The barriers to receiving guidance from the Quran.

The barriers to receiving guidance from the Quran.

Monday 26th March 2012


In the Quran and its meanings there are untold treasures and beauties which people need to unlock for themselves. When a person hears the verses being recited there is a force of positive energy which implants a seed in the hearts of the Muslims.
– Only on those that realise this is the guidance sent down.
How is it then people don’t benefit from it, Al Quran?
The answer is, if the ground is not receptive the seed will not find nourishment to grow. The guidance is only for those who wish to grow, to change. Those who have uprooted the stems of the desires & sins of the world. Although this Quran is a book of guidance, it will only let it’s treasures available for those who truly want it.
First of all, Allah says there is no doubt that this is indeed the book of guidance. Those who have prepared their grounds and made it fertile to guidance.
– the desires and sins are like the weeds which stop the seed of want to change from growing. From it fully becoming a tree which would then guide and serve others. Giving them fruits and shades of guidance and knowledge from the blazing sun.
– Another example of why people don’t recieve guidance is, they have come or go to Islamic gatherings with a cup which has already been filled. – they come with preconceived ideas. When it’s full already, how can more contents enter?
One of the main condition to receiving guidance from the Quran is a person has to be Muslim.
– the secret to sura Bakarah beginning with ALIM LAAM MEEM. Is such that Allah is saying submit before you can expect to receive
guidance. In Essence Allah is saying ‘if you claim to know everything. Tell me the meaning of these letters, I.e ALIF, LAAM, MEEM’.

Allah says become humans before that day in which you have to face all the oppressions you have done. When on that day you will savagely devour your own arms and fingers out of fear for that day! Don’t think for once if a sin is a minor or major one. It would not matter. For sin is a sin. Just like urine is urine, no matter less quantity or more.
– The people who are successful
enough to attain the pleasure of Allah. This is the greatest reward a person can ask for or receive.
People asked ibrahim dasuki (ra) ‘how can we reach the stages of the awliyah? The ghous, the abdal etc’. ibrahim dasuki (ra) replied ‘yes, you can reach these stages but you have to qualify first. First of all, Allah gives you your body to manage.
– Fulfilling its rights. If you are successful on that he gives you a family to manage. Then Allah gives a person to manage his relatives.
– The interactions etc. If successful on that, he gives the local community to manage to an individual. If successful on that front he gets given a larger duty to manage. Then once all these stages have been fulfilled then he qualifies to reach the stages of the awliayh.

<b>Side notes:</b>
– The right of a non Muslim is to save him/her from hell fire. Inorder to do this you have to preach with wisdom and appropriate techniques/means.
– One should declare war with oneself and be peaceful with others. We have turned tables around unfortunately.
– It is said by the ulema that the door through which majority of people will enter paradise is the middle door. That door is through fulfilling the rights of the fathers.
– Whereas the entire paradise is left under the feet of the mother. Those who seek it should fulfil the rights of the parents. As, once they are gone from the earth one will not find it anywhere. It will be hard to do so, as the door and paradise itself is or was at the feet of the parents.
– The prophet (saw) loved mother khadeejah the most because she was the one who not only helped the cause of the prophet (saw) but she was not the cause of no problems in the household.

By ServantofAlMalik

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