Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The reward for those who protect their ears from listening to music in the world

The reward for those who protect their ears from listening to music and falsehood in the world.

Discourse notes: 28/07/12
Ramadan 7 –

The blessings Allah has bestowed on humans he mentions them in the Quran. For example he mentions the blessings of being able to listen.
– It is agreed by the learned scholars that, Allah mentions listening as a blessing before the mentioning of the eyes, is because the virtue of listening is superior to seeing.
-Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh said, the blessing of listening is greater because the person is able to hear the testification of faith. He can understand and realize the immense blessings he has. People who can only see, they have a greater struggle in understanding Allah, the articles of faith. Since they cannot hear the words of guidance and wisdom.
The problem with us is we don’t listen. When we listen our minds are busy talking. We are busy planning and thinking of the next days activity we are to do. – The art of listening is being able to shut your mind as well as your ears to anything else except guidance and wisdom of Islam.
– All fitna begins with listening, the ears, people listen to false talk and then go and spread it. The cursed Satan tricked our father Adam, by whispering in his ear. This is why the awliyah say do not sit with the corrupt or evil people.
– It is a trait of the devilish people who make/take a lot of oaths. One should realize that the people who make a lot of oaths are not trustworthy.

The prophet (saw) said in a Hadith narrated by Syyiduna Jabir (ra) that:
‘When you fast make sure you also fast with your tongues. If you fast then make sure your eyes are also fasting. The person should also make sure he keeps his hands and feet safe. – from harming others’. (Paraphrased Hadith).
– Leave harming people. Adopt a gentle approach with people. The days of fast and the days of not fasting should not be te same for a Muslim. Reported by imam bayhaqi.

– remember the eyes are the poisonous arrows of the devil. When a person uses his eyes wrongly to stare at a woman then the light which had entered his heart from doing ibadah/dhikr is extinguished.

*The reward for a person who protects his ears from listening to music in the world.

-Shaykh ibn Ataullah sikandari said, once a pious man heard the voice of a houri of paradise. In one of his dreams. He said after hearing the beautiful sound every sound he heard in the world thereafter made him feel like vomiting. The sounds and songs of the world lost all it’s appeal and lustre in him.
– now imagine, if such pleasure a person will get from hearing the voices of the houris. What to say about listening to the beautiful songs of praise by the awliyah and Allah (swt) himself! He (the pious person) said after a while he became well.
– once the prophet (saw) said to Abu Dhar (ra) seek protection from the human devils. Abu Dhar (ra) reports ‘I once came to the blessed masjid an nabi (saw) and the prophet (saw) said to me have you prayed I Abu Dhar’? I replied ‘no ya rasullallah’. After he finished praying he went to the prophet (saw) and the prophet (saw) then asked him ‘have you asked protection from the devils and the human devils?’ He replied ‘o messenger of Allah (saw) are there human devils aswell?’ He (saw) replied ‘yes there is’.
– Remember there are human devils as well not only jinn devils. When Ramadan enters these human devils are not chained or locked up. It is only the big jinn devils that are locked up.

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