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The 7 stages to destruction a practicing muslim is led towards!

The seven step guide to avoiding a catastrophic disaster!

Everyone is clear and well aware of the consequences for not practicing Islam on a personal level. in all the jummah kutbahs and speeches of the ulema from across the muslim lands to that of the west, we are continually told of how the impending danger is looming over the heads of the rebellious and the evil muslims. That, shaitan has them in the grip of his service and command. However, you will be hard pushed to find any gatherings addressed to the ‘practicing muslims’. Of the far greater and deceptive danger they are in, compared to the non-practicing muslim.
My last post on ‘the dangers of working within an islamic organisation’, was reflections on the past weeks and the events which unfolded before me. Coupled with the personal experience which i and others continually experience. Just as one is on the verge of thinking he has defeated the devil and has subdued him to his knees. The devil is, in reality, far out of the reach of anyone.

There are several stages the devil takes a person from being the ‘actively pious-muslim’ to that of the abyss of being nothing, the faceless essence of rebellion. Shaitan knows, that once a person becomes practicing he/she is out of his hands in the literal sence. SO, he introduces his plan B. That is, employing a more deceptive, cunning and subtle tricks and traps to mislead the ‘changed/practicing muslim’. He no longer has the ability to make this individual engross in the mundane sins and disobedience; of lust, of alcohol, of drugs, of music and dance, etc. As he clearly knows the ‘new-changed’ individual will not be tempted by these petty tricks he uses on the vast majority of others. His plan B is a far greater and a well thought out plan of his. Which is layed out over a number of years, by careful planning and observation. For some, this plan B of his, takes effect within 6 months of the person changing, whereas for others it is layed out over a 10 to 20 year period of the change that the muslim undergoes, before plan B takes effect. Initially the devil leaves the individual to;

1) Pre-occupy himself with righteous deeds, completely shunning the sins and the like.
2) Over the years when the muslim has grown accustomed to practicing Islam and it has become a habitual act to him. He then ventures into doing other lively islamic acts to bring back the ‘entertainment feature’ he once enjoyed from being pious. – The Spiritual boost he experienced, the perfect sence of life he had.
3) Once again over the years when he has grown stable in being religiously active; organising events, being charitable, having a position in an islamic organisation. His hunger is further enraged within him by the want to work day and night for HIS particular group. Wanting it to become the dominant muslim organisation/group on the earth. This then pushes him on a few more years of being a practicing muslim.
4) After these steps the ‘one-time strong practicing’ muslim by now has reached a stage where his mainframe of thinking is slowly beginning to change, and shaitan’s plan B is beginning to take effect. The muslim is now being fed the notion of ‘been there, done that’ mentality. Although, he is still involved in the islamic events and organisations but his ‘one-time unstoppable’ flare for religiosity is now on the decline. The practicing muslim slowly begins to go back to where he came from, that is,

    A state of being lazy in practicing the obligatory injunctions every muslim must do. The five daily prayers being the forefront of the decline.

5) When he has reached this stage then, unfortunately there is very little that can be done to avert the situation, before its to late. To get out of the subtle mainframe which the shaitan has been growing him. Now, At this very late stage he is completely, overtaken by the unconscious framework of thinking which the devil has been feeding over the years. As Sigmund Freud calls it, ‘when the conscious mind surrenders to the unconscious prevailing and forceful energy’. The shaitan addresses him slyly; ‘Dont worry, abdul or bashir, you have left your evil ways and will never return to it. The small shortcomings you do, God will overlook it. Missing prayers here and there will do you no harm. You are part of this impressive islamic organisation, who is known across the lands. You are linked to this famous shaykh, who, if need be will help you in the stages of the hereafter. SO, don’t worry now that you have become laxed in many of your islamic duties, of praying, being good, practicing the sunnah, being punctual of the obligations of Islam, etc. Take a break, you deserve it, after all the years of ‘islamic work’ you have been doing tirelessly, day and night. You’ve heard all there is to hear, you’ve done all there is to do. You can tell Allah when you die, you were part of such and such a group, and you did this and that. So, relax and take it easy.’
6) At stage six the one-time enthusiastic practicing muslim is convinced that he has ‘done all there is to do’, and as a result takes a step back in doing things. Slowly at this stage he begins to give into the former shaitanic whisperings he was shunning for many years; He begins to miss, one, two, three, and even more prayers. He begins to go out to the entertainment places of the dunya once more. Just to respark that joy he used to enjoy before, to harness the pleasure he had, in listening to music, or watching movies. Of signing he used to do long time ago. The pleasure he used get from ‘chilling’ with his former mates.
7) At stage seven is where you see the muslim, completely devoid of any islamic activities. Not only that his obligations as a muslims has been thrust to the side. He is no longer part of the islamic organisation he once was a part of. When you see him on the street you can’t help wonder, ‘what happened to that brother?’. ‘He used to be very islamically active’.At this unfortunate stage the beard goes, the thowbs, the turbans and the islamic zeal which was once so prevalent in him, is extinguished and the shaitan has succeeded in making his Plan B come to fruition. Which he carefully layed out for that individual over the past several years. At this stage the shaitan has got his hands gleefully together. enjoying every bit of success he has attained.

The above mentioned experiences are nothing extra ordinary, these are personal experiences which i went through (some of them), and seen others like me go through. You see, shaitan is dumb in many respects. He uses the same tricks on everyone, slightly modifying it here and there to suit his clientele. If you can spot it before it takes hold of you, you can then get out before its to late. Like i mentioned earlier, the practicing muslim is in a far greater danger than that of the non-practicing muslim. As the trick and traps which the shaitan employs towards him are at a higher level, than his usual traps, and are cunning and deceptive. It’s planned and devised such a way that when the practicing muslim is being led down that route he has no clue what so ever to where he is being taken. A condemned criminal who is blind folded and being taken to the gallows, through the deepest parts of gaol!.
Of the many islamic organisations and groups i have interacted with, the two groups out the rest who suffer from this onslaught of deceptive and lethal traps of the devil are the people of tazkiyah (sufis) and the salafies. Why, you my ask? well, the reason is, with them (the sufis/salafies) associating with a group who are ‘outwardly’ very strict on following the sunnah and shaiyah, they do not see the subtleties of the traps layed out before them. They are the ones who are mostly the victim of stage five and six which i mentioned.

The ways to get out of these dangerous stages of being mislead is to always ensure you give the top most priority to yourself in Islam. Of ensuring that you make sure your duties as a muslim is secure and are being carried out before you carry on with other optional islamic activities. If you are seeing that the order of things has changed in your life, you are missing prayers and other islamic duties, but are actively giving more time and energy in organising islamic events, being charitable and the like. Then hold yourself to account and do a self check to see where you are heading towards. Correct your direction and then continue again. Its only the unguarded muslim who falls victim to this very dangerous and deceptive nature of the shaitanic trap.

By ServantofAlMalik

Islam is in the spotlight now more than ever before and this has caused people to question the faith itself and none more so than the new-age modernists muslims, largely from the convert western countries who are hell-bent on reforming Islam and its traditional values. This blog is a small space in the vastness of the internet where the fight to preserve, uphold and dignify the traditional inherent human values, are proactively argued against the onslaught of modernist propaganda and hate. Covering topics from current affairs to life-enriching inspirations, though to the traditional teachings of the pious and the awliyah of the past and the present. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or become an author of articles then why not contact me on

2 replies on “The 7 stages to destruction a practicing muslim is led towards!”

you have made some good observations and trends which to be frank i have seen aswell happening to many of the so called ‘strict’ muslims.


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