Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The 3 fitnas (tests) which are greater than the fitna of Ad Dajjal (Anti Christ)

Discourse Notes: 30/07/12
Ramadan – 9

Abu Saeed al Kurdi (ra) said: ‘some of us used to go and stay outside the house of the prophet (saw) at night. Just in case if there was any need which the prophet (saw) wanted to be full filled…’
(now, they did this out of the love of the prophet (saw). Not because it was a injunction of islam. Remember, the true lover does not need to be taught manners (adab). The love inside a person pushes him/her to act in the ways of love. It is only the false claimants who need to be taught manners and etiquettes).
Abu Saeed Al Kurdri (ra) continues, …’some times there used to be many of us who would stay outside the blessed house. Now, to help us stay awake all night, we would sometimes talk amongst ourselves. Whilst others would engage in Dhikr’. He (ra) continues and says ‘once I was there as well. Once it happened that the prophet (saw) heard us talking amongst ourselves quietly outside his house and came out. When we saw the prophet (saw) coming to us, we were very happy. When the prophet came to where the companions were sitting he (saw) said: ‘I told you not to whisper amongst yourselves. As there is no need to now’. He (saw) then asked ‘what are you talking about, amongst yourselves’? They (the companions) replied ‘we were talking about the coming of the Anti Christ, Ad Dajjal. Who would be a great fitna for those near the end of times’. When the prophet (saw) heard this. He (saw) said, ‘I fear for you something far more dangerous than dajjal!’
The companions replied, ‘o messenger of Allah, what is that thing you fear more for us than dajjal?
– the scholars have said the following are the three things for which the prophet (saw) was fearful of, for us:

1) we will do good deeds. Offering prayers, zakat, hajj for example. But, these acts will not be for Allah. They will be for other people. To show off. To attain name and fame. – this will lead many people astray. Whereas there will
be others who will do good deeds for not showing off but will wish inwardly, ‘if only people had seen me worshiping Allah now’. – this attitude is also wrong.
– So, we should protect our good deed, our hard efforts we do. For example, if we made a genuine intention to keep a fast for Allah, but later we realised it changed and we found the intention for keeping the fast is for other than Allah, for showing off, for example. Then we should immediately change our intention and make it genuine again, which is, we are fasting only for Allah and no one or nothing else!

2) the second thing which the prophet (saw) feared more for us is women, and for women, men. The temptations of men and women.
Secondly, whether people can fulfil their rights or not. – the rights of mothers, wives, daughters, aunts etc.
– To save oneself from the fitna of women. We cannot simply make dua, it will not do. We have to try with our willpower as well.

3) The third fear of the prophet (saw) for us was, the luxuries of the dunya/the wealth.
– The above three things will be a far greater fitna for people than dajjal himself.
Many people forsake their religious obligations to attain the dunya. Dealing with alcohol or interest is only the tip of the iceberg.

Other things we learn from this hadith is for the people who are known as the ‘doomsday seekers’. Those who are always asking ‘when will imam Mahdi come? When will dajjal come?
Here in this Hadith, the prophet (saw) is teaching us to first learn and fight our small dajjals which are attached to us. (the eyes, tongue, hands, feet, stomach etc. To stop using them wrongly, saving them from becoming the tools of sin and evil, and not to worry about the bigger dajjal. Once we have overcome our smaller dajjals, then to defeat the next one (if we live until that day) will be easy. As our training will have paid off. Otherwise those who are always asking ‘when will imam Mahdi come? when will dajjal come?’ will keep asking these questions when they come to this world and it will be of no use!

Audience listening to the discourse.

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