‘Suicide is the only way out’

‘Suicide is the only way out’.

I remember hearing a shaykh mention something a few years back. Something when I heard it at the time, thought it was a far-fetched idea and a fallacy which is only in the minds of the dooms day seekers. Those who were always on the edge of life, using every opportunity to bring about the doom and gloom of the earth. Hell-bent on labelling the earth as a devils tool used to entice the ‘innocent’ humans into an all-encompassing evil end.
On a side note, it is interesting to see how our perceptions of these warners/signs of the impending doom have been moulded into a very negative one. With an almost never-ending barrage of perceptions presented to us by the multi-billion dollar Hollywood industry.
The shaykh said ‘nearing the end-of-times, when right is seen as wrong and good is seen as bad. Bizarre, untold and strange, occurrences will begin to plague the earth. Illness and diseases never heard of before. Ailments which were never seen or occurred in previous nations, will spread across the earth and plunge the earth into dark and confusing days. Where social ills will be on the rise and the very fabric of society; the concept of a family, the idea of loving and caring for others will cease to exist’.

This may sound or even look like a scene pulled out from a horror movie. Or, even a novel based on the Armageddon of the world, written by popular thriller authors such as James Rollins.
But, as negative and down-trodden the concept of the impending danger may seem, it is quickly becoming a reality!
Not so long ago, plastered across all the newspapers and across all media outlets we heard the dramatic events which unfolded in a soccer game. In which a perfectly fit and healthy football player Fabrice Muwamba, collapsed on the football pitch and suffered a heart attack. In which he was literally dead for 40 minutes. Slowing coming around later on. Although these occurrences are rare and can seem unlikely to happen very often. The main thing is, it does happen. Which means the age-old notion of death catching up with you wherever you are is very strong and realistic even in today’s materialistic world.

40 or even 50 percent of the people I work with no longer have a basic family structure in their home. Or, at least the typically understood idea of a family, where there is a father and a mother with children does not exist! Either the person is a single parent, or the father/mother is living with her ‘boyfriend’, in a ‘family home’. Often times the child/teenager is left to wonder, ‘should I call him dad or just Brian or Daniel?’.

The boy killer

Recently, a 14-year-old boy battered his OWN mother to death with a hammer. Then setting the room on fire, where the monster committed the crime. The boy reacted this way a result of the mother refusing to let him have his own way, as they say. An idea many of the ‘experts’ said was inspired by a soap scene which he used to watch addictively.

We are living in a world where the fog of confusion and disarray is becoming heavier and more insistence. More and more people are seeing suicide being the only option out of this circle of life.
Today again we have learnt that an Italian footballer, Piermario Morosini died after collapsing during a match.
Growing up in the nineties, I hardly remember hearing such news. Where a perfectly fit and healthy football player or an individual for that matter, simply collapses and dies on the spot. These are bizarre news and times which are very strange understand. The masses of people, ask, how can this happen? A person just collapses and dies on the spot? With no record of previous illnesses or disease which can be attributed as a cause. Event like this brings home a powerful message of the futility of this world. In the midst of pleasure and entertainment it all just simply gets wrapped up and thrown in the bin!
When we as Muslims are knee-deep in distraction or in some cases chest deep in distraction. Heavily engaged in filling our mouths with as much of the dunya as we can. These occurences bring back the fundamental message of life to us. That one day, we too will have to make that unavoidable journey into the bowls of the earth. Unlike the glossy painted, and happy endings of comic books and movies. You don’t get to recharge or take power capsules to reinvigorate back into life to live again. Once your gone. That’s it. The end.

Read more about the unfortunate death of the footballer:

By ServantofAlMalik

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