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Dangers of American Islam/Muslim’ism’

By now, you may have noticed that i do not like to criticize people, their trends, or culture. However, on this occasion i have been compelled to come out and speak out. Through a link on another website i ended up watching the first few minutes of a ‘islamic’ conversation between two muslim scholars. Done in the format of a television chat show. Where audience are surrounding the two speakers on stage.

What struck me first was the appearance of these two islamic ‘scholars’. Let alone the audience, the ‘scholars’ were the ones who actually forced me to write this blog post, in some respect. Over the past several years I have seen a dangerous trend emerging amongst the american muslims. It’s all good and well to try incorporate islamic teachings and moral values into the western life. But, should this lead us to compromise on our appearance, our traditions, our ways of interaction? There once was a time not so long ago, where scholars who graduated from prestigious islamic universities like as Al Azhar, would feel embarrassed and shy to address the masses. Not because they were incompetent, or that they had stage frights. It was because of the immense burden of trust, loyalty and fear of showing off they harboured within their pious souls. The feeling that they will do injustice to the high station they have been given. That is, to be the representative of the prophets, the awliyah and the saliheen. Many shuyukhs would have a shower, then apply itr and scent on their persons, wear the best clothes which were most demonstrative of the sunnah, and there after offer two rakats of salah in repentance. All these stages would be done in preparation to giving an address or conducting a class of fiqh/hadith. Once they were on the stage, humility and constant vigilance of the presence of Allah would be on their minds, hearts and souls. Behind every word spoken, considerable thought and wisdom would be placed, so as to use the best form language for the people. A language by which they could easily could understand the sayings and teachings of the prophet (saw). The ulema were a people who used to be fully aware of the impact they had and continue have on people. The audience in term saw the scholar(s) as a morally upright, pious individual who is also a representative of the sunnah, the ways of the beloved (saw). They were seen as the spiritual backbone of a community.

What struck me the hardest from the clip i saw (posted below, at the end) is the appearance of these ‘ulema’ on stage. They are dressed in a very liberal and open/casual way. Much to the same as the audience: Tight jeans, t-shirts/shirts and with a next-to-nothing beard. You see, the problem arises (and something which unfortunately finds rooms to grow), is when we have our ulema also become very laxed in following the sunnah. The audience/the masses then go on to see this as a normal and an acceptable thing to do. To appear as ‘trendy’ with pencil-line beards and have no ‘islamic’ feel to the appearance of an individual. That, only what in the heart is what counts and the way you dress has nothing to do with one’s Islam.

    This poison of idea which is slowing finding a footing in the hearts of the western people is not only alarming, but dangerous. Once a people lose their closeness to their traditions and heritage, then there remains nothing else which will stand as a barrier to complete annihilation. The sunnah is a great barrier against the destruction of ones’ Islam. Once the fort of sunnah has been captured by the devils, then entry into the castle of iman and Islam is no hard job at all!

Our past was our greatest asset as muslims. As soon as we severe our relationship with our luminous past, the sunnah. We are heading down only one path. That is, nothing other than the path of destruction.

    Another of the lethal ideas being cultivated amongst american muslim population, is the idea that they do not wish to inherit or import indian/subcontinent Islam. Which means, their way of dressing talking and observing islamic practices.

Now, to some degree i agree with that, as most of what is done or practiced in the indian sub-continent is heavily ‘cultured’ Islam and not the actual Islam practiced by the companions of the prophet (Saw). What this means is, most of the islamic practices done, – from the marriage ceremonies to the way of eating and dressing, is done on the decree of fashion dictated and formed from the ‘Bollywood’ orientated ideas. With that said, it does not mean we as muslims have to completely abandon the many good which is accompanied with ‘indian subcontinent’ Islam. Just as there are many islamic practices which have been doctored to the fashions of the Bollywood world, there are also many aspects of ‘indian sub-continent Islam’ which is close to the actual Islam practiced by the companions of the prophet (saw). Take for example, the education and teaching systems, the sunnah form of eating and the adherence to segregation of the sexes. Where full barriers are observed when travelling or interacting between the sexes, in some respects. The indian railway system is a brilliant example. Although the county is mostly adverse to Islam, it nonetheless has deep-rooted islamic values in its day-to-day systems. The trains have complete compartments where men are segregated from women. Compartments only reserved for women where no men are allowed to enter! India is the biggest and largest democratic country in the world. How come the issues of segregation is not undermining them from becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world?

The clip also shows examples of where this ‘segregation issue’ is thrown the window. We see groups of men and women sitting in the same room with no apparent barriers for segregation. A very open and ‘hippy’ Islam is accepted. ‘Where all is accepted, and where all things are done’. These are very dangerous times we are traversing through. The only thing is, the times to come will be more dangerous than now. Where let alone practicing sunnah, but just to say a person is a muslim will be sen as backward, out-of-date and not ‘cool’.
Looking at the clip and not listening to the intro of the guest ‘scholar’, one would never realize the two sitting at the center of the audience are ‘ulema’. Allah! These are indeed strange and trouble times we are living through. There has been and continues to be much talk about a ‘modern version of Islam’. Although, all within the islamic community are outwardly against such an abhorrent idea, it is nonetheless slowly being formulated and brought into the society. The wheels of change have been set in motion, and the disastrous result is only matters from occurring. A cloned version of Islam!

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

5 replies on “Dangers of American Islam/Muslim’ism’”

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon…. I can’t believe that it’s these two scholars…. Only 5 years back you shoulda have heard what they used to say about Sunnah on deenport and for them to to think they ascertained to such a lofty position and be discussing about these issues. I’ll tell u something and I don’t wish to sound racist in anyway but a lot of the problems we are facing is the significance we are going to these revert brothers and sisters. Yeah they may say we have studied here and there but this is just info, when they are not practicing then we should not sit with these people!


Your concerns are not of the minority. The post 911 era of the western muslim’s life is dominated with the need to present a ‘reformed’, idealistic view of islam. Where all parts of the communitiies are allowed to nit-pick, critize the topics of islam and there after are allowed to air their views of how this or that should be changed.
God forbid this from happening to a greater degree than it is already happening! the white convert muslim, taking to the stage these days is allowing these views to be aired and thereafter giving it room for consideration.
It seems that the background these converts leave behind soon catches up with then sooner or later. Where the desire to live a free, chilled and open life pulls and tags at them every instance. This is why they are trying their utmost to bend the rules of deen and accomodate these selfish desires.


JazakAllah for taking the time to write this. These concerns are growing day by day. Many Muslims can feel this fitna increasing, and unfortunately many Muslims have fallen head first into this fitna.


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