The door of paradise from which the fasting person will enter.

The door of paradise from which the fasting person will enter.

Discourse notes: 22/07/12
Ramadan 2 –

The prophet (saw) said to the nearest meaning: a Muslim is not bitten from the same hole twice. – Meaning if you have suffered loss once from somewhere, then the prophet (saw) said (if the person is a believer in Allah) then he will not waste time suffering from the same place again. If he is suffering twice or more from the same place it is a sign of hypocrisy. It is not a good sign for a Muslim. For instance, a person may be deceived by a person the first time. However, if he has been deceived twice by the same person, then it’s his own fault. As he should have learnt from it the first time round.
Now, this is the second taraweeh and the 2nd Ramadan. Do introspect and see if you have benefited from whatever Ramadan has gone. – Have you fasted the way you should have?
– Have you studied knowledge the way you should?
If your Ramadan is turning out to be the same Ramadan as last year. In that, there is no improvement or the fact that you are not seeing any developments in your spiritual life. No advancement in piety, righteousness, and charity then know that you have yet to take benefit from Ramadan! In our lives no two Ramadan should be the same.

Ramadan is the month of worship and Quran. It was the habit of the awliyah they would not waste time. So, we should not bother turning on the TV, Radio etc. we should busy ourselves in worship. The way the awliyah and the saliheen spent time in the past and continue to do now. We should try and perfect our worship, learn the true way to worship. Know that, if prayer is not offered properly, in all it’s rightful glory it is thrown back onto the face of the performer by the angels! the salah (prayer) then curses the person for not doing it properly.

Imam ibne Haban, a great imam reports:
Once the prophet (saw) said, This is not fast! The companions in return said: ‘O prophet (saw) what is not fasting?’ The prophet (saw) replied, ‘leaving eating and drinking’. – to leave eating and drinking is the uniform of fast. – A reminder, that you are fasting. For example, when you wear the uniform it means you are to do a task. – to do work. So if leaving and drinking is only a sign to do something, then what constitutes as a fast? It is to leave useless and vain talking and interactions: To leave behind shameless actions, speech, and thought. – To leave behind eating and drinking is fard in terms of shariyah.
– The person who keeps a true fast as described by the prophet (saw), will be allowed to enter paradise from the door of ‘babar rayan’. A door which is exclusively for the fasting people. Which holds in it special blessings directly bestowed by Allah.

Fiqh – (obligatory actions of fasting)
To keep a fast one must:-
1) Make intention and
2) Abstain from eating and drinking from dusk to sunset.

– Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh delivering the jewels of prophetic guidance.

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