Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Identifying the yazeed of our lives

Monday 05/12/11

Notes from the talk:

Every human has a yazeed and the plain of Karbala in his/her life. The story of Karbala and the life of imam Hussain (ra) is not only to be remembered every ashura and muharram. There are lessons for us to take from his life and the incident of Karbala. The yazeed in his (imam hussains ra) life was to his level. – Who gave him severe tests and hardships.
– Who was the cause for many to be lead astray.
– Who said to the people if you are with me, I will give you this and that benefit. As a result silencing the people of dunyah. Shaytan also does this to me and you. Promises us pleasures and benefits. So, the question is who is the yazeed of our life? Who is that thing/person who is stopping us from bringing the sunnah in our lives? Is it the unlawful relationships with women?
Prestige and honour? Etc.
– For some people, the yazeed in their life is women. Because of unlawful relationships they are not following the sunnah and the shari’ah. For example the woman says to have me you will have to have your beard shaved, or do this and that evil sin! For some people Internet is the yazeed. For instance, When they surf the net, they end up on pornographic websites.
– where as for others the plain of Karbala, (a place to make sacrifice) is the society. When society says leave the sunnah in order to be classed as modern and up to date. What do we do in these situations? Do we or are we willing to leave the sunnah to please the society? Or, do we or are we willing to make the sacrifice by being ready to make the prophet (saw) pleased and his shari’ah dominant in our lives? **there is no benefit in listening to the story of Karbala year after year**
we will only benefit from the story when we relate it to our lives and the message we take from the story!
Imam Hussain sacrificed his life to make the true version of shari’ah dominant in the land. From this we learn, we should not be looking to what a person is quoting, whether it is Quran or Hadith but look at who the person is, that is using/saying the quranic ayah or hadith to make his claims of authenticity. Is his life a reflection of the Quran and sunnah? As you see, Yazeed was also claiming he was also promoting the correct shari’ah.
He was also quoting Quran and Hadith to put weight to his claim. There were ulema of dunyah who were supporting yazeed by quoting quranic ayahs and hadtihs. Saying he is correct and imam Hussain (ra) is on the wrong. (astagfirullah).
He (imam hussain ra) sacrificed his bodily organs for Allah and his shari’ah. We are not told to do this level of sacrifice yet, but only to sacrifice the sins of the organs. The sins of the eyes, hands, private parts, stomach, ears, feet, and tongue!
Now the question is, it’s upto us on what we do. We can continue to live as we are now, evil, sinful and astray from the nearness of Allah. Or, we can change ourself today and get the pleasure of Allah!

Identifying the yazeed of our lives.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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