Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The fuel for the Hereafter.

The Quran is a reminder to what we already know.

Discourse notes: 25/06/12

Imam Shaffi said if there was no other suras revealed in the quran but sura Asr. It would be enough for a person to obtain salvation. The question comes then what is the other parts of the Quran for? The answer is the very disease we are suffering from. What is this disease?
It is the idea to merely obtain knowledge from the Quran, only to know. Somehow the devil and the ego have conspired to make people understand only getting to know the know-how will be enough.
The other parts of the Quran is for reminder. Not knowledge. This is where many people go wrong!
– The assumption imprinted by the devilish the mind of the people is, only knowing how to get to the destination (paradise) will be enough. Even the Christians and the Jews are of the same idea. The killers and the adulterers know the error of their ways when they are in the midst of committing the sin. Their hearts are fully aware of the evil they are doing and know how wrong it is. Allah (swt) mentions in the Quran that he has given the soul the ability to distinguish between the right and wrong. The question is then why do it? If they know it’s wrong? The answer is the same as mentioned before. (above)
Imam Abu Hanifah once tried to save his clothes from an approaching dog. So that, they do not become soiled/impure. As the dog came closer it spoke to him. ‘o imam, you saved your clothes from me. In the thought that you are better than me. Not because you did not want your clothes to get soiled. A simple liter of water would have made the clothes pure again’. From this incident the imam took a great lesson. Which is, not to be arrogant even towards the creations of Allah. Not only the humans.

– In reality if two sets of people come to you to resolve a dispute. There are four groups in total and not just two.
1) The first group
2) The second group
3) Allah
4) The Devils
So, judge carefully and make sure you know which side you are on. Never base your judgement based on hearing only one side of the story.
– The majority of the Quran is only for reminders. Not only knowledge, as knowledge can be attained in a very short time.
– 10% of the Quran is only to tell us, what to do, what not to do. Where we will go. Etc
– 90% of the Quran is only for reminders.
– A chef who only knows how to cook. Who even has the ingredients in the pot. Will not be able to cook, unless he has a vital component which is the fire underneath. That fire is the fire of motivation which is needed for a person to go on.
– The prophet (saw) said: ‘The first 10 verses of sura muminoon are sufficient for a person to enter Jannah’. (paraphrased)
– The mashaykhs say: ‘In the physical body, the heart and the stomach are very close. However, many people spend 60/70 years but they cannot make the journey from the stomach to the purification of the heart’.
Meaning people spend all their lives going after trivial desires of the lower self and never wish to go higher than that of animals.
– don’t tell the ulema ‘I already know this!’ tell them ‘I am practicing this’. Then the ulema will stop telling you and will say ‘go and tell others now’ . The coca cola company spends millions advertising the same product. But, no one complains we already know what coca cola is.

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I agree with u. The driving force and conviction have to be there. May Allaah make us live to be true muslims in every word and seek to find the comfort in learning His words. Ameen. JazakAllaahu khairan for the post.


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