The last chance to change practically

Hajj is the last cure/solution for a person to change for the better!

Notes from the talk,
Sunday 23rd October 2011

During hajj many things will undoubtedly go wrong. Since, when things go wrong in a journey that’s when your real character comes out. During one of the trips – the hajj. At some point the properties of the prophet (saw) for example; money, camel for traveling etc was lost. When this happened abu bakr (ra) rebuked the servant who was looking after the luggage of the prophet (saw). When the prophet (saw) saw this, he turned to abu bakr (ra) and said smiling “look at what this person in ihram, is doing”. – referring to abu bakr (ra).
From this we learn that the prophet (saw) was not too angry or upset. In fact he taught a lesson to abu bakr (ra) of not worrying for the things Which have been lost, especially in hajj or umrah. He (saw) said to abu bakr (ra) Allah will replace it with a better thing. He (saw) then made a dua to Allah asking for a greater blessing than to what he (saw) already had.
In short, It happened that after a while the camel which had all the luggage and properties of the prophet (saw) returned.

– The tawaf of the kabah seven times emphasises the promise we should make to protect our seven bodily organs from sins. Each circuit means each organ. That being saving it from the sins of the:

1) eyes
3) stomach
4) feet
5) hands
6) ears
7) private parts

During the hajj the main tasbeeh is “labbayk Allahuma…”
During this particular tasbeeh we say a total of four time “Labbayk” which means: we are present. Saying labbayk four times means:

1) firstly we are present with our BODY, in the presence of Allah. No obedience to the ways of the evil people and fashions.

2) second one/time we say it, means we are present with our MIND and thoughts in the presence of Allah, and Allah only. Leaving behind being in the presence of creation, their wishes and desires. Being in the presence of Allah, that Allah is watching, hearing, and is with me all the time.

3) being in presence with the HEART. That my heart will and is in the presence of Allah. Free from jealousy, showing off, love of fame and name.

4) the fourth one, shows us that we will not give any precedence over the commands of Allah. The fourth objective of the path to Allah.

Allah gives us several solutions/ god given system(s) to change for the better. For example Ramadan is a chance for us to leave the evil life behind and change for the better.
If someone does manage to change in Ramadan. Then Allah gives us the days of shawal 6 fasts which account to great rewards. Like this there are many systems given by Allah for us to change. Out of All these god given system hajj is the final system and chance for a person to change!

**Hajj is the last cure for a person to change. If after hajj a person has not changed from his evil ways to that of a good one. There is little hope then, that thereafter doing hajj he will ever change. Hajj is no joke!
– It is said that when a person does hajj. He is like a new born baby. However the question is are you really a new born baby? Babies do not know what hatred, animosity etc are like or what it is. Are you like them, in that you have no hatred toward anyone? If you see, that you still have these illnesses of the heart. Then you have not been successful in doing hajj.
The last chance to change practically.pdf
Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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