HAJJ Anticipations

HAJJ Anticipations
(final post before hajj).

As I sit here in my living room. Having tea and getting ready for the flight. Having packed and ready to to go hajj physically – the journey of a lifetime. I am however, mentally, and more importantly spiritually not ready to embark on the journey. Far from it, in fact!
One can only do his best and hope for the rest, that it is enough for him to attain the nearness and pleasure of Allah.
This post is really my last post, mostly on my anticipations/nerves and expectations of hajj. Since this is my first hajj, I’m beginning to have butter-flies in my stomach. Throughout the build-up to this point, I have interacted with many different people who have gone on hajj in the previous years. They somewhat have already aided me in preparing for the physical challenges that lay ahead. The rituals, the journeys to and from mina, muzdalifah, Mecca & Arafat.
Going through as much of the seerah as possible. I am hoping this will further add to my spiritual dimensions of hajj. Knowing what the prophet (saw) did how he (saw) performed it and where the prophet (saw) did it.

I’m sure, it will undoubtedly enable me to travel back in time and visualise how the scene must have been during those blessed times (inshaAllah). You see, when someone knows why he is doing something, what he is doing, and the historical significance of a deed. It gives it another dimension of appreciation. A person is also able to enjoy the sensation running through his veins and the tears running throughout. Although we are not the slaves of our feelings, we should nonetheless want to attain the experience of having the pleasures of Allah. After all isn’t this what all the awliyah and the saliheen seek to attain?
One of the major expectations I am having of hajj is that it will not be a easy journey to say the least!
Having said that, a journey is always as you make it out to be. The most I will try and do is, make my part of the journey as easy as possible. Whilst making it as smooth as possible for those who will be traveling along with me. InshaAllah.
Lastly, keeping this mind, i am hoping Allah will enable me to attain the best possible results I can attain from hajj. I am a firm believer in that, that whatever you put in, that is how much is what you will get in return. A business man who endeavours to work night and day to succeed he will attain his goal. Likewise those who put in the efforts and time for Allah they will get the results they seek.
I will inshaAllah post regularly on this blog from Mecca & Madinah (including pictures). So keep your eyes on the lookout and ears open to this!

Signing off with this (until next time);
May Allah (swt) accept whatever we do and however much we put in. Using the right means and the right intentions may Allah help us attain our goal. Which is attaining the nearness & the pleasure of Allah, nothing else.

Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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