Quran & Seerah used for ‘Entertainment’

Quran & Seerah used for ‘Entertainment’

Discourse notes: 11/06/12

– Laws and rules are made, written and listened to very easily. In whole of the world there are rules which people follow. To safe guard and honour the freedoms of people.
No country says ‘loot, dishonour and harm people’. Unfortunately, people are nonetheless doing this to other people. – harming, stealing and killing etc.
What this shows is that it is not good enough to only know the rights and wrongs. This is the same situation with the Quran. Only knowing what is wright and wrong is not enough. The companions (ra) had less Quran, some people did not even live to see the completion of the Quran. Yet they became the people as we know them to be now. In the era of mass spread of islamic knowledge, through the media, books, Internet etc. People are still not benefiting as the companions did. So, what is it that the prophet (saw) created which made the companions become successful with less guidance as opposed to us?
The answer is we have taken the message of the Quran and the seerah of the prophet (saw) as entertainment. Where as this was different with the companions. Their attitudes was implementation and their attitudes was like as if Allah was speaking to them directly.
They did not take the message of Islam as entertainment. Or, the attitude ‘I have heard/seen this before’ as we do when we have seen a movie/song/drama.

The reasons why we are not benefiting from the jewels of Quran and the sunnah is simply because we have the attitudes ‘I have already heard this… time again’, we want something new now’. This is entertainment. It
means people have taken the message of Islam for entertainment. – Come for the wrong reasons to islamic gatherings/conferences, and not to implement the lessons of Islam and to attain the pleasure of Allah. Once the ‘entertainment’ (in their eyes) is over and they have seen/heard it. They want something else. So, when we hear verse like:
‘which of the favours of your lord will you deny?’ Sura Rahman.
Our attitudes are ‘I have heard this verse so many times’. – essentially saying ‘I want to hear something new’. – Like a song.
– The scholars report once the prophet (saw) asked one of the companions to recite the Quran to him (saw). The companion replied ‘shall I recite to the one who receives guidance?’ – out of awe and respect of the given honour. The prophet (saw) said: ‘ yes’ (paraphrased). This shows that despite the prophet (saw) receiving the Quran and having heard the Quran countless times. His (saw) attitude was not seekin entertainment in Quran.
– Just like a human body needs motivational nutritions to keep going when we feel tired, exhausted and down. In our spiritual lives we also need motivational nutritions to help our journey to Allah continue. Now, how do we get this? This is by constant reminders of the reality of the life of the world. The stories of the prophets and the constant reminders of the hereafter. These reminders are like the spiritual nutritions we need in our journey to Allah. If we do not attend or listen to good talks/naseeha/discourses we will suffer on a spiritual level.

The message of the Quran and the sunnah is like air and oxygen for us. Just like we do not get fed up with breathing the same air and do not require/ or complain for new type of air. Likewise we should not do this with the message of Quran and sunnah also. We should NOT be like ‘I want something new. I’ve heard this for 10/15 years. I’m fed up with the same message and verses of the Quran’.

-Sura muminoon is 118 verses. 108 verses are for empowering a person to do good. 10 verses only tells what a person should and should not do. It shows how much a person needs to be reminded and motivated to do good.

– Syyiduna Ali (ra) gave three advise to his son Syyiduna Hussain (ra). – his attitude was not ‘father I am already the prince of paradise. I do not require anymore advise’. Unfortunately sometimes we have such attitudes when a scholar/elder wants to advise us!
The three advises were: –
‘Son know that —
1) Allah has hidden his pleasure and happiness in good deeds. However you do not know which deed it is. As it may happen that a deed we do in our life. Becomes the means for our forgiveness. Similarly, just like Ramadan has liyaltul Qadar. The pleasure of Allah is hidden in some good deeds. We do not know which ones. This is why we should not take any good deed lightly. – the prostitute from the bani isreal was forgiven and given paradise because she gave water to a thirsty dog! She did not know that the pleasure of Allah will be behind this act. or, the fact that this act will change her destiny. Like this there will be one moment in which we do a good deed and Allah will say ‘that’s it! From now on I am pleased with this person’.

2) the wrath and anger of Allah is hidden in bad sins. So don’t take any sins lightly. You never know which sin wether minor or major will be your cause for destruction! A pious woman who worshipped and prayed a lot of optional prayers, caused a cat to die of starvation. This act of cruelty was the cause of her destruction. Now, this does not mean we leave the prayers/fasts etc and only feed animals in hope for forgiveness. – You don’t know in what you will find your salvation or destruction. Maybe your salvation will be in offering optional prayers and the next person’s salvation in obeying the parents.

3) Allah’s friendship (wilayat) is hidden in people. Don’t belittle any Muslim. Because, it maybe that the friendship of Allah we want, is hidden in that person. Just like if shaitan knew that the prophethood was hidden in Adam (as) he would not have done what he did. So, don’t belittle anyone. It may be that a person does not look pious. But in the sight of Allah he/she is high ranking. It may be that a time will come when this flourishes in a person. – Many of the Awliyah were former robbers/and alcoholics yet they became the best of men after. Look at the companions for example, they were idol worshippers who went on to become the best of men after repentance and change!
– Syyiduna Ahmad Kabir Rufayi (ra), a great saint was once accused of being a foul person. A sinner and a dajjal, such things were written in a letter to him – (Syyiduna Ahmad Kabir Rufayi).
Syyiduna Ahmad Kabir Rufayi wrote back saying ‘whatever you said is the truth. Please don’t deprive me from your prayers. Try to make some room in your heart for me’. – look at the respect he gave him in the response to the letter. Despite the disgusting and immoral way of addressing him.

By ServantofAlMalik

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