Uncanny similarities between Mithraism & Christianity

Uncanny similarities between Mithraism & Christianity

Mithra is a sun god, imported from Iran which was taken to heart, worshipped and held in reverence by the Roman soldiers.

Mithraism predates Christianity.
(A pagan cult/religion which has been around longer than Christianity). –

– Mithra’s birthday was celebrated on 25th december.
– The god’s worship involved baptism and the consumption of a sacred meal of bread & wine.
– Mirtha also had twelve disciples.
– Held Sunday as being sacred and,
– Described a heaven and a hell.
– Upon his death, Mirtha was also buried in a tomb, only to rise again in three days.

From this many scholars of history, theology, cultural enthusiasts and mythology claim Christianity had incorporated Mithraic mythology into its own ritual. This is one of the examples from amongst others, of the pagan traditions steeped in Christianity. –
From its belief system to its rituals. Christianity has also harboured a uncanny resemblance to paganism more than any other monotheistic religions. The very foundations of the religion is based on pagan traditions. That being, the worship of other beings/creations. The religion is heavily codified in its worship of its saints, pious, the blessed and the martyrs. A far cry from the true teachings and message of brought and delivered by Isa – a.s (Jesus). Which was the belief and worship of the one true lord of the universe.

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  1. A simple comment here. The head of the known group called the Essenes was known as the Messiah anyway.


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