There are some sins which invalidate a person’s good deeds.

Discourse Notes: 5/08/12
Ramadan 13 –

[The following are a set of succinct notes on the above lecture. The notes are designed for people ‘on the go’. Who do not have the time to read, or do not read at all].

There are many deeds by which a persons sins gets forgiven. For example: reciting Durood, walking to the masjid. Similarly, there are some evil deeds which also invalidate the good deeds. So people should save their hard earned money – the good deeds. Which are more valuable than one’s life. As a person’s life will end and these invaluable deeds will go with him.
There are some sins which are like bombs, which explode and shatter any good deeds a person may have done. The prophet (saw) is merciful and at the same time just. He is also a warner.

In Ramadan especially he informed people of evil deeds which explode good deeds. Imam bayhaqi reports:
– All year paradise is prepared. In Ramadan this reaches it’s pinnacle.
The houris sing and also await for their husbands to come. They celebrate the coming of the righteous person. They put on makeup and beautify themselves 11 months of the year. For the pious people/husbands to who will enter paradise.
– Ramadan is the month where there is a sale for good deeds. Just as people are happy to get a bargain in a sale, Ramadan is also a sale. In which a person can get good deeds very cheaply. Syyiduna ibn Abbas (ra) reported on the authority of the prophet (saw) who said: – A person who does not do the following in Ramadan:
1) Accuse/slander/lay allegation or backbite his fellow brother. [- backbiting is far worse than committing adultery!]
2) Does not take drugs/intoxicants,
– his sins will be forgiven and they will become expiated.
– However, a person who does the above two evil deeds in the month of Ramadan his previous two years of good deeds are cancelled/nullified! So save yourselves. This is the month of Allah.
From this we see how important purification of the heart is. Many of the classical scholars have purification of the heart is Fard, (compulsory).

By ServantofAlMalik

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2 replies on “There are some sins which invalidate a person’s good deeds.”

No. The beliefs of the mutazillah are, if anyone commits a major sin. He or she becomes a kafir. i.e is thrown out the folds of islam. He has to redeclare his iman and become a muslim. they also believe the quran is a created thing and not the eternal speech of Allah.


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