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The grave of the Prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam)

This is Syed Waqar Mahiuddin Naqsbandi also known as Shah Saab, i had mentioned him in a previous post, however, to do justice to him i thought id mention him in a post fully dedicated to him. He moved to live in Madinah permanently, several years back in 2007/2008 from Hyderabad, India. Being a descendant from the family of the prophet (saw), he has several privileges given by the authorities in which living permanently in Madinah is one of them. The Saudi authority do seem to respect the family of the prophet (saw), moreover the descendants of the habib (saw). Whilst we were on the fortunate trip of Hajj 2011, he had the good fortunate to go into the luminous room where the liege lord and his companions are resting. The place which is better than the arsh of Allah, the place where the blessed body of the prophet (saw) and his two companions are resting. Many people are fortunate enough to be able to go to Madinah and give salam to the prophet (saw) and the two companions from being at the front of the famous grills which surround the holy sanctuary.

Few only enter the luminous room, where as hardly any, who go down the winding stairs to the actual place where the three graves are. He (shah saab) is blessed enough to have written permission to go down to the actual resting place with the few, handful of khadims who clean the blessed room. These kahdims however, are not the average cleaners and servants you see cleaning the masjid al nabi (saw). They are a handful of few servants, of Ethiopian decent who have no desires, and live near the haram. Shah saab is one of those few people who has a close relationship with these fortunate beings, blessed to be the cleaners and the khadims of the room of the prophet (saw). He said they are the descendants of syyiduna bilal (ra). Nobody apart from the senior Saudi authorities know who they are. So, having had the chance to have him be with us throughout our journey, you can guess what some of us did. Asked questions and several of them in fact, on how the blessed room looks? how it feels? what he experienced? how the radiant graves look? etc.
He said, contrary to popular belief that this picture (please view the picture below) being the ‘actually and the only picture’ of the ‘supposed’ graves of the prophet (saw) and his companions, is actually not the case. That picture is of some other grave and NOT the grave of the prophet (saw) or his companions! This was further confirmed by shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh. Shah saab then on went on to say that these blessed graves are plain and simple with slight hump as it is mentioned in the sunnah. For example, like the graves you see in jannahtul baqi, in Madinah. The actual graves of the prophet (saw) and his two companions are much like the following picture: Plain and simple

Secondly, he said once a person enters the actual area of the three graves the sensation you get is out of this world, just pure peace and tranquility to its limits. All thoughts of the world completely disappear!
The shocking thing is though, he said that these blessed beings who clean the room always clean it, and then scent it on the milad (the birth date) of the prophet (saw). This being on every 7th rabiul awal! This is what the khadims of the hujra (room) of the prophet (saw) told him.This is amazing news, as it confirms what Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh said on the issue of the birth of the prophet (saw)! which was that unlike many people who believe the milad of the prophet (saw) being on the 12th rabiul awal, it was actually the 7th rabiul awal and not the 12th. It further confirms that the saudi authorities actually know the exact ‘actual date’ of the birth of the prophet (saw) but choose to say silent. Followed by this beautiful news these khadims use the itr oud and another few names shah saab mentioned (which i forgot) to fragrant the room of al habib al mustafa (saw) on every milad of the prophet (saw). To top this off, shah saab gave a gift to shaykh ahmad dabbagh, which was a small itr bottle full with the blessed soil from the grave of the prophet (saw). Alhamdulillah, some brothers had the good fortune to smell the soil and its fragrance is truly beyond words!

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One reply on “The grave of the Prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam)”

Jazakallah kheyr, but I would like to know Some details about the khadims of Rasullullah ( SAW). I read that One of the 7 brothers of Bilal Decent Sons.
I only heard about Sheikh Buddi Ibrahim who used to Serve as khadim since he was 10 years of his age but now he is 110 years. Amazing. What about names of 6 Others brothers and how they get the Opportunity ? further more, I heard that these khadims were those severely tortured and incarcerated by the X- Christian king of Ethiopia, Haile Sellassie. Dear brothers I hope U will give me some clues and further details on khadims of Our beloved prophate ( PBUH).



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