Yaya Toure: ‘I am Muslim’

Currently this video: (below) is trending on YouTube. Causing a stir across the virtual universe to occur.
Why i chose to write a post about it is for two reasons.
1) With the barrage of media attacks on the religion of Islam. – Its attempt at corrupting the image of Islam and its followers, it seems that the whole religion of Islam has been turned into a ‘boogeyman’ or rather, ‘boogeymen’ character. A villan in the movie of moral liberties and civilisation. Who is hellbent on taking away the moral rights, liberties and freedoms of people. ‘Taking over the world’. It also goes without saying that ‘Islam’ has become the scapegoat for blaming all the world’s problems, situations and misfortunes. Anything wrong with th world is somehow connected with Islam, or is the fault of ‘islamic people, “Them damn muzlims!”.
Yaya Toure, a multi million pound player for Manchester city football club recently blurted out (whether purposefully or otherwise) that he is a muslim. (Watch video) Now, this has caused a storm to erupt in the social media outlets around the world. He said the dreaded and much feared few words. ‘I am muslim’, instantly this got the virtual world (the internet) talking and speculating. Many expressing their disgust at new revelation of knowledge that he is a ‘muzlim’. There are wide-spread comments, views and opinions expressed in which people, who once held him as a great football player on longer seem to see him in the same light. In turn have demoted him from being held in their view, as one of the best player for Manchester city football club. Most of the shock and horror people are expressing is due the widely held myth that ‘how can someone choose to be part of that backward, cave dwelling religion, the turbanators‘.

One comment on YouTube read;

You don’t read the news do you? There’s currently 9 Muslim males who cavorted a ring on 47 different other Muslim males and started trafficking Caucasian girls as young as 13. That’s happening right now,

Clearly, this shows how people are linking one instance of bad news committed of a group of men, with him. In turn, painting all the muslims with the same paint brush. A group of pedophiles, white skin loving, rapists! It is also worthy to note how in every situation muslim men are involved in something, the religion of Islam bares the brunt of their actions. It’s funny how i don’t see that happening with the countless crimes being committed by, other faith groups; the white english, christian, jewish, or other faith groups.

Anyway, anyone now who has the courage to say he is a muslim in public is seen as if he has just declared he is a Nazi! This is how much people are disgusted and horrified by the news. Any celebrities or famous people who dare to show any inclination to either being muslim, or favouring muslims will undoubtedly now have their entire career brought into question by the general public. Some even go as far as questioning their sanity!

2) On a brighter and more happier note, as muslims we can learn that despite, being famous, having money, all the world at his feet. Yaya Toure has not lot his traditions and principles. Many muslims lose themselves in the forest of temptation and desires, once they get into the crucible being a ‘celebrity’. Once a person reaches the highest point in the world, and all the doors to pleasure, glory and material gains are open to him or her, it is very difficult to live a disciplined life. Even on our mediocre level of life that we lead, we do not spare any moment in not committing a sin. Unfortunately, any opportunity we get, to sin we avail the chance. For example glaring at women, fantasising etc. Any chance to do any particular sin, we will extinguish it without fail. So what to say when or if we have the whole world at our feet? Do you think we will be as disciplined as him? Many of us will jump headlong into the world of unlimited pleasure and desires.
So in this respect, for the die-hard muslim fans of football, Yaya Toure should be a good role-model to follow and take lessons from. In that despite all the gleam and glamour that is at his feet, he still maintains his islamic code of living and is proud to be a muslim and to say it out loud!