Kony 2012: The Dark Secrets

Whilst the whole virtual world is sensationalising and becoming emotional about the viral video called ‘kony 2012’. A Ugandan war lord ‘Joseph Kony’, who abducts children and then forces them to become child soldiers. There is a crucial part to the problem no one has been told about. Or, that no one has bothered to find out about. Even if it means having to do a 5-10min google re/search. The highly semi-fictionalised, glossed over video, does not address or attempt to highlight the missing part of the puzzle, – the connecting part of the game. Nor, do the celebrities who have now got involved with it. – An act done clearly to become more popular in the eyes of people and hence further advance their never-ending, egoistic, ulterior motives.

For those out of the 60-70million people who have not watched the video, it is, in brief, a 30min clip done by a charity called ‘Invisible Children’. A charity that was mostly unknown until last week. That is, before the viral video was launched onto the ‘all seeing’, ‘new-age’ medium of entertainment, known as YouTube. Although without a doubt the video and the work that the charity does is admirable and the resilience shown by the staff at Invisible Children is something commendable. There is one important factor which i would like to highlight and bring to your attention, something which the film maker, Jason Russell, deliberately chooses to leave out. That is the cause and the motive behind Joseph Kony’s actions.
Everything in life has a cause and a motive behind it. To go straight to the point,

  • Joseph Kony is a Christian terrorist.
  • Who uses the christian extremist teachings to wage war against the Ugandan government. His motive is to,

  • establish his own interpretation of the Ten Commandments.
  • …turn Uganda into a theocracy ruled by Kony’s personal interpretation of the Ten Commandments. (1)

    The LRA is a militant group with a syncretic pseudo-Christian extreme religious ideology, known for the atrocities they commit against civilians, including murder, mutilations, rape, and in some accounts even cannibalism. (2)

    Now you don’t hear people banging on about his religion! Not even once was the case of his religion bought up!! The name of the infamous Joseph Kony’s army, “Lord’s resistance Army” is clear enough proof of the far-right, christian-extremist views of kony. – The reason and motive of his crimes.
    What truly amazes me is the power and influence visual production can have on people, especially on the young and fashion-slaves of society. How ironic is it that the video was and is mostly targeted towards the students, the young and the teenagers? Which goes without saying that the viewers are indeed overwhelmingly, the majority of the teenage population. The section of the human population who are most vulnerable to manipulation and being influenced. The group of people who are easily swayed with an idea because ‘its a cool thing” going at the moment. Only to move on and forget about it come the next week. The video is brilliantly drawn up. Using visual imagery of a child and his father, the film does well to stir up emotions and sets well within the hearts of the easily influenced and manipulated populace.
    I am not trying to debunk the video or to point out its dark sides, neither to undermine its work. All i am doing is bringing another point to the discussion. The craze of 2012 so far, ‘Kony 2012’. That is, Kony’s motive and the dark and sinister ideals which are pushing him on to commit these horrendous crimes against humanity. To conclude, with all the above said and done. It is somewhat amusing and clear how this video coincides with the fact that the US has recently discovered tones of oil in uganda. To me this sounds more than a coincidence that a viral video should be released which is calling for military action by US in Uganda when black gold, oil has been discovered at the same time! Suprise, suprise.

    Oil find sparks new hope for Uganda’s people. Vast discovery could transform the economy – but only if managed well (3).

    The widely known fact is the United States of America will only pursue foreign interest in anything if it is either for;
    – The safety and security of the United States of America,
    – Or, It has interests abroad which will help the US economy.

    This begs the question as to why the US will get involved, or increase the number of boots it already has in Uganda. A question we can answer already. The presence of oil, or otherwise known as ‘black gold’.
    Lastly, the sad reality of the world is, we all look to America, to solve our problems and situations. The young in the third world countries grow up idealising the west, seeing it as a heavenly and a magical place where anything and everything happens. A world where there is no hardship or struggle. The young grow uo dressing in the fashions of the west, eat, drink and sleep in the dictates of the west. Only in hope that one day they to will be seen like the people of the west.

    The faithless have replaced GOD and stopped believing in him. Only to take up another GOD in order to venerate, worship and admire, and that is America. – The film shows this unfortunate reality in a perfect and faultless manner. ‘America, – the saviour of the world’. It is a demeaning and a sad reality to come to terms with, that the world is powerless and much to the level of being a slave of the “great power”. As, Kony himself refers to America as being, in the video.

    (1) Daniel Howden (November 8, 2008). “The deadly cult of Joseph Kony”. The Independent. Retrieved March 7, 2012.
    The link:

    (2) Richard Dowden. “Court threatens to block cannibal cult’s peace offer”. Royal African Society. Retrieved January 5, 2011.
    The link:


    The Video:

    By ServantofAlMalik

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