Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The curse of Allah on the one who makes false tawbah (repentance)

The curse of Allah on the one who makes false tawbah (repentance)


Thursday 22/3/2012

Out of the 100 parts of mercies which Allah almighty has which is part of his zaat (his being). He sent down one part of the mercy out of the 100 parts to this earth. Every form of compassion and mercy you see, from a mother to her child. From the father to his son. From the coming of the prophet (saw) to the mercy of animals, these are all from this one part of mercy. This one part also includes the mercy from the time of the prophet Adam (as) to the last man who will come to the earth. This is the magnitude of Allah.
Similarly, Allah’s wrath is also of a heavy and big magnitude. If it descends, then sometimes it goes on for generations to come.

– When a person sins, he/she is not harming anyone but himself. This is why we know of the famous dua which Abu Bakr (ra) used to make:
‘o Allah forgive me, for I have oppressed myself’. If others are in included in a person’s oppression then they will be compensated. This is a deep dua which we at times tend to only pay lip service to and do not consider it on a deeper level. The companions of the prophet (saw) understood the principles of oppressions and injustice more than anyone.
When we repent and are not true repenters, then this is the worst form of lie. As, to lie in front of Allah, with Allah is the worst from of oppression and harm a person can do!
The sign of the false repentance is the person does not come out of the sin he/she is involved in, or leaves the sinful environment. So, if a person finds it hard observe his eyes when he is watching TV or from going to the wrong sites on the internet. They should severe these outlets as part of a true repentance. Severe the means to the sins. The false people continue to live life as normal as if nothing has gone wrong.
– The people who make false repentance, have the curse of Allah on them. They are cursed in this world and the next to come. These people have severed their relationship with Allah! When such people repent it is just a ritualistic deed. Much to the like of eating and drinking! How can a person who has repented remain the same? Eating, sleeping, drinking, and doing social interaction as he used to… He makes no effort to change and do deeds/actions for the better.
– A person who has repented should make the shaitan his football now. Instead of shaitan making him become his football. If this has not happened, and the individual is still the football of shaitan being kicked here and there. Then the person has not repented in the eyes of Allah and the beloved (saw) of Allah!
– A person who makes real repentance his relationship with Allah begins to lift off, it then begins to blossom and increases day by day!

Isa (as) once said during a kuthbah:
‘The example of a person who builds his house on stone and rock is that the foundation will be strong.The house will be strong when the storms, the rains and winds come its way. Whereas the another person who builds his house on sand it will demolishes/shift from it foundation when the storm and rain comes it way.
The example of the one who truly repents and puts into action what I am saying, the teachings, is like the person who builds his house on rock! So, when the storm of desires/sins comes his way, his house will not shift or demolish. He will be able to withstand these attacks. The other person who also has a house is like the person who goes and does righteous action, grows a bread, prays. Both the houses *look* the same. But, when the storms of desires/sins, financial stress, comes their way, their houses shift from their foundation. They change and do wrong actions only to be remorseful thereafter. Shaitan will demolish these houses with a flick of
his hand when the greatest moments matter to a person. – that is in his death. So! Be sure that you build your house on rock and stone’. Otherwise like sand castles, when the tide comes in the house will be completely destroyed! The stones and rock represent the practice of the sunnah, the real tawbah.

*Remember, knowledge is a demand, a question, and action is the answer.*

At times a person can be seen to do less good deeds, yet he is a person of might and grandeur in the sight of Allah! It is because the person has built his house on rocks/stones and not on sand like others.
– A person who sins adamantly is indirectly saying he knows more than Allah. Since Allah says don’t do this sin as it is harmful for you. Yet, the sinner says ‘no, no, I know this is good for me’.
Remember, to be sincere you don’t need deep knowledge nor is it rocket science. Sincerity is knowing ‘I want to please Allah’.

A note to the seekers on the path to the pleasure of Allah.

***During the closing remarks of the talk, shaykh Ahmad dabbagh then went on to elaborate the need of not losing the sight of the goal. That is, the reformation of oneself.
There are many people who have not yet fully tried to change for the better by repentance and working on themselves. Yet, they get involved in organisational matters where they become more of a hindrance and obstacles to progress. Where their prayers with congregation goes missing. They are harsh with wives and family members. They cannot contain their anger or restrain their personality clashes during mushwaras. These people rather than helping a cause become the means for disturbance and quarrel amongst the organisational members. Then these people should leave what they are doing on their own account, as the teachers will never say to a person to leave. Busy them self with their own reformation and not focus or get involved with organisational matters.
Even if a person thinks he/she can do things better than the way things are being done in an organisation he should restrain himself from helping and continue to focus on himself. On the other hand, if he is told by the teachers to help in certain matters with relation to the organisational matters, then he should get involved and continue to help out even if he faces a harsh environment to change. The example is like the prophets and the awliyah, who at the beginning only focused on themselves and only when they were instructed by Allah, they then went on to spread the message.***

By ServantofAlMalik

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6 replies on “The curse of Allah on the one who makes false tawbah (repentance)”

What if a person had sinned promised not to and imposed a self punishment if he repeated the sin but then repeated it and as a result inflicted with punishment. However if he sincerely repents now,will he forgiven and punishment withdrawn.


Yes, a person will be forgiven always as long as he does repentance (tawbah). However, each time he repents he must meet the conditions which fulfil an accepted tawbah. If you do not know what they are, I suggest you learn them. Also, the person cannot then begin to think he has a green light to continue sinning and after he has fulfilled his desires he will make tawbah each time. This tawbah will not will not work or be accepted then. Out of the conditions of an accepted tawbah, one of them is, genuine regretfulness & remorse was MUST accompany the tawbah.


What would happen to someone who gave up all hope of not being able to overcome the sin. I tried to kick my addiction for over a year, crying, begging in tahajjud prayers, extra rakats of nafil prayers, charity, but it kept coming back due to my weak Iman. Every time it would happen, I would be extremely depressed for a few days, not want to go to work. Soon enough I started getting whispers that whats the point of praying or doing charity, or optional fasting when you cant give up this sin. Doesn’t Allah say to enter into Islam completely and submit to Him at all times. My mothers and and Imam said for now just focus on praying and doing all the good you can, and keep asking Allah for help to overcome the addiction/sin. If you focus too much on the sin, then the small good you do will be lost too. But after reading your articles, it seems that this way is not allowed and is wrong and brings the curse of Allah Azwajal. So no matter what road I take, everything seems so bleak. In your experiences with people, have you come across situations like this. I don’t ask for advice, coz I have heard and read it all, and my weakness, my stubbornness, my desire for the sin, my lack of faith, my weak Iman, doesn’t let me implement anything for long. if you can, please make dua that Allah Azwajal helps me and doesn’t punish me for my weakness.


Assalamu alycum, brother/sister

First of all, i am in no better position to give advice or to come across as anything as such. So i ask you to keep me in your prayers as well and i will do the same likewise, inshaAllah. As muslims we should help each other towards paradise and the eternal closeness and pleasure of Allah the almighty.
Secondly, no matter what sins you may fall into, have one golden rule in mind, always; what matters is not how many times you fall but that you stand up and start walking again. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. What matters is that you do not stay down when you fall, but get up and start walking. As humans we are bound to become heedless of Allah, that is how we are, have a short focus span, this is why we need constant reminders and the quran is nothing more than this; reminders. Yes, i have come across many situations like yourself and continue to, including my own situation. Shatyan’s ultimate aim is to cut your relations with Allah. He does not care how this is achieved but that it is done. So, try this approach if Allah does not become shy, fedup or angry for continually forgiving someone then why should you as a slave feel shy, fedup or even angry to continually ask for forgiveness?

As long as a servant sincerely at the time of asking for forgiveness asks (fulfilling the 4 conditions of tawbah), Allah will always accept tawbah. This is one of his quality. Also, IF you do not ask Allah for forgiveness then which other Allah will you ask forgiveness from? none, exactly. SO keep asking Allah for forgiveness and dont give up giving up.
If the prophet (sallahu alihiwa sallam) who was masum (sinless) would ask for forgiveness over a hundred times a day then who are me and you?
Remember one thing, you can know if shaytan is tempting you or your ego by applying this principle;
If you are continually pulled to fulfill one desire, time after time then know that, it is your ego that is inciting and not the devil. If you feel like continually sinning and do so via different means, disposals and habits then it is the devil who is inciting you.
For the devil does not care how you sin but that you sin and cut your relationship with Allah permanently, where as the ego merely wants a desire fulfilled. It is deaf, dumb and blind. In that case, you will need to go under a tarbiyah (training) programme to cure you from your addiction. No matter how much knowledge and advise you receive, it will not help. Unless you are under a strict taraiyah programme of purification of the heart from spiritual dieases. Find a teacher who will assist you on how to gradually grow your willpower against the addiction, it is like going into a spiritual rehab. You will be taught how to stop and free yourself from the shackles of shaytan and nafs. try this site they do a free purification of the heart course which helps people in distress. Dont worry, you wont be joining any group or signning your life away (although there is no signups required). This is a course which helps people kick their habits by a 30 day series of programmes designed to bring control back in your life. The worst thing a muslim can do is put his hands up to the devil and say i give up.

The fact that you feel like doing something unlawful time and again is proof itself you have the willpower to do its opposite. Its just you are using your wiillpower in the wrong way, you just have to channel it into the right habit. A means to improvement is also cutting all the meams through which a sin occurs. For example, if it is a phone that leads you to sin, then change the phone. If it is the social media, the stop using it step by step by slowly reducing the number of days you go online. Whatever you do, DONT stop everything all at once, this is almost guaranteed to not last and you will go back to square one. Do it gradually so that it builds into your system, the ability to resist. A person who has never ben to a gym will never be able to life 100kgs in one go, he has to slowly work on himself and build on inorder to improve. This is the same situation with a person, to leave sin is not easy, but not impossible. IF Allah could forgive a person like Syyiduna Wahshi despite what he did before being a muslim; killing the beloved uncle of the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam), Syyiduna Hazma (RA), then why not me and you?

May these words be bring sort of relief to you and all others. Amin.


When one sin and does nt repent early but repent when Allah inflict her with severe illness. I sinned and be inflict with big ilness. Big stomach, body pains and no menstration at 22yrs. Is dis punishment 4 my sin and would Allah 4giv me.


Allah’s door to forgiveness is always open to anyone who is a Muslim until the time of death. If you have made tawbah with the right conditions it wil be accepted and Allah will forgive you.
1. You must have regret for your sins,
2. Make firm intention not to commit this sin again to the best of your ability,
3. Fulfil the rights of others if you have violated their rights.
4. quit committing the sin.


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