The first night of Ramadan in paradise

Discourse Notes: 16/07/12

It has been said in our religious scriptures, once people/a person passes away from this world. He/she will ask to be given a second chance. It will be the angels who remind the people who have been cursed to hell. ‘did God not send you reminders?’. They (the angels) will remind people, ‘every night when you used to sleep and then wake up. You used to get up from death! This is an example of how Allah has given you countless chances to change’.
If a person was told ‘go to this mountain of gold and take as much gold from it, as you can’. But, the person returns to you after 30 days of gathering, with only stones and rubble. How would you feel? – disappointed and saddened. As the person had a great chance to become rich. This is how many people waste Ramadan. A month in which they can become spiritually rich and well off.

*Ibn Abbas (ra) said: all year round paradise is prepared, however in ramadan it reaches its pinnacle. In the first night of Ramadan there is a very nice heavenly music that is played in paradise. Which is nothing like the music of dunya! A soothing and uplifting music.- This blessing will only be for the people [in the hereafter] who have abstained from listening to the music of dunya.
This music will make the houris (women) of paradise come out of their houses/palaces of pearls and ask ‘what is happening?’ ‘have the people of paradise been allowed in?’ with this in mind they will come out of their houses. They then will go to ridwan (the caretaker of paradise) and ask what night is this?’ After hearing the answer ‘it is the first night of Ramadan’, they will say ‘is there anyone to whom we can get married to? Is there anyone who wants us?’ they will then make due to Allah saying ‘o Allah, marry us to each and every righteous servant of yours’. *

– A person who starts the journey to Allah he is automatically linked/paired with a houri. If he is steadfast on the path and dies on it. He will be married to her.
– If all the beauty of the women of the world were put together. It will still not be even comparable to the beauty of a single hair of a houri. Such is the beauty and magnificence!

_Hidden wisdom of the Islamic lunar calander:_
It is the fairness and the balance of the Islamic system. That, the days of Ramadan always/constantly change. -No two years of fasting are the same. In that, every place in the world has a chance to fast in the different seasons of life. For example, for us here in UK now, it is summer. Whereas in Australia it is currently winter. If the dates of Ramadan were permanently set in January or February, for instance. Then people in hot countries will always be fasting in summer and people in cold places like UK will always be fasting in winter. With the dates of ramadan constantly changing, we have a chance to experience fasting in different climates and seasons. – Hot, cold, dry and wet.
Allah is compassionate, and in Ramadan more than in any other months, he likes to see people be compassionate with others/creation. A person may not be physically handsome or rich. But, with good character and kindness people will want to sit next to him. The light of good character brightens the life of others around. Like a candle which lights it’s immediate surroundings. As opposed to the one who is handsome and rich, but ruthless with people.
– you can share kindness and good character with people. You can not share money, fame, beauty, or name with them, so adopt the good qualities and attributes.

Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh also discussed the 8 levels of Ramadan. How a person can fast in its true sense and attain the closeness and pleasure of Allah in this month of blessings. – For more info on the 8 levels of fast, visit

By ServantofAlMalik

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One reply on “The first night of Ramadan in paradise”

MashaAllah, very good note taking, keep it up Br Nazim.

Another reason why the time of Ramadan keep changing is related to the in between steps of attaining the purpose of Fasting.

So one should ask, if fasting is the action and the fruits of it is Taqwa, then what is the steps that lead you to Taqwa..

The steps in between are Tazkiyah, via Mujada.

So just think of it as the begging of the journey of Ramadan is Fasting and the end of that journey is to attain Taqwa, however one needs to travel through Tazkiyah and Mujada. There’s no other route.


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