Three categories of people who are deprived from the mercy of Allah.

Three categories of people who are deprived from the mercy of Allah.


Monday 19th March 2012

1) – The first are those who are completely living sinful lives. Completely devoid of piety and righteousness.
2) – The second are those who want to leave their sinful lives behind. They begin by learning the Islamic knowledge. However, what happens is after learning the Islamic knowledge and practicing Islam for a while, they go further away from Allah (swt) than attain his closeness. This is the reality unfortunately. The inhabitants of a person’s household think that despite the individual attending Islamic gatherings and attaining knowledge he is narrow minded, rigid, rough and harsh when it comes to dealings. Than the people who do not practice the teachings of islam!
The secret to the miserable condition of the person is that, the prophet (saw) said: those who seek knowledge and the knowledge is not being practiced thereafter, he will go further away because of it. (paraphrased)
– if a person’s knowledge is not making him act/practice on the knowledge he attains he is heading towards destruction!

Imam Abdul wahab sharani said;
-‘Any person who is sitting in the house of Allah and yet not connected with Allah. He should avoid siting in the house of the lord of all the worlds. As, there is a danger he will be harmed and led astray as a result, rather than getting the closeness of Allah’.
-It is reported in the hadiths;
Those people who are in an evil environment, and have no ability to move from that evil place. Yet his/her heart is crying because of the evil being done and is connected with Allah, it is as though the individual is not there. – in the evil environment.
(This also applies vise versa). An individual may be sitting in pious company. Yet, he wishes to be with those in the evil environment. Indulging in sins, then he is actually there, and not in the pious gatherings. So, he/she may be sitting in the masjid yet is not there spiritually. People may see the person in the clothes of piety but these will not suffice. When people begin to deal with him, they find out the result of his harshness and roughness and in tern know his reality.
Syyiduna Abdul Azeez dabbagh (ra) and others have said;
‘you should not sit in the gatherings of the irreligious/ non-practicing scholars. They are more dangerous than others’. The reason is the person is seemingly practicing, dressed in the clothes of righteousness. Yet, his knowledge is not being translated into action. So, this disease will also transfer to his audience.
Syyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani said;
‘Those who do not act on their knowledge. They are ignorant!’
Simply because, they are not acting on their knowledge. The knowledge that was meant to take them closer to Allah.

Definition of knowledge:

* Those who do not practice on their knowledge yet claim to have vast amounts of knowledge, only have ‘information’. This is not knowledge. Only when action is accompanied with the information then it becomes knowledge. – knowledge is a light!
Without action the knowledge attained will lead a person astray and further away from Allah. To do action on ones knowledge it will be a means to take a person closer to Allah (swt). It will make a person not have any desire – the love of the world! It will make you give more attention to your inner life and what you are going to get in the next world.*

3) – On the other hand, there are those who do practice their knowledge. Yet, are still astray or seem to not being changing for the better. This happens when a person does the act of piety for worldly reasons. Not for the hereafter or Allah. This can also make a person become deprived from the mercy of Allah. – Practicing islam only for showing off!
– A person who becomes cursed means that he/she will not benefit from the prayers of the angels and pious people.
Syyiduna Ibrahim ad dasuki (rahimullah) one of great walis’ of Egypt said those people who falling into the 3 categories are even cursed by the ants in the street and world. Saying ‘o Allah give us the power to destroy this person. You have given him so much, the eyes, the ears etc yet he is still disobedient.
In summary everything can turn against you/the person. Even one’s own body can become his means to destruction! It is the overwhelming power of Allah that nothing is harming us and that out of his mercy we are being saved from harm!

By ServantofAlMalik

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