Channeling our abilities to work for the hereafter.

Channeling our abilities to work for the hereafter.

Discourse Notes: Monday 16th April 2012

Allah (swt) has mentioned in the Quran. ‘He does not test a person beyond his means’. It is the humans who have put the burden on themselves. Look at the earth and how much trouble there is. All the troubles are a result of the evil doings of the human beings. Whereas in the heavens we find no such trouble/chaos. Despite thousands of Allah’s creation living there.
– we find in the injunctions of shari’ah that those who can not pray standing they are told to pray sitting, etc. From this we learn that, whatever commands we have been given. It is proof in itself that we CAN perform them. Since, Allah will not issue a command which a person cannot carry out.
Similarly, the efforts we need to do for dawah and tableegh are in our capabilities. – When people are willing to leave behind their homeland, family, lifestyles and friends for attaining the dunya. Can we not do the exact same thing for the hereafter? People are willing to leave behind their families and friends for many years, at times even for forever, simply to attain dunya. Yet, when it comes to spreading the message of dheen. We come up with thousands of excuses!
– The bottom line is we have the capabilities to do dawah, to act on the dheen. The same willpower and efforts we are using to earn the world. We can use the exact same skills to work for our hereafter.

This is how one of the students of Syyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) went over to Malaysia and after years of tirelessly doing dawah and tableegh. The country is now a Muslim country. He sacrificed for Allah, the same way we are willing to sacrifice for dunya. By, leaving behind his family, friends, and localities.
Shaitan, nafs and the worldly people are using your body, your mind, heart and soul. The truth is, they will not give it back to you. It will become a waste. However, if you lend these to Allah and for Allah. You will get them back, even better than what you sent.
*Whatever work you do, if you do it for Allah and only him. It becomes worship! Whatever work you do and if it’s for other than Allah. Then it ceases to be worship. Even praying and fasting itself*.

By ServantofAlMalik

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