The teachings of Syyiduna Fuzail ibn Ayas (rahimullah) – The love of Allah.

The teachings of Syyiduna Fuzail ibn Ayas (rahimullah) – The love of Allah.

Monday 23rd Jan 2012

If anyone asks you what is this world? and what is its reality? What will you answer? In reality only Allah (swt) knows, and those he has chosen to inform.
From the summary of the teaching of the prophets (as) we learn that, this world is the field of war. – This is the reality of this world. The world is not our house nor that of the jinns. We were living in the world of the spirits before we came into This world and soon we will again leave this world and live in the hereafter.

-The first war to begin was from two creations. Namely;
1) Adam (as)
2) Satan

The battle was began by Satan and Adam (as) only defended himself. The objective of Satan was to take out our mother and father from paradise – Adam and eve. Once he realised that the children of Adam and eve will be born in the world, he transferred the war to the earth from paradise which was where he began the war. Something which stemmed from his jealousy .
So, this is why this battle is continuing and will continue until the last day! It is the objective of the devil to take every son of Adam to hell. This is why we find people who have forgot that this world is our field of test are depressed and sad. Their desires, wealth and health etc doe not satisfy them. – they become suicidal.
– We learn that many of the people when they are under siege do not give concern if their desires are fulfilled or not. Or, how much wealth they have. They are only concerned with their lives. – That their life is spared from death. This is what the prophets and the awliyah continually remind people. Which is that, we are in a war and are under siege from the devil and if we don’t take actions to amend our situation we will head towards doom and gloom.

Those who are deceived and fall into thinking they need to be concerned of how much wealth and honour they have, instead of their lives. Are seen as fools and the poor people by the awliyah and the saliheen.

– The reason why the companions and the prophet (saw) was successful in spreading islam far and wide despite not having much (in terms of weapons, man power), was because they had unseen weapons & help at their disposal . Which they used very effectively. One of these unseen weapons they had with which they managed to win over the enemies of Allah, was the love of Allah and his prophet (saw).
Likewise, it may be the case that we are failing to win our individual war with the devil. However, like the companions we can also win this war. Although we may not have physical weapons to defeat it. But if we use the same unseen weapons which the companions used – the love of Allah and his prophet (saw) we will also win our individual wars with Satan.
But, firstly we have to grow this love – it will not happen over night. Those who do manage to grow the love overnight then it is good and well. However, this is not the norm.
– “don’t tell Allah how big storm has come upon you. Instead tell the storm how big it’s and your lord is”. If you have a problem which you cannot bare the burden of, then focus on the greatness of Allah instead of totally relaying on your problems.

– syyiduna Ali (ra) said; amongst the people of bani isreal there used to be a person who had 80 jars (containers) filled with books and pages of knowledge. Allah sent revelation on the prophet of the time telling him; o prophet go to this man of knowledge and tell him even if you fill another 80 containers with knowledge it will not benefit you if you do not do three things;

1) remove yourself from the love of the world. – As the one who has love of dunya he does not belong to the house of islam. 2) do not make Satan your friend as he is not the friend of the believers.
3) do not give taklif (torture and hardships) to other Muslims. – Physically or spiritually.

– Syyiduna Ali (ra) also once said; those who do not act on their knowledge, they will not benefit others with it.
– Isa (as) said; a blind person holding a light and a torch in his hand what benefit will he get? No benefit. – this is the example of people who have knowledge but do not act on it. Maybe other people are benefiting from his knowledge but he is not.
– what good is that house which is completely in darkness but on top of the house, on the roof, there is a big light! What benefit will that house and it’s inhabitants get if they are still in the dark?

Syyiduna fuzail ibn ayas (ra) said those who love Allah they have four signs;
1) they are engrossed in the sunnah of the prophet (saw). – completely, coloured in the sunnah of the beloved! – his whole body is in sunnah. 2) he makes Dhikr with the tongue –
3) those who’s minds are always in the remembrance of Allah. 4) if Allah gives you something or
he takes something away from you, your relationship is still the same with Allah. Then he said; what are the signs that Allah loves a person?
The following three major signs should be present in the person;
1) Allah gives him compassion to the likeness of the sun. He does compassion on the creation of Allah (swt). Like the sun that emits sun rays on everything. It does not look at who is rich and who is poor. Who is pious and who is not. The prophet (saw) also said; those who are not thankful to Allah’s creation he has not thanked Allah. – they the awliyah and the saliheen pull (by giving advice and good counsel) people to Allah and his prophet (saw).
2) Allah gives that person forbearance and heart like the ocean. – he does not react to the harsh treatment of people negatively. 3) He is very humble. Like the earth, it gives so much benefit but does not claim anything. – it is in the service of humanity.

– Hadith; Allah loves those who are well wishers/ are good to his creation. (paraphrased)

– Who is the worst of people? It was asked to the prophet (saw), he (saw) replied; the ulema of dunya. As they are not doing deception with the people, but with the prophet (saw) himself!

By ServantofAlMalik

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