The realities of earning rizq (provisions)

The realities of earning rizq (provisions)

Thursday 19th Jan 2012

The things of the world and the creation are the means which Allah (swt) has created to test us. – All the items around you which you see. They all are means to the test us by Allah (swt). Like we hear very often, the seven organs of the body (the eyes, ears, tongue, stomach, feet, private parts, hands) are there so we are tested, likewise the means of this world all around us are also for a testing purpose.
Secondly, all the things around us should help us to be able to see beyond the creation and see the creator behind his creation. Which is the actions of Allah. So, the other purpose of creation is to see the actions of the creator behind his creation. – To see the director’s actions behind his movie.
This is one of the realities of the creation which the prophets taught the people. Those who forget this reality go astray and become evil.
Every action of the prophet (saw) was based in this reality. When we act, we act on our bases the ‘apparent’ realities. However, when he (saw) he saw, ate, walked, discussed he (saw) saw the creator behind his creations. – The real purpose behind each scene of the act. For example, when we are faced with a woman in front of us, we see the apparent pleasure and beauty we can attain. However, the prophet (saw) would see the ploy, the shaitanic trap. Would see the test set by Allah and avail the opportunity to attain Allah’s nearness be succeeding the set test.
– Whenever we commit a sin, this is because we have forgot the teachings of the prophet (saw) at that moment. Becoming heedless of the prohibitions of islam.
– The pious and the awliyah are those who are given this ability to see beyond the apparent and see the creator and his actions behind the apparent scene.

One of the main means of test is the rizq (provisions) by which Allah tests us, how we earn our livelihood.

– syyiduna Abdul Azeez dabbagh said: all the means to earn rizq (provisions) e.g working in the fields, factories, labour work etc are like the beggars with a begging bowl in front of Allah. – This is a way/ a means to ask for rizq from Allah. This is the proper way to ask from Allah. That being, going out and earning a livelihood.
There are two parts to asking (dua); one is to ask for rizq and the second part of the dua is to go out and seek the provisions by earning a livelihood. It is no good simply doing the first part and then relaying on Allah to provide for you. We must do both parts of the dua and then we can hope to attain halal wealth and provisions.
– A person should not think it is his/her job giving the wealth, the health and the success.
– It is up-to Allah how much he puts in our begging bowl. This is why sometimes a person may use all the means but still not succeed in life. It is upto Allah who he makes successful. A same business which is opened by one person may be very successful yet the same business opened by someone else may fail.
-The awliyah and the saliheen keep the reliance on Allah. Not on any worldly item. A person who thinks selling alcohol will give him rizq is doing reliance (tawaqul) in alcohol of it providing his sustenance. – it becomes an act of worship (earning a livelihood) a when someone: 1) goes out and earns,
2) whilst his sight is set on Allah,

that Allah is the sole provider and no one else or nothing else . Only once this criteria is fulfilled will it become an act of worship. This is why those who miss one of the two aspects do not attain the the reward of working to earn a livelihood. Either the 1st aspect or the 2nd aspect is missing.
Either they, become to reliant on the world and think the world is providing for them or, they believe that just sitting in their homes will get them the riches of the world. Both things are needed.
– this is how earning a livelihood can become a means of your relationship with Allah becoming strong.
– when a person adopts halal means to earn, this will then become a means for more doors to open for success and closeness to Allah.

Isa (as) once said to people ‘o people I tell you the truth. You people do not even want the dunya. Even though you may be going after it day and night’. They replied ‘o isa (as) it is true, we may be not securing our hereafter. But, we definitely want our worldly life to be successful and therefore are actually going after dunya. He (isa) (as) said ‘ who holds the keys to the treasures of this world and the next?’ They all replied in unison ‘it is Allah’. Isa (as) thereafter answered, ‘then why are you running after a dead thing in a dead thing. By going behind shaitan and dunya seeking the world. When you should be going to Allah. Who will give you what you need. He holds the keys of this world and the next’. – moral lesson is, if someone wants the world he should go towards Allah.
– the world is a puppet. The strings are in the hands of Allah. A puppet cannot give or take anything. We should look at the person/ creator who is pulling all the strings.

– The signs that a person is not getting the closeness of Allah via earning a livelihood is,
1) when he/she indulges in haram – trying to do haram things inorder to earn money. 2) when he/she feels bad and sad when Allah calls him to go to Allah. If these are present in you then you must change course immediately!

– the term ‘money’ comes from a Greek goodness idol called ‘monio’. The name itself tells the nature of the worldly assets,- evil and detestable. People who have become the slaves of the world find pleasure and satisfaction to work 18/16 hours a day without difficulties. However, if they are asked to worship allah for few minutes they feel there is a mountain on top of them.

– syyiduna fuzail ibn ayas said; one of the signs that a person who loves Allah is; does his heart remain the same when Allah gives him something and when Allah takes away something from him. – this is a self check test we can all do on our selves. We claim to love Allah but do we really?
Another sign of the love of Allah is a person engages his entire body in the worship of Allah. Working tirelessly for Allah. So, when he becomes tired in worshiping nawafils, then his tongue continues to worship Allah. When his tongue become tired, then his heart continues to worship him.
– syyiduna fuzail ibn ayas was a highway robber, a gangster. When he changed for the better, he again became a gangster, this time for Allah. Calling people to Allah and righteous ways.

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