How to know your own self

Discourse Notes: 18/06/12

The prophet (saw) is such a person that Allah (swt) sent him as a mercy to all the universe. Not only that, but to all creation. – trees, plants and animals. The animals and plants recognise the prophet (saw) so much in that they never forget him. Although humans tend to forget this news from time to time.
A camel was once very unsettled and roaming near the prophet (saw), in a area in madinah. Fearing that it might hurt the prophet (saw), the companions asked the prophet wether they should move the camel. In reply the prophet (saw) said (paraphrased) ‘no let it be’. After a while the camel did indeed come to the prophet (saw). But did so with utmost respect. It laid its head in the lap of the prophet (saw). Seeing this the companions asked ‘o prophet (saw) if animals have such respect for you. Should we not also have the same level of respect. That, we do prostration of respect to you?’ The prophet (saw) replied, (paraphrased) ‘No. This prostration of respect which you are suggesting has been made haram in Islam’.
– the point being here is that, despite the camel being troubled he still maintained adab and respect in front of the prophet. We as humans don’t tend to do this. When we are angry or upset we lose the sense of right and wrong.
– tabrani (ra) reported, a Hadith in which the prophet (saw) said (paraphrased) ‘if anyone harms a Jew or a person of the book unjustly. He has harmed me’. – This shows the mercy of the prophet (saw) even extends to non – Muslims.
– when the prophet (saw) set his first foot on the earth the whole earth became pure. This is why we can do tayamum (dry ablution) with the earth.
– It tells us a message that, if the earth has made it self become the recipient of the blessings of the prophet (saw) and therefore become pure. Should we not do the same? Let his blessings (his sunnah) penetrate our hearts? When he (saw) descended to the earth, the earths rank/station was increased. In that it became a pure place for people (Muslims) to worship. So, if we follow his sunnah, will we not also have our station, in the eyes of Allah raised? Certainly we will!
– when the second feet of the prophet (saw) touched the earth. The whole earth became a place of worship. Before the coming of the prophet (saw), the earth was nether a place of worship or a tool to purify us (tayamum) for worship.
– the people who give preference to the sunnah. It is as if they have let the foot of the prophet (saw) rest on their shoulders.
– the people who have let the internal and external sunnah become their life. Try have let the feet of the prophet (saw) rest on heir hearts.

– * the way to know oneself is not by seeing the apparent righteous actions that we do in front of people. – The prayers, the righteous actions etc. But by analysing how we are in our own time. In times of hardship and solitude. We can truly know. Are we the same person when we are in times of solitude compared to when we are in front of people. With the mask of piety we sometimes forget our true selves. Which is far more darker and sinister than we make it out to be.* –

In the night of ascension the prophet (saw) met several prophets. Notably he (saw) mentioned some by name. Few of these were prophet Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim, Yusuf etc. This was a message to the prophet (saw) that, just as these prophets faced hardships like this, the prophet (saw) will also have to go through hardships. Just as the prophet Jesus (as) was ridiculed and rejected by the people. He (the prophet saw) will also face the same trials.
After when he (saw) met the prophet Moses (as), it was a message to the prophet (saw) that he to like the prophet Moses will be rejected and thrown out of his locality and environment.
– Satan is that thing which takes you to evil. It could be anyone or anything. – A friend or TV for example.
– The trait that is most dominant in us. This is what we will be called by at the time of death. If we have the dominant trait of lying for example. Then this will be our call to summon in the hereafter and at the time of death the angels will call us by this name as well. If we are those who frequently steal or is an oppressor, we will be called with the respective names. Wether evil or good it’s upto us which name we choose to bring upon us.

By ServantofAlMalik

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