Means to increasing one’s faith and beliefs in the hereafter.

Means to increasing one’s faith and beliefs in the hereafter.

Monday 9th April 2012


The most closest thing/aspects that we can use to interact with Allah is through his words/Quran.
This is the only book when you read it. You can speak to the author directly. People have many books on their bookshelves. However, it is not always possible to speak to the author of the book. He/she may be on the other side of the earth or it may be such that you do not have access to them. The Quran is such book that if all the people of the world read the book at the same time. They can all speak to the author (Allah) at the same time. One can get direct guidance and help. When we read the verses which mention the punishment. We can immediately seek protection. By asking Allah ‘o Allah protect me from the fire’. This is speaking to him.
-There is no need to get an autograph of the author of the Quran. But, rather one can speak to him directly. – how does the body recite the Quran?
This is done by acting on the lessons of the Quran.
The prophet (saw) said there are five aspects/things mentioned in the Quran:

1) what is Halal and how to do halal things
2) Haram and how to abstain from them
3) Rulings/commands the dos/donts
4) the ambiguous verses: we simply need to believe in these verses and do not need to make endless debates!
5) the stories of the previous people. So that people can take lessons & learn from them. – this is the relationship of the Quran an individual should have.

In this world a person needs strong beliefs in-order comfortably live in this world. Even if we look at it from the point of the dunya. We see people have a belief that ‘if I work 8/10 hours a day I’ll be able to fulfil some of my desires’. This is having strong beliefs in the wrong thing. Whereas, it should be more towards the hereafter. Having beliefs that I will be rewarded with good when I do good and face punishment if I do bad.

Q) How can one increase his faith/beliefs in the hereafter?
– It will not be done by attending a gathering/talk/seminars.

Q) Allah gives us many chances to develop our faiths. How?
A) One of the ways are through the tests and tribulations a person goes through. During those times of difficulty we can use it to help develop our faith.
– Just like simply eating fruits and healthy foods will not give you a strong and good body. A person will have to further go to the gym in order to further develop his body.
In the same light, reading Quran/attending a gathering etc, will not increase your faith. You have to go through tests in order to develop your faith.
Once a person came to the prophet (saw) saying he never falls ill. The prophet (saw) asked ‘do you not even get a headache?’ the man replied ‘sometimes I do but that is very rare’. The prophet (saw) then said ‘ anyone who wants to see a person of hell, they should look at him’. – (that man). – A believer is continuously tested.
The prophet (saw) said a person (muslim) is continuously tested in three areas: 1) In his Finances
2) Health
3) Family.

A person who REALLY ponders on death. That should be enough for him/her to change.
“A person’s shroud may have arrived in the shops, yet they (the person) are still busy living life, laughing and joking, committing sins etc. With no thought of death”. – Abdul Qadir Jilani
The tests and tribulations are like a furnace which brings out the best in people. Just like a black smith makes the gold/the metals pure from its impurity via the furnace.
– The prophet yunus (as) was swallowed by a big fish. He was in a situation in which he could see no way out. Likewise, sometimes we seem to see no light at the end of the tunnel in our problems and situations. – No way out. It feels that we have been swallowed by our problems. Just like the prophet Yunus (as) did. So, the story of yunus (as) is a lesson on showing people how to see the exist door to our problems. To seek and implement ways in which we can get out of our problems. No matter how big our problem is. We can find a way out. The story of prophet Yunus (as) is testament to that.
– The whole world is a furnace of tests and tribulations. Just as the heat is increased in a furnace to cook better. Or, to purify a metal better the same way Allah also increases the heat sometimes. Secondly, the earth is a ball of fire and heat in its physical appearance as well, proven by science.

Ways to come out of a problem.
-1st reaction;
Turn to Allah. know the reality. That, if Allah gives/makes a means to a solution then he can do so. 2nd reaction;
Only Allah can help you and he has all the power. With no other partner or help. Relay on Allah completely. To
Get out of a problem one should not adopt unlawful means. For example; start selling drugs to make money.
3rd reaction; Understanding that whatever is happening to you, it is not because Allah is being unjust or oppressing you. It is because of your own doings.
4th reaction; lastly, to realise that the fault and the mistake is of your own doing. One should realise ‘indeed it is my fault’.

By ServantofAlMalik

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