The teachings of imam Zainul Abideen

Teachings of Imam Zainul Abideen

Monday 28th November 2011

Allah (swt) says time and again in al Quran that everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies him. This statement should help us negate the thoughts that maybe Allah asks us to worship him because he is in need of it. We should
be rest assured from what he says, he is not in need of our worship or efforts in trying to do good.
– The question then comes is, why then are we told to worship him time and again in the Quran and the injunctions of islam?
The answer is, it is for our own benefit in this world and the next. The example is like the person who is told to take medicine. It is only the payient who will benefit from the medicine.
Likewise, The only person who will benefit from our own worship and obideance is our selves. if we disobey it is only we who will get the punishment in the hereafter.
Worshipping Allah is our provision (rizq). We know about the rizq of this world which is wealth,health and sustenance. However, the other type of rizq is in relation to the hereafter. If we do good then this is our provision for the next life. – paradise for example is when we do good deeds. If we do bad deeds then they will be the provision for us entering hell.

– on the day of judgement people will see their brains and internal organs melt and fall down their bodies
right before their eyes. But, people will not lose their senses or die. Since on the day of judgement people’s spirits will be in control of their bodies. Now in this world the spirit is behind the veil however on that day, it will be in control of the body. Therefore the spirit (the ruh) does not need the ears to hear, the eyes to see. It self is a very powerful creation which can see and do things without our organs of the body.

Imam zainul abideen mentioned the following teachings:
Those who love imam Hussain (ra) should leave the following things behind. As these are the traits/reminders of the hard days of imam hussain’s and his family’s life.

1) leave gambling
2) leave drinking alcohol
3) leave shaving/drugs
4) the women should cover themselves.

Overview of imam hussains life and the lessons we can derive from it:

1) Imam Hussain sought out the objective and mission of life. That’s why when he was faced with difficulties he went through it.
He had full conviction in what he believed and therefore saw it through! We should find out our objectives in life aswell. – He’s (imam hussain) conviction was that he was on the path of his grandfather, the prophet (saw).
We should also find out our objectives of life and mission just like he did.
– is it to attain the pleasure of Allah? If it is then have conviction in our belief and do not move from this, even if tribulation comes our way.

2) Second lesson we get from the incident of karbala.
– is that hur bin yazeed – (the commander of the army of yazeed). cornered imam hussain’s family on the field of Karbala with his army on the verge of killing his family.
He then turned against yazeed and came on the side of imam Hussain. Now the lesson for us is, a person who may have caused our families to be in difficult situations and then comes to ask for forgiveness even at that time we should forgive that individual.

3) From hur bin yazeed we also learn that no matter what sins we have done. If death has not come knocking at out door then we have time to do tawbah. To turn to Allah and get his pleasure. Like he did, despite doing a heinous sin of surrounding the family of imam Hussain with his army on the verge of killing everyone he did tawbah and is now a person of paradise inshaAllah.

4) There is a lesson for everyone in the story of karbala. Even for the young children. Look at the lives of the children of imam Hussain.
– the daughter of imam Hussain sakkinah (ra) bore the severe mistreatment on that day. When she had to see her father, brother, uncles get killed. Her mother mistreated etc.

The teachings of imam Zainul Abideen.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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