiallahuanhu) was the cause of disruption and chaos which eventually follows in madinah, during the time of Yazeed and his henchmen. (Astagfirullah)!

  • We do not take our Islam from ‘Historical facts’. Nothing is free from error, prejudiced and based on biased reporting other than the Qur’an and the sunnah. For all we know, the supposed ‘historical facts’ which he is referring to may have been added in by the enemies of Umar (radhiAllahuanhu) and the enemies of Islam. To mock, disrespect and devalue Umar (radiAllahuanhu).
  • After all, he was the one who more or less, shaped the governance of the modern world from creating the of child benefits system, to that of state benefits and trade regualtions.

    To round-up. It is clear Hamza Yusuf understands that, as long as we hold on to our traditional and firmly grounded God-given laws, we will not advance in the world. Nor, be able to compete with the western world. On their ideals of ethics, education, business, society, public engagements etcetera. Just as America is trying to bomb its way into enforcing ‘democracy’. Trying to create a ‘free’ world’. Hamza Yusuf, is also trying to do the same thing, but with islam that is, to create a ‘Free islam’.

    By ServantofAlMalik

    Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

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    Your narrow minded and Taliban style approach to Islam hammering the Muslims. Stop criticizing the great man and the work he is doing in bringing Islam to the western audience.

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    To add to this comment, I think Shaykh Hamza is pointing out that Hijab is not one of the five pillars of Islam. Your belief that a/the “basic injunction” for Muslim women is to wear Hijab is incorrect. The basic injunction for Muslim women is to pray, fast, zakat, hajj, shahadah …

    This super-simplified approach to Islam is neither Islamic nor useful. Your priorities are all mixed up. You think that if someone doesn’t make Hijab/is weak in this area, then their insight, wisdom, and knowledge should be rejected.

    And yet the main pillars of Islam that actually COUNT THE MOST are “between them and Allah”.

    You have it all backwards.


    I can’t understand the need for a post like this — this emphasising the externals and the author’s and gross misrepresentation of Hamza Yusuf’s stance is really shocking and for the author to put him in the same category as FOX News, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is just ludicrous and insulting. The demonisation of progressive Muslims is also uncalled for. Hamzah Yusuf is very traditional in his approach and for me he is a bit too conservative and to imply that his approach will lead to advocating liberalism, open free sex and dance.


    No need to use such language and to accuse the brother of having a “Taliban Approach”. Shame on you!


    Can you change the limits drawn by Allah and the Messenger SAS on the name of bringing Islam to the West?


    I think just be simple there is no need to Be cleaver or comeup with new meanings of Islam just stick to basics.


    i am a male muslim alhamdulillah in sunnah so not a modernist or moderate as some would choose to label others..which is wrong too.

    SHAYKH hamza yusufs comments are correct.
    no one is more self righteous than outwardly pious muslims,you seem like one of them too



    Hamza Yusuf, the advisor to Terrorist Government of USA?
    Do you take Deen from such scholars who change the clear limits of Allah?


    opinions and views

    consult your shaikh young man

    and i have heard ulema e deoband in ramadhan in the masjid say similar things to hamza yusufs above comments.
    btw im 45 and have many ulema as nephews who prayed in dewsbury markaz.

    i have great links with many dewsbury and batley ulema and tabligh jamat


    Having links to a great number of ulema and such people do no benefit to a man. If he will not be receptive of what they have to say. Abu Jahl was in the best of companies. He was at the time of the prophet (sallahu Alihi aasalam) yet still failed to capitalise on the situation. In matters of Islam, age is not a matter that requires to be taken into account. Ali (ra) was only 8 when he became Muslim. Yet look at his makam now. Why do I have the feeling you are trying to be condescending towards the blogger?


    People can be so foolish. Don’t theey know the sayings of Rasoolulah S.A.W in regards to people taking the scholars words over the Quran and Hadith. How misguided can people be. We have a calip in Iraq now yet we still hVe coconuts that think its okay to be subservient to kafir governments. The irony.


    brother yunus

    a persons company feeds him the knowledge and influences his thoughts
    thus please dont compare me to abu jahl

    khair i have said my piece and will refrain from further advices

    may allah grant the blogger,success and wisdom


    Brother, I am sorry and did not anyway mean to offend you. I ask for your forgiveness. I was merely pointing out how many people use their company (association with others) as a insurance policy. This view is incorrect. No matter what company you keep. This does not mean you are a guaranteed person of paradise.


    this is an example when one leaves his shaykh and thinks there is no need in following a teacher. otherwise one could have consulted his teacher for advice on hijab. rather than speaking to the mainstream public


    I don’t have a shayk.and I consider it a blessing. This way I can approach any issue without prejudice and pre-conceived notion.I only depend on Quran and Hadiths.
    So I urge you to go back to Quran and hadiths.Forget what your shayk says.Insha Allah you will find answers.


    The reality is that this man is a wretched scholar anyone who has any problem or difficulty in his heart in regards to excepting the commands from your Lord and mine, most definitely is not Believer as Allah The supreme one said, “But no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission.” [4:65] So if hamza yusuf has a problem with the Law of Allah and cannot restrict himself to it nor does he support it, nor call for it, then the unequivocal fact is that, he either does not have faith or his faith is deficient to the very least. So why would any Muslim take their religion from a man like him. And to those modernists – progressives – liberal Muslims – moderate Muslims out there who try to please the disbelievers over their Mighty Lord Who sees, hears and knows what is deep within your chests even if we try to hide it, then you are attempting to pave a new religion and are trying to make a establish a intermediate and middle platform between the faith and disbelief, which does not exist except in your skeptical minds. You pick and choose from the religion of Allah what you want and if you could you would erase the parts from the Qur’an which you do not like. But because it is impossible for you to do such you take the next best option which is to attempt to distort. you are like the Yahood who believed in a part of the Book and disbelieved in other parts. Islam is free from you and Mahammad SAW the final messenger did not have companions like you, and is even free from the ludicrous thought of such. how can you call yourself a Muslim which means a submitter (to Allah’s religion, Law and will) when you cannot not even except it? your are living in a complete paradox and and engaged yourself in a sophistry which you are reluctant to accept.

    My Advice to you is, “Fear Allah, and run towards him due to that fear, seek his forgiveness and pardoning from your shortcomings as He is bound to forgive you, and ask Him to guide you, as He alone is the Guide, Admit your mistakes, and move forward whilst seeking the face of Allah”

    And to any disbeliever who popped by, “Oh you stubborn rejector, fear your Lord whom gave you existence, before death which is around your street corner strikes you, you cannot escape, so when it is that you are in your grave who will be there to comfort you? i think we better wait and see what is on the other-side.£


    “The reality is that he is a wretched scholar …” – May Allaah forgive your arrogance and flamboyant claim. People like you need to go back into your cave and continue to live there. Don’t bother coming out every now and then. People of your kind only cause hatred, chaos and bloodshed every-time you come out of your cave dwellings. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is a excellent man. A good example for modern day western Muslim to follow. A highly intellectual and intelligent man. I have benefitted greatly from him and wish him every success in this world and the next. He is a person who understands the complexities and issues of modern day world. We need more men in our world like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.


    Sarah- stop living in delusions. Hamza
    is an enemy of Islam and many Ulama call him a dajjal


    What’s up with your cave reference? Didn’t Rasool Allah (PBUH) receive revelation in a cave? And aren’t you the one with a hateful comment. This article is just a respectfully written difference of opinion. Shaykh Hamza himself advocates respecting each other’s differences.


    Oh look a 21st century Muslim minus the manners of an outdated Muslim. I choose a cave than too share the land with people like u. U revert to Islam and keep ur deformed outlook if u want true Islam learn from the Quran and Ahadith. No Hamza Yusuf will be there for u in ur hardtimes. There’s lots of people who call them scholars and they have loyal followers are they correct in their views though? Islam was at its best when the Muslim’s of old were practising it. We are merely following what we want of it and disregarding the best of it. Point me to the cave any day. This world doesn’t interest Me one bit…


    “ALL women MUST wear the hijab.”

    Thanks, dad.

    Honestly, who do you think you are to even comment on this subject? Seriously, have you SEEN the state so many Muslim women are in because of men like you/men who approach this topic the way you do?

    Fardh or not, hijab or not, the bottom line is that unless you’re a woman, you can stay out of this because the world doesn’t need more men like you who talk more about women’s issues than they listen to what the women actually have to say.

    Hamza Yusuf is absolutely correct in what he has said thus far on hijab, women, and Islam, and for you to disagree merely shows that you have a long way to go in terms of personal development. That is all.


    This is typical. People like you readily are prejudice against Muslims who dearly hold on to actual Islamic values and morals as understood by the 14 centuries of ulema and the saints. You like to view anyone such as this, from still living in the Neolithic period. Well, let me tell you one thing, no matter how “advanced & civilised” you may appear or think to be. God’s law is God’s law. There is no two way about it. You can choose to address it and try to twist it here and there. But in the end a law is a law. As the blogger said, all Muslim women must wear the hijab. If you find hard to accept a law of the land. Usually that means you either migrate somewhere else or shut up and accept. In the same light, if a person finds it hard to accept god’s laws. He can leave Islam and become a kafir. Or, shut up and try to live a respectable life. Rather than make a fool out of himself!

    We dont need government sponsored stooges like hamza to come along only yesterday compared to our long & golden Islamic history, to start issuing decrees on what is correct. What must be left behind, what needs to be modernised Etc.


    Muhammad (saaws) corrected Asma bint Abu Bakr when her hijab wasn’t correct. Would you say the same thing to him?

    Oh, and it obviously didn’t hurt her iman because later in her life she also wore the niqab.


    …”Asma bint Abu Bakr when her hijab wasn’t correct”.

    What exactly are you trying to say? Please explain


    Asma’ bint Abi Bakr entered upon the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) wearing a thin dress. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) turned away from her and said, “O Asma’, when a woman reaches the age of puberty, nothing should be seen of her except this and this” – and he pointed to his face and hands. [abu Dawud]


    The blogger wrote “The Quranic injunctions is…” BEFORE “ALL women MUST wear the hijab”.

    Let me put it another way for you…

    Allah says: “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimār over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husband, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. (An-Nur 24:31)

    By flippantly saying “Thanks, dad”, shows you clearly resent authority and of being reminded of your duties toward your Creator, especially by a man.

    You go on to say “who do you think you are to even comment on this subject?”.

    You will notice that in the above ayat, Allah says: “And say to the believing women…” So I’m assuming that the blogger is only following the command of Allah.

    You then say “Fardh or not, hijab or not,” thus exhibiting a lack of knowledge of the commands of Allah and His Messenger. Even a cursory study the shariah will clearly show that there is no “or not”.

    You then go on to say “the world doesn’t need more men like you who talk more about women’s issues than they listen to what the women actually have to say.”

    Well, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) was a man, and as our sister Yasmin pointed out in her comments below….

    “Asma’ bint Abi Bakr entered upon the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) wearing a thin dress. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) turned away from her and said, “O Asma’, when a woman reaches the age of puberty, nothing should be seen of her except this and this” – and he pointed to his face and hands. [Abu Dawud]”

    I believe that when someone points out to us our faults in obeying the tenets of Islam, whether that person is a man or a woman, Muslim or Jew etc, then we should accept them as a gift and admit our weaknesses and failures, rather than finding fault in the one who reminds us or looking for ways to circumvent the commands of Allah and His Messenger in modern day fatwas.

    Allah says:

    “It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any choice about their decision: If any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path” (Al-Ahzab 33:36)


    “The saying of (all true) believers when they appeal unto Allah and His messenger to judge between them is only that they say: We hear and we obey. And such are the successful” (An-Nur 33:51)


    One of the worst books to quote from is Abu Dawud. Your comments about Hamza Yusuf are really offensive. And your approach is forcing your version of Islam on others, exactly like Taliban. In literal sense of the word your entire blog shouts ignorance.


    Who the hell are you to deny a fard, you dirty rodent? Do me a favor and shut your hamza loving mouth


    Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) directly, saying: “Truly, you are of tremendous character.” [Qur’an, 68.4] The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) himself emphasized that, “I was only sent to perfect noble character,” [Ahmad] and said, “The believers most perfect in faith are those best in character.” [Tirmidhi].

    Therefore, it would be better if you could make your point in a calm and intellectual manner, following the Sunnah rather than resort to abuse and insulting words.

    After all, the Prophet said, “Whoever has (the following) four characters will be a hypocrite (Munafiq), and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy (Nifaq) until he gives it up. These are:

    (1) Whenever he talks, he tells a lie;
    (2) whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it;
    (3) whenever he makes a covenant he proves treacherous;


    How how is name calling and insulting others acceptable? Islam is the religion of peace. Lead with peace brother. Allah knows best.


    Girly, this guy just stated what the is written in the Quran. You can choose to be ignorant but you cannot escape the truth. At the end of the day everyone has a choice you either follow your religion or you can make your own version. Astagfirullah.


    […] Shuaib Webb and others who are like-minded, are leading the calls for Muslims to leave behind the “Arab & Pakistani” Islam, one that says ‘wear the hijab, grow a beard and respect the sunnah’. To embracing the “American Islam”, one that says, ‘you don’t have to wear the hijab, grow a beard, or respect the traditional Muslim values’. Hamza Yusuf’s absurd views on Hijab […]


    As Muslims living in the modern world, what do you think is the primary role of the men?
    We pray salah, fast etc. but above these what other parts of the deen need to be prioritised by us? Hijab? Beards etc?

    Muslims have no power at all, their lives 24 hours a day are run and organized by others. They control our money, its value, inflation/deflation, we have no leadership, no Zakaat collectors, no Baitul Mal, no millitary weapons…..we the men are powerless and we have pushed this out of our minds it is too painful…we do not know how we can reverse it. So instead we concentrate on beards, hijabs and other important sunnahs but not priority ones. Let the world be run by the kafirun at least I can be a good Muslim in dress and outwardly.


    brilliant piece. brother/sister you should not stop what you are doing and please disregard silly comments such as “you should make 70 excuses” or you can’t judge”. Muslims are obligated to enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.

    The believers, men and women, are awliyyaa’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another: they enjoin good and forbid evil”. [at-Taubah (9) : 67]

    this issue of hijaab is not a complicated highly debated fiqhi issue. it is an agreed upon matter that the hijaab is obligatory for women and there is nothing wrong with you exposing hamza yusuf on this issue. no one can say he is a scholar and you are not, therefore you have no right to speak, as this is an elementary issue, that anyone can comment on. if hamza yusuf tommorow said zakah is not obligatory would these people still make the same dodgy excuse? where does hamza yusufs faulty logic end? i suppose soon it will be okay for some Muslims not to pray five times a day, because there are those who don’t pray who have clean hearts and by not praying they can reach the non-Muslims better, whereas conversely there are those who do pray who commit all types of sins. Allah (swt) has legislated the hijaab, and that is the end of the matter. it is not for us to question or abrogate these divine commandments. there is no hijaab is obligatory for some, but not for others. the laws of the Quran and Hadith are applicable for all time and in all places unless of course a person fears his life may be in danger from adhering to these laws.

    you are absolutely correct in your analysis of hamza yusuf as well. i myself used to be a big fan of the pre-9/11 hamza yusuf. when he gave amazing talks on dajjal and was clearly upon the shariah. now his views have changed radically and he has clearly lost the plot. if you watch his recent interview at georgetown university he commits major blasphemy on several occasions. i believe the video is called “religious freedom why now, hamza yusuf”.

    1) he endorses separation of mosque and state and claims the conflation of these two “deracinates religion of its spirituality”. this belief is kufr as in Islam the Quran and Hadith clearly have laws for how to govern a society and these cannot be ignored.

    2) he claims when he met the pope he asked him to pray for his mother in law. here he endorses the popes kufr. remember who is he asking the pope to pray to, jesus (as) who is a man. this endorsement of kufr is kufr by itself

    3) at the end of the talk he says Allah (swt) plays jokes on mankind, subhanAllah! because one cannot say there is no such thing as an absolute without that statement itself being an absolute. confused? me too. talking about the Lord swt in such a way is surely disbelief.

    4) in a recent interview on al jazeera with riz khan he denied the punishment for the thief, amputation of the hand and claimed it could not be implemented in modern societies. The laws of the Quran are for all time.

    just to finish, i am not making takfir on hamza yusuf. by stating he has committed kufr that does not make him a kafir as there is minor and major kufr. but i think major scholars and shaykhs need to be aware of what hamza yusuf has said and make a decision on him soon.


    Brother what are your references to what you have claimed above? i am not saying you are lying but all i want to see are the evidence for your claim. Sadly, there are far to many rumors surrounding this individual. Its high time we use evidences in our remarks about him, thankyou.


    brother i gave the references in my post. i mentioned to watch his interview at george town university on religious freedom, here is the link

    everything he said is in that one talk that lasts little more then an hour. please watch it and see for yourself the kufr he comes out with.


    I think you misunderstand Hamza Yusuf on so many levels. Re. the implementation of Shariah, I live in South Africa, with the highest crime rates, HIV infection rates: the obvious solution, of course is Shariah. HOWEVER you cannot start amputating the hands of thieves, executing armed robbers, stoning adulterers, without REMOVING the conditions that give rise to these social problems, i.e. intoxicants, no hijab, free intermingling, pervasive music and culture that promotes fornication and poor family formation, etc etc. This is why one CAN NOT implement “modern” societies.
    As for women’s issues and hijab, I thank Alllah that I am a convert and that I mostly learnt Islam books. The more I learn about how things actually ARE in Muslim communities, especially vis-à-vis how women are treated, I am not surprised that Muslim women perhaps conflate the hijab the oppression that the DO experience at the hands of Muslim men and I, now, am not surprised that they embrace modernism and “freedom”. In fact, I’m surprised that more Muslim women don’t apostate completely. so yes, I don’t judge women who don’t wear hijab.


    some exact times

    watch video from
    23:50- he asks pope to pray for him-endorsing his kufr which is kufr by itself

    34:20-He says “the Quran is a dangerous book”. can we speak about the Quran-the word of Allah (swt) in such terms? would any believer do such a thing? i dont care what point he was trying to make. it is people who are dangerous, it is a twisted mind that tries to reinterpret the Quran that is dangerous. it is not the Quran itself that is a danger.

    38:40- he says he “really believes the conflation of state and religion is the worst thing that can happen to religion”

    1:05:40-God plays jokes on us because there is no such thing as an absolute statement.

    hope i have made my case
    and the scholars need to sit down and decide whether hamza yusuf has apostated from the deen with these statements.


    How pathetic, go educate yourself on his level and then you will study apostasy and even use it in the right context, don t compare kufr to great giants of islam. All the haters are so jealous, you cant even comprehend that the likes of Dr H Yusuf has entered islam, And is progressing to such a higher level than those who are born muslim, and doing what muslims should be doing.


    first of all sister, no need to get abusive. my qualm is not with you and we have a right to express our opinions. secondly, on what basis do you determine we are jealous of hamza yusuf. do you really think i sit there wishing it was me who said those statements of kufr, mocking Allah 9swt) and the Quraan. oh i am so jealous of hamza yusuf, the one who asks the pope to pray for him. No one with serious knowledge would take this man seriously.

    secondly, you say Hamza yusuf is a giant in the deen, i assume because he is well known. well there are plenty of other “giants in deen” who have studied longer than Hamza yusuf who have contrary views to this man and would regard his views as kufr.

    my sincere advise is do not blindly cling to personalities, but gain some knowledge of what constitutes kufr from someone with qualifications in the deen.



    I know this is probably a little bit late but here we go:

    1- ” 23:50- he asks pope to pray for him-endorsing his kufr which is kufr by itself”

    He did NOT ask the pope to pray for HIM, he asked him to pray for his MOTHER-IN-LAW who is a Christian. Please listen carefully before jumping to conclusions. This is NOT a Muslim trait.

    2- “34:20-He says “the Quran is a dangerous book””

    He meant that it’s not something that you need to jump in and start working from right away(like you’re doing it with his speech), you need to educate yourself before taking instructions from the Quran. He even gave the example of the Christian who did take the Bible to the letter and stopped sleeping.

    3 “38:40- he says he “really believes the conflation of state and religion is the worst thing that can happen to religion””

    He was talking about the way the state(secular in most Arab countries) controls Islamic institutions so they can use them however they want. I live in such a country and what he was talking about is pretty accurate.

    4- “1:05:40-God plays jokes on us because there is no such thing as an absolute statement.”

    Now you’re coming up with stuff.

    “decide whether hamza yusuf has apostated from the deen with these statements.”

    I have no idea why you feel such an urge to make Muslims look bad and claim them apostates. The problem that you didn’t even grasp what he was talking about. Please, do yourself and all of us a favor and go learn the basic of being a Muslim and please don’t discuss Islam with non-muslims, you’ll do more harm than good.


    You have some good points but… “We have brilliant, committed Muslim women who do not wear a headscarf and are extremely effective, and they should be centralized, not marginalized” is still a very unfortunate notion.


    Sorry I do not want to argue and use “abusive language” however like you said we all have the right to our opinions. I strongly believe that due to peoples hatred they fail to attend attentively, and fail to listen to the whole lecture of the shaykh. Instead, they pick out certain statements and have understood them in a whole, complete, different context.
    Firstly to clear the Misconception:
    the shakh did not ask the pope to make a du’aa for him, the statement was used in a humorous manor for the pope to make a prayer for the catholic mother-in law( due to the majority of the audience he was addressing i.e the audience was not muslim, and I believe the intellectual level of the audience was as such, I am certain they did not take it out of context). Therefore it is completely dangerous for people to make their own assumptions, this will then result in slanders and lies! please be careful. (First of all, a reminder to myself)
    The shakh is very clear on anthropomorphism, a clear cut distinction between muslims and the catholics was made. A well explained discussion, and there was no such thing of “kufar” in his statements. Therefore the study of the Islamic creed is important to make such distinctions.
    Please re-listen to the whole discussion, and in shaa allah, you may find it easy to understand.
    Again, my apologies, I do not want to offend any one in any way. To clarify I am not a person who follows their own whims, nevertheless to follow my teacher and stand for what is right according to the Prophetic traditions.



    It’s a shame to hear you speak of Hamza Yusuf in this way, let me explain to you what I understand from him.

    He is saying that not wearing Hijab is wrong, just like smoking and watching movies, or listening to bad music. However for some reason Muslims are obsessed with this particular sin of not wearing Hijab yet when brothers commit a sin of similar degree like smoking paying interest on a mortgage and those I mentioned they don’t really care as much. And you don’t go around saying Akee I refuse to talk to you or have anything to do with you unless you give up watching movies full of Haram…

    Therefore his message is everyone commits some sins and you know you do or used to and therefore we need to overlook everyone’s particular sin whether Smoking or not wearing Hijab and work hard together to do great things.

    Not wearing Hijab is a sign of weak Iman and if you fix that you will fix everything about a person, listen to his Lectures as a whole and you will understand this message.

    Hamza Yusuf is a legend and Hujarul Islam may Allah guide us all to the straight way

    Salam UK revert


    Walicum Asalam,

    I understand your points and the angle in which shaykh hamza is coming from. What my point is, is a sin is a sin. A person cannot substitute one sin for the other.

    Yes, people are aware of the other sins which are widely committed. However, to say, ‘if such and such a sin is committed by people, then why cant i do this?’ Using different sins as an excuse to advocate or even divert from the topic in question is not an acceptable excuse. We as Muslims cannot lean towards legalising a particular set of sins simply because another set of sins are being committed.


    Thanks for your reply.

    I never heard him say you don’t need to wear it or its ok not to wear it. No one would agree with that, like I said he’s simply saying you can and must still work along side these people and achieve great things, they shouldn’t be made an outcast.

    And the mans devoted his life to Islam so people should learn to speak about him ans most human beings with due respect


    Abu Dharr (r) once asked the Prophet Muhammad (s): O Messenger of Allah, what is gheebah?
    He replied: It is to mention about your brother that which he detests.
    Abu Dharr (r) said: O Messenger of Allah, what if that which is mentioned of him should actually be in him?
    He (s) replied: Know that when you mention that which is in him, you have committed his gheebah, and when you mention that which is not in him, then you have slandered him.


    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Please do not defame your muslim brother (Hamza Yusuf). I do not know, but from what I understood he did not say that hijab is not obligatory, he just said that the muslim sisters who do not wear hijab should not be treated as outcasts and that the issue should not be rubbed into their faces constantly, causing hurt and disillusionment.

    People should deal with the issue with compassion and wisdom, as the Quran has instructed us to do. Religious duties are a matter of conviction. If the muslim sister believes in God, Muhammad (PBUH), the last day, and strives to be a good person; the issue of her wearing her hijab or not is not something to be enforced by others, nor should it be a reason to defame her or suspect her sincerity. It is an issue between her and God.

    As muslim brothers we are expected to explain and tell the truth, but not compel or force.
    Faith and its manifestation in actual deeds is something that is not developed overnight, so people should be sensitive towards others who seem to not be applying each and every injunction properly. Maybe in time, they might change therir minds, or maybe not. In any case, we should give them the freedom of choice and show them respect and compassion. God knows what is in their hearts and it is for God to judge their intentions. It is for God to judge whether they truly want to obey, or they want to appease the West, or they are just having an internal turmoil that is preventing them from transforming immediately.

    When the sheikh Hamza said that muslim sisters who do not wear hijab should be allowed to participate in muslim activities, I did not understand that he is asserting that women who wear hijab are inferior, he’s just saying that these non-hijab sisters have the zeal, fervor, and love for Islam, so excluding them would make them feel as non muslim which is very hurtful. I think he also refers to the exceptional qualifications that some of them possess, which would greatly advance the society. I don’t think this relegates the status of sisters observing the hijab in any way. And in fact, I think if the sister wearing hijab is exceptionally qualified to hold a high position in society, she should also be encouraged. And there are examples of hijab sisters achieving great feats. I especially mention Sr. Tawakkul Karman, the Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner.

    In conclusion, I hope that we start to treat muslim sisters as humans and not as objects of obsession. Regardless of whether they wear hijab or not, they should be treated as muslim sisters, nothing more nothing less. Yes, we have a duty to explain with clarity as our Prophet has done, and then the decision belongs to the person concerned. Its not ours to make. And God will judge justly. I am particularly concerned about one comment from a brother that the most important obligation for women is observing hijab. I beg to differ. Muslim women lived in Mecca for 13 years before hijra where they were taught to beleive in God, His Prophet, the Last Day, give charity, pray, be responsible compassionate and moral humans, and be chaste and modest. The ayah of the veil came late into the Medinan period. So we must arrange our priorities.

    Harassing a muslim sister for not wearing a hijab and hinting at her un-Islamicity is a very abominable offence. And I would like to end by quoting the great sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali’s comment to one of his students who protested about him not ordering a non-hijab girl to observe her duty, when she came to the sheikh to talk about Islam. Al-Ghazali said, “I am not fond of dragging Islam by the tail like you do. I build the foundations first, and usually reach my goal with wisdom.” (My translation)

    So please, brothers and sisters, be sensitive towards each other and expel the word ‘kufr’ from your vocabulary. Do not call or even remotely hint that anyone is ‘kaffir’ or ‘weak faithed’ in this discussion no matter how unacceptable our views are, God sees all that we do. And we should give each other the benefit of the doubt. Above all, kindly remember the Prophet’s lasting advice, to be God-conscious (Taqwa) with regards to women.

    Peace to you all.


    An American can’t tell what Islam is. He needs to embrace Islam himself before claiming to be a shaykh.


    As salaamu alaikum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatuh,

    This article and and the long thread of comments – are an incredible commentary on the state of muslims today – the state of the their hearts, minds and souls.

    Starting off with a total breakdown in logic where the original author extrapolates and transposes his thinking on to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s comments. The author infers that Shaykh Hamza’s views on Hijab have changed and diverged from Islam – where in fact Shaykh Hamza’s words were addressing not “hijab” but rather our “reaction to lack of hijab”. It is a completely different yet adjacent topic. In a nutshell what Shaykh Hamza is saying is – The hijab is a mandatory part of the religion – yet it is still a “part” of the deen. Ladies who choose not to wear hijab are still muslims – albeit misguided on a part of the religion. The Shaykh’s message is – appreciate the good things they do, have a good opinion, give 70 excuses – they are still deserving of our love – and in fact in many cases we are indebted to them. Our Prophet (SAW) was the Prophet of Love and Mercy. We can still love and appreciate people – even if they are failing on an act – even if it is a major one. The act vs. the person there is a difference. Understand it and move on.

    Critical thinking is absent. This is one of the muslim masses’ biggest failings. Beautifully illustrated in the article. The other failing is wasting of time – when a fundamental mistake in understanding of this nature is made all the considerable effort placed to produce the article itself was misplaced and “wasted”. In fact the only way some value can be redeemed is if the author learns from his mistake. InshAllah.

    Finally the numerous comments themselves are reactionary and although I did not read every single one of them 80% of them at least do not understand the article for what it is – and in fact further illustrate incredibly incorrect understandings.

    In these cases I feel it is better to hit the pause button, suspend judgment and say “I don’t know”.



    Walicum Assalam Wa Rahmathulai Wa Barkathu

    The biggest irony in your comment is the fact that you have just “wasted” time repeating what many of the previous comments have said. You said it yourself, you did not read all the comments which points to the fact how people of your ilk think themselves as some sort of an authority in Islam. Who have an incapable vision of reality and understanding of deen. Everyone else contrary to your views are doomed for hell!.

    Hamza yusuf did not merely shy away from addressing the issue of hijab and in turn not explicitly state it is mandatory for all women to wear it. But, he went further and encouraged shameless & hijabless, women to continue living their rebellious lives as normal as if they are doing nothing wrong. That they should not live their lives in fear of constantly committing a sin for not wearing the hijab. As if to say; ‘don’t worry about the views of fundamentalist Taliban styled “muzlims”. We are modern western “muzlims,” continue to live your life as you are. There is nothing wrong or shameful for not wearing the hijab’. Essentially this is what hamza yusuf said to millions of his female fans!


    O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, in deeds some suspicions are sins. And spy not neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear God, verily, God is the one who accepts repentance, Most Merciful. (49: 12)


    Shaneless women? You are the one who is shamless, by insulting our sisters. I have met Hijabi women, with filthy tongues and vile actions, and I have met non-Hijabi women with beautiful character and a wonderful heart. You are so closed minded you cannot see the complete insanity of your world view. Modesty is fundamental in islam, but if a Muslim woman chooses not to wear Hijab you have no right to attack or abuse her, let alone accuse her of being shameless and in continual sin. Your comments will be shown to you when your book is revealed to you on the day, and honestly speaking you all you have said, done and felt will be revealed to you. Allah in his divine grace and marcy is the most compassionate and most merciful, and we too must be as compassionate and as merciful as we possibly can, and this has been demonstrated in the wisdom of Shekh Hamza in addressing this issue. You on the other hand make Iblees smile, when you write such comments, because it is you who are shameless.


    Pre-9/11 Hamza Yusuf was the best Muslim speaker in English, period. That Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (pre-9/11) is and will remain a legend in my book! I do also greatly respect Sh. Hamza Yusuf in the 2000s, but disagree with a number of his views and worry about the slippery-slope problem it can lead to for Muslims who are not fond of rituals and who try to make everything flowery and spiritual.

    I would just love to watch a debate between Hamza Yusuf 1996 vs. Hamza Yusuf 2013. I like them both, but you know who I’d be rooting for. 😉


    AOA What Tareeqah do you follow brother MyBeliefsUK? Who is your Shaykh? I am interested to know b/c you have a section for Seydna Abdul Aziz Dabbagh’s (RA) books.


    Walicum Asalam

    The answer to your question is I follow the path of Muhammad (sallahu’alihi’wasalam) which is called the sunnah.


    I was quite shocked when I read this article. The point at which I felt shock was after reading the 1st excerpt of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf speech “While I am personally committed to the injunctions of modest dress for men and women…” After reading the whole of the article and the comments I was left with the impression that the writer might have some mental instabilities (no offense meant, just that it was so bizarre and I happen to work in healthcare) because he/she has thoroughly misinterpreted and dangerously slandered Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. I would advise you to BE CAREFUL. While 40% – 50% of the commentators above UNDERSTAND deeply the Sheikh’s meanings and context there are some of you on the same train of fitnah as the writer! It saddens me that Muslims are dividing themselves like this by the actions of some who take a literalist and extremist approach to the Islamic teachings. Let me put it this way, if as a Muslim ummah we accept those who wish to live a literalist interpretation then we ALSO accept other diversities such as non-hijab wearing Muslims. Why?? Because the highest judgement is not based on a piece of cloth or style of life but on the PIETY or goodness of the person. No?? And who knows the hearts and deeds of people?? Allah. Not you. I would advise you, my dear writer to focus on doing something about issues of poverty, illness, ecology, animal welfare, etc, instead of showing your complete and unfortunate misunderstanding of the Sheikh’s points. If you really had an issue with a point in his lecture you could have contacted him with your concern but instead you brandish this misunderstanding on the public internet. Why?? So ask yourself, who is doing wrong here? I think it’s you. And one more thing, while the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was respectful of women and children it is crystal clear that both the writer and some of the male commentators are not getting the point, are you? How dare any of you go around lecturing women about a headscarf (and shutting out their voices when they are the ones making the most contributions out of the Muslims today) — when what we see all over the WORLD is Muslim men disappearing into western clothing with NO signs of their religion. When I travel around I CANNOT tell who is a Muslim man! Yet, they will rant about headscarves. I find this gutless. And every great scholar of today has said what I can see myself – that it is the Muslim men who are the biggest problem in the Muslim community today. Even the non-Muslim peoples are aware of this bizarre double standard and it looks very bad on our Muslim men!! Allah knows best. May Allah bless and help us all, especially those who are sowing seeds of division without awareness. Ameen. ~ I will not be engaging in any argument as I have made my points. May the readers see the truth. ~


    I fail to agree with you sister. The writer has taken special care and been diligent of the shaykh hamza’s work. He has specifically mentioned how shaykh hamza has done excellent work for deen in the west. However you must remember we should not let ourselves become blind fans of someone. Know that no one is free from error. Scholars of the past and present have always made statements and later retracted them when they thought it was required. Just like Shaykh hamza has done of his recent comments of Qaddiyani.
    I’m afraid to say Shaykh hamza is not immune to making mistakes. Just like everyone else he is also prone to error.

    Lastly, one of the poignant misfortunes of this era is this type of celebrity following people do of certain shaykhs. They end up not seeing the clear mistakes their much admired shaykh can do.


    Without argument, brother, whenever someone sincere tries to do good in the world (including our prophet PBUH who you can also say was human and therefore imperfect, hmm?) there are always those coming out against them.


    Leaving aside all the debacle of your remarks. I have to address a fundamental flaw I and we (the readers of this blog) can see with your Aqeedah (beliefs). How dare you even think of saying the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) was a mere human so therefore he was imperfect. La hawla walaquwataa ills billah!

    The prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) was a being unlike any other. No creation can even be placed on the same level as the dust beneath his feet, (sallahu alihi wasallam). Never mind anything else. How can you have the audacity to even think that these fallible shaykhs, like Hamza Yusuf, (which you clearly think is immune from mistakes), can be even placed in the same sentence as the beloved’s (sallahu alihi wasallam) name? In effect saying your ‘idol shaykh’ is similar to the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) that he simply does not and can not make mistakes.

    If you even think for one millionth of a second the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) was imperfect you are no longer Muslim and will have to make a major tawbah (repentance) for this gross error. My advice to you is learn the difference between prophets and human beings, mortals who are sinners with almost every turn of their eyes! Trust me, there is a heaven and hell difference between the two categories, literally! Secondly, sit with a teacher of Aqeedah and learn the conditions of belief. What constitutes belief and what nullifies belief. It is not enough to simply say ‘I believe’.

    This is exactly the point I have made time again on this blog. The nuance of this beautiful religion is rapidly dwindling to nothing. Having the right aqeedah will enable you to see the place of every creation in the hierarchy of life. Unfortunately, the calamity of our era is a cult following of ‘celebrity shaykhs’. Just like pop stars, movie stars and their ilk have raving and stanch loyal supporters-to-the-death. Unfortunately, this is what has become of some Muslims. They simply refuse to see any other point of view other than the glamourised images they see on TV, YouTube and elsewhere of their much loved shaykh. Even if it means committing kufr and blasphemy along the way, they will not stop short!


    The irony of what you have said is you claim the blogger has been unruly and disrespectful in his critical of the shaykh. Yet you do the very thing by calling him mentally unstable. Isn’t that contradicting your own argument? When you point a finger towards anyone there is always three pointing back at you!


    Without argument, sister, yes this type of article starts a CIRCLE of finger pointing, does it not? Please do not take my comment which referred to my initial shock about the “presentation” of the misinterpretation, out of context. Thank you.


    Whoa are you to judge someones belief? Who knows what the individual will do in the future? Allah knows best.


    To the writer of this blog, who predictably became upset over my comment that prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was a human therefore not perfect let me remind you of something – ALL prophets were “human” made of flesh and blood and there is a distinction between the revelations our prophet received (which we consider inviolable) and his actions as “the son of man” living in this world like the rest of us. Likewise the prophet Isa (Jesus – PBUH) also was a son of man (by his own statements) and his revelations are also inviolable. Do not forget, brother, that both prophets made it VERY clear to their followers NOT to worship the prophets (as in themselves) but to worship Allah/God. And our prophet (PBUH) was known to ask advice of his people on matters not of his expertise. So please keep that distinction in mind.

    I wish you well brother, but I am very worried that people with extreme and narrow understandings of Islamic scholarship might be turning away potential Muslims from coming to Islam. I have specific examples of people from different countries who were so narrow in criticism that otherwise good people unfriended and banned them out of fear of their extreme viewpoints. This is not the way to live in a globalised and pluralistic world. We want to bring people TOWARDS Islamic principles because we know there are things in Islam that are like precious stones of great value.

    Peace and blessings,


    Either you completely misread my reply or you didn’t bother to even read it. I said exactly what you have said with regards the prophets. Yes, (as you so kindly stated the obvious) they were humans. But not in the way in which you tried to show. There is a difference.


    My dear blog writer, I forgot to mention as well that according to Islamic scholarship it is not our right to say whether or not someone else is a “Muslim” as that is an issue between that person and Allah/God. Neither is it your right to tell me or someone else what punishments or repentance is due to us as again, as that is in the relationship between each person and Allah/God. We can disagree on our viewpoints though.

    Peace to all,


    In that case im trying to forbid the evil of backbiting and slandering… Is that not a valid point as to what is going on on this blog?


    When someone commits a sin openly it is not backbiting brother. It is considered a fashiha and the person doing it a fasiq (open sinner). It then becomes necessary to stop that person from sinning in whatever way possible. This article is just one in many ways people are trying to get through to SHY. Next time please get your facts right before you talk. There are nine conditions in which backbite is not backbiting by shariah and this is one of them.



    Salam brother Jibril. How dare you tell me to get my facts straight? You don’t even know me yet you think you know more than me. What was the need in attacking me personally? You have individuals coming to the blog and telling people to abandon Islam all together, that Islam doesnt need them. Astagfirullah! I am acting within my right to voice my opinion, so I have my facts straight and take offense to what you said.

    Do you really think you are going to get SHY’s attention through this blog? Until recently I’ve only heard 2 of SHY’s speeches. When I went to a local Mosque to listen to him he spent the time after his speech to openly talk to large number of individuals after, even addressing this very topic. Would it not be better to go to a lecture to talk to him? Assumptions are made that hes part of the CIA, or other nonsense on this blog. Do you have any facts to back it up? Are you guys part of GCHQ trying to further the rift?

    Allah knows best.



    jazakullahi khair akhi, wallahi you efforts are appreciated by muslims like me who already had doubts about this so called strand of islam


    Everyone is clearly missing the point being made here, The shaykh isnt saying women shouldnt wear hijab rather we shouldnt be judging a women on wether she wears hijab or not, yes its a fardh for a muslim women but a greater fardh is prayer, one who doesnt wear hijab but prays will always be closer to Allah then one who doesnt but covers her head, ideally as muslims we want our women to be doing both.
    Living in the west its not easy practicing Islam with all the fitna around and everyone will make mistakes its our duty as muslims to correct and teach as opposed to condeming which leads to people turning away from Islam.
    You seem to have small tolerance level for a shaykh who has been practising islam for probably longer then all of us and is very learned, he would be the first to admit his mistakes and he is human after all I suggest you listen to more lectures and try and derive benefit from them Insha Allah


    An example of Hamza’s nifaq:

    He’s saying “Oh don’t judge”…yadda yadda yadda

    Hamza is two-faced…one day says one thing, next day says something else.


    Asalamu alekum

    I would like to say that I am an Arab and a born muslim. I respect Hamza Yusuf as a pious and sincere muslim. I made Umra with brother hamza and met with him on multiple occasions. I must say that Hamza has love for the deen , the prophet(saw) and Allah. He is a great Daai and has done much for islam. Yes indeed he has changed his views pre911 and post 911. People do tend to change when they mature and I don’t think that is a problem . Imam shafi changed his mathhab entirley when he moved from Iraq to Egypt. I do have some reservations on calling sheikh Hamza a scholar of islam. Yes he is a great da3ia and has done more for islam than perhaps many scholars. however , I do not think he is a scholar. The reason I say this is because there Are many sheiks in the muslim world who have tremendous knowledge , are hafith Quran and issue fatwas who are called scholars of islam. I don’t see hamza reaching that level of scholarship. At the end , I want to say that we are all Muslims and we should disagree respectfully and not slander one another . Yes as muslims we can disagree and should compete in serving this deen and love one another. If you think hamza has mistakes then fine, we all do, but don’t throw away his 40 years of serving islam because you disagree with him. Allah knows best. I love you all for the sake of Allah. Asalam alekum


    Not wearing a hijab is a mistake just as much as it is for a man to not lower his gaze. A Muslim man who does not, at times lower his gaze, is able to represent his community. Similarly, a Muslim woman should be able represent her community if she does not wear a hijab. The important thing is that we must believe in the tenets of Islam as they are given to us by our Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam, and strive to put them in practice in our lives. Furthermore, we should then ask for forgiveness from allah for our shortcomings and continue to correct ourselves to the best of our ability. Muslims are not required to follow any one other than Muhammad sallalhau alaihi wa sallam. Hamza Yusuf or you and I are not important. Stick to the teachings of Muhammad Sallalahu alihi wa sallam. Our religion Islam is simple keep it simple. Do not hate people, hate the bad things people do including what bad we do ourselves. Do not hate Hamza Yousuf or any one else. We must deal with kindness and an open heart, concentrate on our own conduct, and release the others from our scrutiny.


    Dear Brother,

    Have you ever heard of the term “prejudice” before?

    Unfortunately, for many years, Islam as been portrayed as a bearded man wearing a long white robe and headgear and carrying a Kalashnikov. Muslim women have been portrayed as wearing black from hear to toe with only their eyes visible. Both these views are still held by many non-Muslims (and even some Muslims), especially in the Western world.

    As we are commanded by Allah (SWT) to spread our beliefs and show people the beauties of Islam. But, due to many people’s prejudice, when they see a man with a neatly-trimmed beard or a lady with a headscarf they immediately put up their defenses and ignore anything which is said or done to introduce Islam.

    Brother Hamza is right when he says that some covered ladies are hypocrites and some open ones are “angels”. This is very evident in Turkey, a country which has been struggling with the division between Western and “Eastern” values and practices for many years. As a 22-year “convert” to Islam I can see the problems and pray that we can all represent our beliefs in the best way; whether that be as a bearded or clean-shaven man, a covered or uncovered lady.

    May Allah guide us all to the straight path, the middle path and protect us from extremism and lethargy.


    So in your sad and narrowed minded definition any Muslim or muslimah who covers up or has a beard is an extremist, Taliban style lunatic bent of destroying everything and everyone? I’m sorry I don’t subscribe to your Islam. It’s best you take your crap to other religions.

    Islam does not need the likes of you or Mr. Henson!


    If you read what I said “Islam as been portrayed as”, you might understand that I don’t think like that. I didn’t say that anyone with a beard is extremist, in fact I’m writing this while stroking my own beard and I never consider myself as an extremist.

    Wake up, open your eyes to the world around you. Many of the troubles that beset the Muslim world today did not exist in the days of our Prophet (SAW). Despite this, we must all try our best to strike a balance between “worldly” and “Spiritual”.


    Subhanallah Allah has given you the strength to do so. Not everyone has the strength or the wisdom to do so. Make dua that the ummah including myself find the strength to follow Islam perfectly. But becuase one sins in different ways does not make them a non-muslim. And we should not be pushing people away from Islam, we should embrace people with open arms and explaining the teachings of Islam. One cannot expect every individual to give up everything over night. With time inshAllah they will gain the strength.


    Asalaamualaikum. I wear the hijab. However I know Muslims who don’t and are probably better Muslims than I. Like wise I know others who wear hijab yet do it for show. I also know women who want to revert to Islam but the thought of wearing the scarf stops them. Personally I think he is right. Who are we to judge? Only Allah can do that.


    Typical “who are we to judge” brigade. You should read this: 2ndly, People who want to convert will do so for the truth of the teachings of a religion. They will not make up silly excuses not to, “..the thought of wearing a scarf stops them”. hahahaha! I haven’t heard such a lame excuse than this. Tell these women to keep to their naked ways, showing off flesh to men and dieing to get their attention so they can hear them say “o what a pretty/se*y woman”! How pathetic and insecure can you get than this?


    How can you tell someone to read a article from a blog that is already in controversy? By the same author that is being argued on his viewpoint…Can i deduce that you are a strict follow of Shaikh Nazim as your claim followers of SHY are? No because Im not in a place to to make that assumption. Maybe lead them off to another article that supports your opinion by another author.


    Wow to hear this from a sisters mouth. How sad. Actually my dear I myself am a revert alhamdulillah and I have always covered up (long skirts long tops) all my life. However the scarf took a VERY long time for me. All I can say is that sadly its judgmental people like yourselves that put people off the true beauty of Islam. I know, I have seen it for myself. I have to be honest, I do not know why you have such a preconceived idea about non Muslims. That’s just as bad as those who have the same ideas about us Muslims. I rarely wore make up and certainly never to please a man? Like the girls these days that wear the scarf caked with makeup. I don’t presume to know why they do so. Perhaps for lack of confidence? Perhaps to look pretty? Only they and Allah know why. However I would gently tell them the reason why we wear hijab and give examples. Certainly not laugh and ridicule them. The way you talk is not the way to call people to our beautiful religion. Dawah is not only in what we wear sister but the way we act and talk. Allahu Alam


    Salam alaykum to u all. One of d worst things which is d foundation of d problems of Muslims today is being apologetic. Truly Allah says that we should invite people to Islam with wisdom, but that is not to say that we should bend d religion. Islam is universal nd d rules of d Qur’an is to be followed till d end of time. Hijjab, beards and shortening d length of a man’s clothe are all COMPULSORY. And know this that d inside of a person can not be good while d outside is bad. A woman who doesn’t wear her hijjab and a Man who wears isbal and shaves his beards may be seen by people as good Muslims, but d reality is that a true Muslim who has learnt about this things and does not follow them cannot have a good heart, expect they are only pretending. So BEWARE of such people. The fact that a sister wears hijjab doesn’t mean that she cant fall short of some things, hijjab does not make them angels , it only shows that they obey that rule which is good. D inside reflects outside. May Allah strengthen d iman of d sisters and brothers who are striving to follow Allah and His Prophet in d original way. And May Allh help those of us who re still behind too ameen. May Allah guide and guard Hamzah Yusuf and d rest of us too. Ameen. Good job to d blog writer.


    Asalaamualaikum. I apologise in advance but… Ha ha he he he.
    Seriously? I have seen some hijabis do really shocking immoral and disgusting things. I have seen a niqabi flirting outrageously. I have also seen non hijab wearing Muslimas who are so pure of heart you cannot doubt their goodness. You really need to open your eyes to the truth. Instead of standing their on your condescending tower.


    The question isn’t here about individuals, it’s about the divinely set principles. There are many Muslims who commit murder, rape and torture. Should we now label all Muslims as such, and only call the many non-Muslims who do not do this as good people. Look at this objectively and not subjectively.

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    I myself wear hijab. I would love the men here saying how bad the women are who don’t wear it to wear it themselves. It is hot, restrictive, uncomfortable, makes many women’s hair fall out, is an obvious target for discrimination and abuse. It is not an easy thing to wear and certainly makes me stand out rather then blend in. Truthfully unless you have ever worn it you have no right to criticise those who don’t.


    I myself wear hijab. I would love the men here saying how bad the women are who don’t wear it to wear it themselves. It is hot, restrictive, uncomfortable, makes many women’s hair fall out

    you make it sound like wearing the hijab, a weightless cloth, the most difficult, incomparable and intolerable thing to do in the world! As If it is stuck with with super glue on your heard.. Cricky! You only wear the hijab when going out.. Your free to let your hair live, be wild and breathe (the way your putting things) when you at are home. You do not need to wear the hijab at home. Hijab is not a requirement at home when your living with your husband and their is no na-mehram living with you. If you didn’t know that I’m letting you know now.


    Oh and I suffer from extremely low vitamin D which is not common in white women. This is because I cover. I have to take medication to combat this. Even my (Muslima) doctor has advised me to remove my hijab. Alhamdulillah I haven’t but if I ever do this will be my choice. I alone will answer to Allah no one else. I’m so tired of men telling us women we have to do this that and the other. Life is hard enough with non Muslims judging us without fellow Muslims doing the same. Allahu Alim


    Maasha’Allah, well done sister, may Allah reward you well for keeping this command of Allah.
    Let me first say that I am a very poor Muslim. I agree one cannot judge the WHOLE PERSON. Many a Muslim release flies while restraining monsters for the sake of their Lord. Allah is the ultimate Judge.
    No one here is saying “how bad women are” who do not wear the hijab. What we are saying is that someone who disregards and rejects a clear command of Allah and His Messenger must have some weakness in their faith and connection with their Lord. In reality (i.e. according to the Shariah of Islam) – for a woman to show herself in public (e.g. in front of non-mahram males) is an act of rebellion (fisq) toward Allah. That’s a fact. No one is saying this person is all bad, or has no good in them.
    Also, some may say that they have difficulty (as you have) in staying away from heroine, illicit sexual intercourse, murder, robbery etc. However, this does not allow them to dispute whether obeying Allah’s command to leave these things is an important or compulsory part of Islam. Nor should they dispute with others who deem that taking heroine, illicit sexual intercourse, murder and robbery are criminal offenses in the eyes of Allah, therefore one indulging in these vices can not be an obedient Muslim.


    my friend with all due respect,
    you obviously like the fiery type of speech/talker.There are plenty out there, go get ’em, but meanwhile just benefit from the little u obviously have taken from Hamza Yusuf, but by the same token recognize the quality of wisdom esp in an age like this. In no way is he advocating a reverse to the preference of hijab, he is just simply stating that if someone wishes not to wear it then that does not particularly constitute a deficiency or make the woman less of a muslim. How dare we even entertain that, how many hijabis out there have the worst type of courtesies and character. The outward means nothing if the character is foul!!!!! Come on wake up brother and move on, u r selectively hearing and reading. Please do not become another one of these self righteous blockheads who judges everyone else by their blinkered and judgmental standard. and b4 u say ‘well that is what the Prophet said (SAW’), u have then misunderstood again. The Prophet (saw) only ever advocates something by encouraging it. We are not the ones to enforce our feeble projections onto others. More reading and traveling is needed on your side 4 real……..!


    “if someone wishes not to wear it then that does not particularly constitute a deficiency or make the woman less of a muslim.”

    Substitute your words ‘not to wear it’ with ‘to disregard the command of Allah/Shariah’ and the weakness of your argument becomes clear.

    Your “outward means nothing if the character is foul” argument is a complete fallacy also. Just because a shaytaan has a beard, does not mean Muslim men can reject the commands of the Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) to grow one. Whatever next? Allowing one to snort cocaine because he does not use a miswak?


    Asalaamualaikum adamibnbo. You said ‘No one here is saying “how bad women are” who do not wear the hijab’
    Well i quote Muhammad Robiu ” A woman who doesn’t wear her hijjab and a Man who wears isbal and shaves his beards may be seen by people as good Muslims, but d reality is that a true Muslim who has learnt about this things and does not follow them cannot have a good heart, expect they are only pretending. So BEWARE of such people”.
    Therefore he IS saying that a woman who doesn’t wear the hijab has a bad heart! Astagfirullah.
    I will leave it at that.


    Jibril Ibrahimi Thank you for your reply. Alhamdulillah I have been a Muslim for nearly 20 years. I have studied my religion deeply (of course) before reverting so I am of course aware of the rules of Hijab. As a man you obviously have never worn one so have no idea what it is actually like. Not everyone is fortunate to stay at home. Many of us have work then the travel time to work so don’t even spend much time at home. Not to mention that our garden is overlooked so I cannot take it off even in my own garden. I do not enjoy having anything around my neck, I never have. My hair which my husband used to enjoy is no longer nice to look at. Even he is shocked at how much it has changed. It is not comfortable having your head/neck all wrapped up when its hot. I have yet to meet one hijabi who says they enjoy wearing it in the summer. So thank you for your comments but I reiterate until you wear it every day for years then you really have no idea. Therefore for anyone to judge someone harshly for not wearing it in my opinion should keep those comments to themselves. These days too many Muslims love to judge others. What happened to the days when people used to encourage and support each other? My hijab is my jihad. I don’t want praise for keeping it on neither do I expect to hear the opposite for those who don’t wear it. I knew a Muslim who literally used to spit at girls if they weren’t wearing hijab. I love our religion. Sometimes I am just not that keen on some Muslims.


    I’m sorry to hear your situation.. However, you will certainly not be the first one to experience this and probably not the last. There are women all over the world so live in far greater misery than you. Yet they are still clinging into this deen. Not complaining or showing signs of resentment. I have noticed women who convert to Islam from the west, namely America complain a lot about the restrictiveness of Islam. It’s strange how there are no other parts of the world from which such moaning and complaining. The level of excuses and petty words which comes from that part of the world, the US is really quite surprising. If Islam is such an issue for people the door is always open for them to head back the way they came. Islam does not need people, people need Islam. We do not do it any favours by staying Muslims.


    Brother in Islam. I am very happy and grateful to be a Muslim alhamdulillah. I am not oppressed or live in fear of my life. I have food on my table and a roof over my head alhamdulillah. I have strong eeman and have no intention of ‘leaving’. Astagfirullah. You cannot turn your back on true belief! That would be living a lie. However you assume the hijab is easy when that often isn’t so. If you do not like me explaining the difficulties women have wearing the hijab then please don’t read. Sadly reverts often leave this beautiful religion due to judgemental people like yourself. Perhaps you could go on a Dawa’h course and learn how to bring people to this blessed religion instead of suggesting they leave. I am not American but I am sure there are many wonderful American reverts masha’Allah. Look around you and see how many ‘born’ Muslims do not practise. Let’s not chase them further away but be gentle with them. Lead by example like our beloved prophet (saw) did. I wouldn’t dream of telling you to leave Islam if you wanted astagfirullah. I would do my best to convince you to stay. You are not better than I, nor I you. If people are leaving Islam ask yourself why? Then try to do something about it. Surely this is better than turning your back?


    Ma shaa Allah, sister. You hit the nail on the head. I am somehow feeling apologetic about the part where you’re not too keen on muslims, but tbh I feel the same about a lot of muslims as well. May Allah grant us a beautiful ikhlaaq so we won’t be unpleasant towards others.


    Brother you said ‘I have noticed women who convert to Islam from the west, namely America complain a lot about the restrictiveness of Islam. It’s strange how there are no other parts of the world from which such moaning and complaining’
    You either haven’t traveled or haven’t spoken to many women abroad…


    I’m apalled at reading your critique of shaykh Hamza regarding his views of hijab. You’ve clearly missed the point. Sh.Hamza isn’t stating hijab is not compulsory by any means. The point shaykh hamza is stating is don’t get so obsessed with it and make it a hijab (a covering) between a woman and her faith. It is so disconcerting to hear muslims dismissing all the good Shaykh Hamza has done for the muslim community in teaching prophetic values over a statement we readers have misunderstood. Use your intellect. Name calling and being disrepectful is highly unislamic yet people in this blog are arguing ..fighting ..being crass. Lets focus on our ikhlaq being courteous, patient, compassionate, humble, obedient and become great ambassadors of our stunning faith. For me Shaykh Hamza continues to be a formidable force for good and is one of the best exemplers out there, of the middle path. Muslims are supposed to be of the middle path, neither radicals nor modern day liberals (both extremes want to change the text to justify their own agenda) be it killing other sects to control tge majority/acts of violence in the name of islam to proposing changing the text to suit western values such as gay marraige). Please think ..contemplate ..reflect before you react. Be proactive not reactive. Thankyou


    The simple fact is this, if every muslim was like Hamza Yusuf, the Muslim world would be a much better place. I find it astonishing that there are people out there who feel the need to find fault with everyone and fail to look for the positives. This is a problem which is endemic within people that follow (or should I say, claim to follow) the Islamic faith. Whether a woman chooses to wear a hijab or not, shouldn’t concern you unless youre married to her or have some form of relationship with that indivdual. How a person chooses to live their lives and follow their deen, like everything we do as human beings, is a matter between Allah and that individual (unless of course they commit a criminal offence or bring harm to another). You should be able to accept that people have different view points and ultimately say “peace be unto them”. However, to criticise and label because people may have a different religious philosophy/interpretation to you is ridiculous and is ultimately why the Ummah is in the state it’s in. Salaam Allakum


    I feel you are misunderstanding something original poster. I don’t recall Hamza Yusuf calling himself a scholar. He says he is a student of knowledge not a scholar. Also, his opinion is his opinion and we should take it as such. He was not giving a fatwa. He was just showing the underlying problem many muslims have: we judge too much. It is not up to us to decide: they can represent and they cannot. If they do something good for the deen then may Allah subhana wa ta’ala accept. If they harm the ummah then may Allah subhana wa ta’ala protect the ummah and guide them and forgive them and may He forgive us all. Ameen. I wear a hijab and I think it is important to keep wearing it as I keep on going to university and try to find a job, I think that’s the only way in the long-run that women will be accepted even when they’re wearing hijab. But people like Mona or whatever have a mind of their own. Even if, no, especially if Hamza Yusuf says anything about women having to wear hijab or whatnot she won’t do it. Don’t forget that she’s feminist. She won’t follow a man’s opinion and anyone having those tendencies will follow Mona. May Allah guide us to the straight path. Allah is the One who guides, so let’s keep that in mind and do righteousness.


    May Allaah Subhana Wa Ta’ala expose this ignorant innovator of the deen. His so-called reformist fancy stuff won’t work as Allaah will protect the deen from such misguidance. Truth prevails & falsehood perishes for falsehood is bound to perish.


    Everyone condemning women for not wearing the hijab have no idea how merciful our Lord is. The hijab was given at a time when Islam was safe in Medina. It did not come at the beginning of Islam because it would have been too dangerous for the womenfolk. There is some wisdom in understanding that the hijab was sent so that women could be safe from men (from malicious intent), it was sent to a culture that also understood modesty and respected and honoured the women who followed this way. Unfortunately, we are now living in very dangerous times. I am a sister who has to work to earn her living, and pay for my parents and a sick relative. When I wear the hijab I get hassled, I get racism, I am noticed and pointed out in our community by those with malicious intent. When I travel now I take my hijab off and wear a simple hat so that I am not attacked on my return home late at night on my commute. When I work, I do not wear the scarf as I have found it hard to find employment. Insha’Allah i am looking at ways to change my profession so that I may start wearing it at work. Allah (swt) emphasised dressing modestly for women as means of protection against attacks. The emphasis is modesty NOT a scarf. Why are we sanctifying a piece of cloth? The sanctity is with the human, and if I knew that my sister would be harassed, followed and spat at I would not want her to feel obligated to wear the hijab if this is what it is attracting, since it is the complete opposite of what Allah (swt) had ordained. Dress in a manner that is modest, cover as much as you can of your head in a manner that will not draw attention to you. The main point of the ayat is that you dress in ‘hijab’ so that you can go about your business without being attacked. Muslim men should try wearing a kuffi and full Islamic dress in the west, whilst trying to earn a living and trying to walk the streets safely. It’s not easy! And remember we are easier targets for attacks since we are weaker in strength to men. Please also think on the day of resurrection do you think Allah (swt) will cast women into hell-fire for the simple fact that their hair was not covered, when in fact they are working, looking after their family, supporting their family back home and attending to their sick parents, in a time when men in their family have abandoned these obligations to provide for their womenfolk. The biggest sin today isn’t women not wearing the Islamic dress, (as we are constantly reminded by our Shaykhs), the biggest sin is that no-one is talking about the fact that each and everyone of us is living off a usury system that is completely and utterly haram. It is always so much easier to target women but when the foundations of our whole ummah is swimming in usury, all your arguments on who is/isn’t following the sunnah sound pathetic to me.. Remember Allah (swt) has declared war on usury, not on the UN-covered female. If you have paper money in your pocket, then you can get off the moral high ground.


    Masha’Allah. Sister that was so eloquent put however as a fellow Muslima I fear it will not make the slightest difference.
    You are correct and I sincerely wish these Muslims who insist on berating us for not wearing the scarf need to learn the history at the time Islam was revealed. Instead they prefer to waste their time making our life more difficult than it already is. May Allah have mercy on us all. Ameen.


    You wrote: “Everyone condemning women for not wearing the hijab have no idea how merciful our Lord is”

    Substitute the words ‘not wearing the hijab’ with ‘disobeying Allah’ and see the absurdity of your argument.

    Following this line of reasoning, it would also be correct to say “Everyone condemning people for murder/rape/stealing etc. have no idea how merciful our Lord is”

    Why is it that many a rebellious transgressor only prefer to remember that Allah is Merciful? Why is it that they forget (or do not even know) that Allah is also the ‘Severe in Punishment’ or the ‘Swift in taking to Account’.

    Allah (Exalted be He) says: “O mankind! Verily, the Promise of Allah is true. So let not this present life deceive you, and let not the chief deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allah.” (Surah Fatir 35:05)

    How strange that you conveniently forget His other attributes (i.e. the Provider, the Giver, the Generous) whilst claiming you need to disobey him only to “earn (a) living” or to protect yourself from harm and abuse when He (not you) is the Protector, the Guardian, the Giver of Peace. And let’s not forget that those who truly loved their Lord (i.e. the Sahabah) didn’t make the same pitful excuses to disobey Him, despite being tortured and killed.

    You wrote: “The hijab was given at a time when Islam was safe in Medina. It did not come at the beginning of Islam because it would have been too dangerous for the womenfolk.”

    Where did you get this information? It seems to me that you have simply made this up. You seem to have completely speculated (as you also have with most of your other contentions) as to the reasons why and when the ayat was revealed. For an accurate description of the above, I suggest you read the following:

    It should be noted that you have presented your own mere opinions and seem to resent being “constantly reminded by our Shaykhs”. Whereas according to the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him): “The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets” and these ‘shaykhs’ whom you blithely dismiss are those who have spent their whole lives studying Islam in order to preserve it from tamperings of those ignorant modernists like yourself who wish to abandon it for the sake of pleasing the disbelievers.

    You wrote: “The biggest sin today isn’t women not wearing the Islamic dress” when no one said it was, and then go on to talk about usury being a major sin. Finally we agree! But no one is saying that because usury is prevelant then we can abandon Allah’s command to not murder, steal or show our naked bodies to strangers as you would have us do.


    I’m not sure you have interpreted him correctly. He never said that it is acceptable to not wear the head scarf in your quotes or anywhere else (to my knowledge). I think the point that he is making is nobody is in a position to say one person is more pious than another. We all have sins and only our Lord knows how pious we truly are. He is highlighting the problem that as soon as a woman without hijab claims to be a Muslim she is seen as inferior to Muslim women who do wear the scarf. He is totally right, we need to stop judging people like this. We don’t get to decide who is pious and who is not!


    Quran doesn’t say anything about women having to wear hijab. It talks about modest dress-for men and for women. Hamza Yusuf has much purer interpretation and understanding of Islam than many Muslims. Perhaps because he doesn’t confuse Islam with culture and actually does some research rather than blindly following those who don’t know themselves.


    You are the problem, friend. You’re judging all the Muslim women who do not have the strength or understanding to wear the hijab yet – because yes, it needs a lot of courage. I wear the hijab and there are days when I falter. I know I would never take it off, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Everybody has a weakness, everybody sins. For some of us, it’s on display, for others it’s hidden. Your very prominent weakness is that you are a harsh judge of others. God guide us all to the straight path and forgive our sins.


    What are “Sheikh” Nazim’s credentials???
    He takes Hamzah Yusuf’s comments in isolation and twists into something he is not saying. I am sure this “Sheikh” is no more than a self proclaimed “sheikh” with little or no experience.


    Please read “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but fitna really hurts us” on May God unite us in peace, forgive our errors and may He bless our rightly guided scholars such as Skh Hamza Yusuf and Skh Bin Bayyah.


    Salaam Alikum,
    I do not agree with the article but its an interesting point of view that would work in an educated Islamic community. The problem in our modern times is that the Ummah is so uneducated that it can barely defend the reason for wearing a hijab. I do not believe that the Mr. Hamza Yusuf is attempting to do away with the hijab but I believe his message is more on the side of uniting the Ummah and to stop being petty. He is right if you people are like the sahabah..then why are we in this state (rhetorical) The hijab is the least of our bickering…returning to Islam and understanding why we do what we are suppose to do is more important then wearing a hijab and not truly comprehending the history its purpose and so forth. I feel the article is a bit much for our current situation…this is why given dawa’h or speaking on matters of Islam is left to those that are train. I never have heard any of his lectures mentioning to be moderate or so forth. Mr. Yusuf speaks in my opinion a truth which is an ugly truth we must accept…our Ummah is in a bad place because our faith is weak, how we practice, comprehend, and apply our faith. This situation will only correct itself if we all return to Allah to include myself. May Allah gives us all the strength to persevere and have success for the hereafter.

    Salaam Alikum



    these reflexes on the state world over and of the so called muslims countries in africa,middle east and indo continent,and central
    asian republics just like the days of battle of siffin, muawiyah fighting ali……..and now you have mainly muslims refugees heading to europe,australia and north america…..why dont we have asians and arab muslims migrating to
    middle east and indo continent……….and on day of judgement you can excuse yourselves all sins committed under duress and blame the west, the jews and shaytan and jinn except yourselves…..



    The only thing one deciphers from this article is your lack of knowledge of Islam and your double standards. There is not a single place in quran where God says all women must wear hijab. Stop writing on such critical issues when your knowledge of Islam is only ankle deep. I was disappointed and got hurt by your writing and your absurd opinions.


    i hope he knows what he is talking about for in the day of judgement he will be asked about this, and since it is the internet he doesn’t know the effect of his words and how they affected others. if anyone has lost faith due to this article or hope, he is responsible for that. i hope he is ready for in Islam you are not only responsible for your actions but the result of them too. known or unknown.


    An absolutely disappointing article! You clearly are a backward muslim who wants to control women! I am being very careful with my words as i am fasting at the moment and just to be clear i am fasting and NOT wearing a hijab! If God wanted all women to wear the hijab he would have stated this in the Quaran, as clear as he wrote “do not eat any meat derrived from the pig” the reason why God did not write anything about the hijab was because he left it open to women to decide. And yes the usual agument of the prophets (PBUH) wife’s wearing it then of course they were married to the phrophet so of course they would dress in an extreme way. If my husband was a prophet i would also cover my head!


    My personal belief is hijab is obligatory in Islam however is not the only criteria for a muslim woman. Why on earth where ever we go we only hear about the headscarf what about prayers, what about zakah, what about fasting, what about charity and many more! No all have to be discussed is headscarf as if Islam only consist of a headscarf for a woman. Before headscarf Allah first commands men to lower their gaze for instance.

    As Muslims we have to unite, not divide, so well done Hamza Yusuf who is in my opinion one of the great scholar of our time for trying to unite us!


    Your essay was extremely sickening for me to read. I was in shock by the confidence you had defending these barbaric views. This old century interpretation should be trashed because Islam did not come to conserve norms for all times and places — if you have at least a basic understanding of the history and of Islam you would know it came as a progressive movement for the deplorable norms prevelent in its time and place. The Quran, for the most part, was written based on the circumstances the Prophet was in and NOT strict circumstances Allah(swt) presumed would persist overtime. In that, there is something extremely pertinent being emphasized — and that is the way that Muslims should approach the religion. You need to take your understanding of the religion and apply it to the norms of this century and not the 7th century.


    In 2017! Brother, forgive me but I believe the Shaykh did not intend the comments as you interpreted it to be. I believe what the learned Shaykh meant was that we as Muslims have to also consider some level of inclusivity in our own community. As a Muslim woman who only started wearing the hijab three years ago, I can certainly appreciate what the Shaykh was saying. I certainly considered myself a Muslima even when I wasn’t wearing the hijab but I dressed modestly otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t have appreciated to be looked down upon or scoffed at by my Muslim brothers or sisters who were more confined to the dress code. We must be so, so careful not to judge too much and be so uninclusive that we run the risk of driving people away from our Deen. A Muslima who is dressed quite decently albeit without head covering is still a Muslima, it doesn’t invalidate her faith. Her account about not donning the hijab is with Allah. Of course we can advise on proper dress code, gently, kindly, not in a harsh manner. It is also an unconformance with doesn’t hurt or harm others such as stealing or backbiting. So let us open our hearts a little wider and learn to be more inclusive with reasonable tolerances within our community, always with the Niah of keeping solidarity and inviting people toward the Deen and not pushing them away from it. Shaykh Hamza is doing great dakwah in calling people to Islam from among the non Muslims but also getting Muslims to recommit. Thank God, he is able to carry out such work under God’s blessings. Allahu a’lam.


    You are absolutely correct – you are in no way to judge his comments and in what rhetoric he meant them.
    There is wisdom behind every speech so let’s not draw our own conclusions without fully understanding the context these comments were made in.
    No single person is responsible for the actions of another. If someone is to misconstrue what another has said to benefit their own agenda, then the culprit is he.


    Asalamualaikum 🙂
    Well I personally don’t hear him much but as you spoke about muslimah with hijab, it is important for people to know that in the western society wearing hijab can be live threatening and having the courage to represent who you are is amazing. Women wearing hijab are harassed solely because of their scarf. It is also necessary for us to remember even the Shaykh’s are human and prone to mistakes, take the good from everyone brother and this is a general statement not implying to this Shaykh.
    And one last thing our attire and actions describes us. ‘Telling that Islam is in my heart and not in our actions is like telling answers are in my mind and not on the answer sheet.’ anonymous quote.


    His words have been completely misunderstood. He merely saying that you cannot judge a Muslim woman based on her outer appearance. A lot of Muslims will consider women who don’t wear the hijab as people who are not pious, or not proper Muslims. He was trying to make a point that it is simply not always true. So he gave an examples. He wasn’t talking about weather the hijab is obligatory or not. He wasn’t saying that a woman who does wear the hijab is not pious. He was just making a point that you cannot judge a woman’s actions and who she really is just based on how she looks. If you wan’t to know his stance on weather the hijab is obligatory or not, he does say it is mandatory in his other talks. Jeez.


    You completely misunderstood his approach, and I strongly suggest you clarify this with the sheikh himself, rather than posting your irrelevant views and causing discord.


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