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The incomparable beauty of the messenger of Allah (saw)

The incomparable beauty of the messenger of Allah (saw)

Monday 2nd May 2012
Majlis of Durood & Salam


In this world many people have their own ideals and choices. They choose special things for themselves, especially when they are to marry someone. They reflect and think very deeply and think for themselves many issues. After all this, they are happy once they have made the choice. They claim to others ‘this is the person i have given my love to, my heart and soul’.
Like wise people do this with other objects and people of the world.
However, everyone’s choices and likes are according to their level of understanding and appreciations.
Now, imagine how the state of a person will be who becomes the beloved of Allah. This one such person who has come and gone and attained such lofty station is the beloved messenger of Allah (saw).
– Once an individual saw the messenger of Allah (saw) in his dream. However, he (saw) was very pale and the descriptions of the messenger of Allah was different to that compared to the descriptions of him (saw) mentioned in the books. Upon seeing the beauty of the prophet (saw) The person remarked ‘o messenger of Allah, no books or hadiths have done justice to you! Your beauty is incomparable!’ This was the beauty of the messenger of Allah.
This is why the blessed companion of the messenger of Allah – Hasan ibn tabbit strung these couplets of poetry ‘ …it is as if you have chosen to beautify yourself. To be the way you are’. (paraphrased)

– The real beauty of the messenger of Allah is only known to Allah (swt) and no one else. It was the wisdom of Allah that he veiled the complete beauty of the messenger of Allah from manifesting in this world. Had it been allowed to manifest completely people would have lost their senses. Just as people/the women did upon seeing the prophet Yusuf (a.s). We find in the hadiths that the mother-of-the-believers, Aisha (ra) said ‘if the women who saw Yusuf (as) cut their hands seeing the beauty of Yusuf. They would have cut their throats if they saw my Yusuf. (referring to the prophet (saw). – they would have become completely intoxicated with the love of the messenger of Allah!

– The lessons for us: The beauty of the Messenger of Allah (saw) compared to the beauty of someone else’s is like the difference between heaven and earth. Similarly, the sunnah (way of living/eating/drinking/sleeping/etc) compared to the ways of someone else’s is also the difference between heaven and hell!
– It is for this reason that the companions of the messenger of Allah (saw) were not captivated by the sins & desires, etc. As they had seen the beauty of the messenger of Allah (saw). Having seen that all the other attractions of the dunya became ugly in their eyes. Every other beauty seized to exist!
– we also learn that all the others messengers of Allah, were all waiting to see the beloved (saw) on the night of mirage. When he (saw) went to Jerusalem. As, he (saw) has one form of beauty on earth and another in the heavens. – Which is increased 10 folds.

Jafar ibn sadiq (ra) said: ‘there is a paradise and a hell in this world aswell’.
His students asked ‘o teacher we did not know of this knowledge before. That, there is a paradise and hell on earth’.
Jafar ibn Sadiq answered: ‘the one who has submitted his wills and plans to Allah is the person who has entered paradise on this earth. The reason is, it is the trait of the inhabitants of paradise that whatever they want happens. So, when some has submitted their will to the will of Allah, it then becomes the will of the person aswell’.
‘those that have put their lives and trusts on their nafs to lead and guide them. They have entered the hell on this earth’.

A man came to the messenger of Allah saying ‘are you the person who is claiming the oneness of Allah. And, also that you do not allow adultery? if you are this man then I accept your teachings but, I cannot leave adultery. I like it a lot and am fond of it. Other than that, I will become a muslim. Except adultery, i am willing to leave something else in its place. So advice me’…The messenger of Allah (saw) replied ‘yes i am the messenger of Allah and if you say you are willing to become muslim then start by leaving behind lying, and all the sins related to the tongue’. The man thereafter left and went his family and friends. After a while, the chance to commit adultery arose. However, the thought of the messenger of Allah (saw) entered the mind of the man. He then thought of how embarrassing it will be to lie in front of the messenger (saw). ‘how can I lie to the messenger of Allah when he asks me what I did’. Thought the man. Out of shyness and with a feeling of trust as he took the promise not to lie, the man did not commit the sin of adultery.
When he went back to the messenger of Allah (saw) he said ‘o messenger of Allah (saw) through telling me to stop one thing, you helped me stop sinning with everything’. – the wisdom in this is that sometimes a person has to take things at a step at a time. Just like how the purification of the heart teaches a person.

– Dawud Atayi (ra): asked imam Jafar ibn Sadiq ‘give me some advice’. Jafar ibn sadiq answered ‘you do not need any guidance as you are very pious and righteous. You are the man our our times. People come to you from all over the Muslim world’. In return, Dawud Atayi (ra) said ‘you are the great-grandson of the messenger of Allah (saw), who but you has more authority to admonish and correct the misleading ways of the people. So, admonish and rectify me’.
Imam Jafar ibn sadiq answered:
‘O dawud, if you must insist then i have one advise for you. I fear going to the messenger of Allah on the day of judgement and he (saw) saying ‘o Jafar you have not fulfilled my rights. Genealogy does not guarantee success but, the closeness to Allah. So, I asked my students and made a deal with them. That, if they become successful on the day of judgement, they should intercede for me. As I cannot face the messenger of Allah out of shame and embarrassment for how I lead my life in this world’.
Imagine now, how can we face the messenger of Allah when even those of his (saw) household are fearful of that day. Despite them being from amongst the greatest people to have walked on earth. We continually do sins and have no fear and remorse for that day!

– The sin that makes a person become fearful and resentful. After which he does tawbah, is a better action/deed. Than, that good deed which makes a person arrogant and proud from doing an optional good deed. – Since the former takes a person closer to Allah and the latter does not.
– Just as some major and minor sins eat up a person’s good deeds. Similarly, there are certain duas which eat up a person’s sins/bad deeds. The messenger of Allah (saw) has given us these weaponry to fight the war with the devil. Just like how shaitan has weapons to destroy us. We also have weapons & ammunition to fight back.

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