Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Archived discourses’ notes: 17.03.03 – part 1

The following are notes which i made during my teenage years. Having been blessed enough to have had (and continue to do), the good fortune of studying at the feet of my shaykh. I started to make notes (usually in bullet form) the teachings and lessons delivered to us back then. These are rudimentary notes mostly noted in bullet form notation. WHich, i have to say corresponded to the age (16) when i made them. InshaAllah this will enable you to look through the binoculars of time and see that the teachings of the mashaykh and the awliyah are the same as it is now & back then, throughout the times and ages. The teachings which the heirs of the prophet (Saw) – the Awliyah, give are always the same in principles and foundations. Although modern means may be used to convey the message, the contents of their messages do not change. Simple reason is, Islam is a deen which surpasses the constraints of time and space. It is here for all denominations of time, place and situations, pure, unaltered and original. Hence its true teachers aswell. Their teachings will also go unchanged, as Allah has promised to protect his message (Islam) from any corruption or disintegration. The awliyah are the water of life, which have the same taste, colour, content and appearance as it did during the time of the prophet (saw). It has not changed nor it will.
Lastly, my intention is to make a digital footprint of what i have, noted physically. So that, should the physical notation be lost (God forbid), we have the digital copy of the document, inshaAllah

To begin;
Monday 17.03.03 – Time: Started 9:30pm – Finished 10:45pm

Historical Background of the Martyrdom of imam Hussain (ra) & how it relates today (brief summary of previous lesson)

– Allah (swt) has sent human beings as his khalifa on earth.
– Which means, there are responsibilities on the shoulders of the khalifa; to convey the message, to carry out the real purpose.
– What the khalifa should do: represent the authority of Allah (swt). If he fails this, he has failed
——- ——- ——- ——– ——–
The way the soul of Imam hussain can be made proud, is by me and you doing good. There is a great responsibility when one says the shahadah. The weight of the shahadah is such that even the mountain and the earth could not take it. When we said the shahadah, we became shahids only in verbal form. Due to the reason that we have chosen to sacrifice many of the worldly pleasures by saying the shahadah.
The way the prophet (Saw) completed Allah’s command is that firstly he changed himself, then his family, followed by the sahabahs. In every war the prophet (saw) wanted to be a shahid. By the sacrifice and the blood of the prophet (saw) & the sahabah the house of Islam was built. The reason a person is called a shahid is because that is the climax of shahadah. – The ummah of the prophet (saw) are the witness to the mankind.
– There is no difference of what imam hussain (ra) did to what the prophet (saw) did.
– whatever the command of the prophet (saw) was, Abu bakr (ra) did not refute it, he carried it out. Abu Bakr (ra) was soft with people, but in carrying out the command and establishing Allah’s law he was firm and hard. In conveying the message of Allah, Abu bakr ((ra) was the best; Abu Huraira (ra) said after the demise of the prophet (saw) if there was no abu bakr, then the worshiping of Allah would have stopped. Hazrat Umar (ra) shahadah was to propagate the house of Islam & the sunnah, which the prophet (Saw) built. This is the second part of the shahahdah.
– Abdullah ibn sabah and his conspirators began the fitna in the last ten years of the khalifate of Uthman and Ali (ra).

The teachings of christianity changed after the demise of Jesus (as). the enemy of Jesus (as) changed it. It was paul who changed it. He was a man of visions, he based his teachings on the kashfs (visions) he saw. Even though he was the enemy of Jesus (as). After Isa (as) died he said christianity can not be finished, so he began a fairytale. The issue of pig eating was also changed. Nowhere in the Torah or the bible did jesus (as) say eating the pig is allowed. This was changed by saint peter, by claiming he saw a vision where Allah (swt) said everything is halal.
– Hazrat Uthman (ra)’s martyrdom was also due to persevering to preserve the house of Islam, which was built by the prophet (saw).
– During the time of yazeed, the house of Islam which the prophet (saw) along with the companions built and established was being broken. So, Imam hussain (ra) was sent back to kufa to sustain the system, which was established by the prophet (saw) & the khalifah. He was martyred trying to preserve the house of Islam, which was built by the prophet (Saw). From this we can derive the we should be the khalifahs of the prophet (Saw). By following his sunnah. – We have to become the bricks of Islam by which this house is maintained. People became muslims by seeing the character of the prophet (Saw). The way to achieve this and play our part in preserving the house of Islam is: Firstly, to change our self, then our family, then the community. But, most importantly is you have to change first.
– When a lion has your face in his mouth there is no point in saying don’t eat me. He will not stop. the point here is get yourself out of your sinful situation and then Allah will help you.

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