Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The sunnah: Gateway to the pleasure of Allah.

The sunnah: Gateway to the pleasure of Allah.

    Notes from the lecture on 30/1/12

Allah (swt) has mentioned in sura al Ghashiya (the overwhelming) a news. we all hear the news everyday. Some last for a day, others for a few days whilst some for a number of months. But, this such news which Allah informs us in the respective sura is something that will never end. The news is of the day of judgement, hell and paradise.
This news informs us that there will be two types of people. The people of darkness and evil, – those whose faces will be blackened and full of spite! Whilst the other party will be of those of the righteous and saliheen.

[The four qualities a person should have when giving dawah]

Allah draws examples for us. Showing us the four qualities a person doing dawah should be have within him in-order for his dawah to be effective and beneficial;

1) He should obtain the quality of the camel
Allah says ‘look at the camel…’ (paraphrased)
The men of wisdom and knowledge say here that Allah is drawing a similitude of the qualities that a person giving dawah should have. Namely, just as the camel traverses in the severe desert in difficult situations without complain or moaning. The person giving dawah (daii) should also be like it. In the sense he/she should continue giving dawah against whatever may befall him, hardships/tests/trials. Not lose his focus in reaching the final destination, that is, reaching the pleasure of Allah . Like the camel, he should continue giving dawah to people. He should not be concerned if the people are respecting him or disrespecting him. Being kind to him or not. As he is only the servant of Allah. Just as the camel is only subservient to his master and no one else.

2) The second quality he should have is, he should be like the Sky
The daii should be like the sky. -It does not occupy small and petty things in its vastness. The person giving dawah should always look at the bigger picture of things. Stop focusing on insignificant things and concentrate on the bigger goal. When you are on the sky the ground and the houses look very small and tiny. Similarly the daii should not focus on the small things like criticisms of people. Who says what and who does what. He should be vast and always look ahead and above the people of what they say and do.

3) Be like the mountains
Be steadfast on sunnah and giving dawah. The person should not move on the comments of people. If someone ridicules you or praises you. You should not become demotivated or motivated on their sayings. Only the words and the teachings of the saliheen and the pious should be our fuel to carry on and nothing else. Just as the mountain does not move in the winds, he/she should not also move like this.

4) Be like the earth
Humble and kind to all. Serve all and do not judge people. The earth does not determine who is pious and who is not. Who is rich and who is poor. After mentioning these qualities Allah mentions to us that a person then should give advice and guidance to the people. – Remind people

[The sunnah: Gateway to the pleasure of Allah]

– The pleasure of the prophet (saw) is only attained by following the sunnah. Allah’s pleasure is also in this. That is, following the sunnah. One should follow it as if their life depends on it, like oxygen to live, the sunnah is the oxygen for the hereafter.
To make others happy, don’t displease Allah. Do not give into the smiles and pleasures of others. We should not displease the prophet (saw) for pleasing others. When we follow the sunnah it is like opening the mercies of the prophet (saw) towards us. As he (saw) is the mercy of the worlds. so, when we follow it we will be opening ourselves to it.
– Everyone is in a journey. Only thing that depends however is, which journey we are in. There is only one path that reaches the prophet (saw) and Allah. That is, the path of the sunnah.
– Good companionship is important as the friend will pull you into their own world. So, this is why in the company of the righteous, we are pulled in their good and peaceful world. – A world of the pleasure and the closeness of Allah.

People often say when they go to righteous gatherings they feel peace and tranquility. This is because the ulema, saliheen and the awliyah pull you to their world. Let you experience their world view.
If one is in the company of evil people he will be pulled into their world. That is, of darkness and evil.

[The difference between character as opposed to righteousness].
– The quality that determines ‘goodness’ in a person is not how pious or righteous a person is. It is his character which determines a persons ‘goodness’ in him. The deeds are his ‘righteousness with Allah’. This is his relationship between him
and Allah.. Whereas the ‘character’ is the relation between his fellow beings/creations.
Once a man was praising another man in front of Syyiduna Umar (ra). Syyiduna Umar (ra) asked the man who was praising ‘have you had any business transaction with him?’ or, ‘have you dealt with him?’. The man replied: ‘no, I only know that he is very pious, prays all night, keeps fasts etc’. Syyiduna Umar (ra) replied: ‘then know that you are deceiving the ummah about this individual’. We must fully understand what the criteria are for being ‘good’. It is the character that determines it. Not a person’s worship and deeds.
– A person who is sitting in the Kaaba or the rawdah will not attain the closeness of the prophet (saw) unless he is following the sunnah. A person who is in the land of the kuffar can attain his closeness more
than a person who is sitting in the kabbah but not following the sunnah!

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