Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

You cannot bypass the prophet (saw) to reach Allah!

Discourse notes: 31/07/12
Ramadan 10 –

When the connection with the prophet (saw) weakens then the relationship with Allah also weakens. One cannot expect to get much or go far.
There are many who believe in Allah yet in the sight of Allah they are disbelievers. The question is why are they disbelievers when they believe in Allah?
The answer is they do no believe in The prophet (saw). They may believe in Allah but they will be doing shirk and kufr along with it.
– Allah sends blessings on the prophet (saw). The famous verse which states: ‘o believers send prayers on the prophet (saw).’ The scholars have said, there is also a second meaning of this verse as well. Which is, Allah is not only saying send peace on the prophet (saw) but also submit to him like he deserves to be submitted to. Abandon your ideas of lifestyles which a person picks up from society, friends. Family. And, adopt the lifestyles of the prophets especially the final prophet (saw). Since submitting to the prophet (saw) will teach a person how to submit to the lord of all the worlds.
We cannot by ourselves know how to submit to Allah. Only by submitting to his ways (saw) we will learn how to submit to Allah. Submit to the way it is acceptable in the sight of Allah.
The companions understood this verse very much. Amongst the almost countless companions was a companion called, Abu qatada (ra) who became muslim in the early years. He says, once he was in a journey with the prophet (saw). This journey was during a war. On the way the prophet (saw) said ‘find water for yourselves otherwise you will remain thirsty for the next day’. So, everyone went looking for water. The prophet (saw) was also there, hazrat Harisa was the actual name of the companion Abu qatada was his nickname, or the name he was most known by.
This companion did not leave the company of the prophet (saw). When all others went looking for water. He said ‘I noticed that the eyes would close of the prophet (saw). Due to the exhaustion from jihad & the journey. When this would happen, hazrat Harisa would be there to help. Once it happened that the eyes of the prophet (saw) closed and he went to help the prophet (saw) from falling from his horse.. To which the prophet (saw) immediately opened his eyes when the companion went to help. He (saw) said ‘who is it?’ (referring to who was it that helped him).

The prophet (saw) then made a dua for him. ‘o Allah protect and help him like he is helping me’. He was then known as the facilitator of the prophet (saw). Syyiduna harisa or commonly known as Abu Qatada (ra).
– This just shows the unimaginable struggles they and the prophet (saw) went through to bring Islam to us. So we should take islam with great respect and honour!
The fast for example is a gift. We are not even being thankful for that blessing. We can’t even fast properly.

– Abul Haytam (ra) said ‘once in madinah Abu Bakr and Umar (ra) came to the prophet (saw). They said ‘we have not come for anything else. But, because of our hunger o messenger of Allah! Our hunger is unbearable’.
The prophet (saw) replied ‘I am also hungry’. He (saw) then said ‘let’s go out and see what we can do’. So they went into the garden of Abul Haytam (ra). when they arrived, his wife said ‘he has gone to fetch some water’. So she said to the prophet (saw) & the companions, ‘you wait in the garden until he arrives’. When the companion returned he was very pleased to know of the esteemed guests in his garden. He dropped his load in house and went to see the blessed companions. He sacrificed a lamb for them. And, cooked good food for these three blessed individuals. When the prophet (saw) saw them working hard, cooking food etc. he asked ‘have you got any servants?’ to this the host, husband and wife replied, ‘no we don’t have any’. So the prophet (saw) said ‘when some slaves come to me next time come & see me. When some slaves came to the prophet (saw) another time. The prophet (saw) called them over and asked them to select a slave. They refused and asked the prophet (saw) to select for them. So, the prophet ( saw) selected one and told them treat this slave well. When they returned home. They said ‘how can we treat him well. The best way to treat him will be to set him free’. Look at the extreme efforts they (the companions) went through to please the prophet (saw).
– fasting is a gift from Allah. Taraweeh is a gift from the prophet (saw). Are we being thankful for them?
– we all know the purpose of fasting is to attain taqwa. In reality, taqwa is to become safe from the tricks of the devil. And to free oneself from the hell fire.
– we need to realise the value of our time. When we die, many of us would say I’ll sacrifice everything only to get 5 mins back in the world’. We will be willing to sacrifice all our women, money, children, properties!

– The sufiyah say ‘a person should know and ask, what does Allah want from me?’ in every second. Shall I close my eyes from that sin? Shall I pray that prayer? Know that every second there is a demand from both the devil and Allah. Its up to us to choose which one we follow.

– The Durood and Salam majlis.

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