Special deed (amal) to perform on the plain of Arafah

Hajj in simple steps:

Mina:is the place where the 3 pillars for pelting the devil are.
Muzdalifah: is the place where you spend the night after arafah
Arafah: is the place where everyone spends the night there

Step 1) you go from Mecca to Mina on the 8th. – stay there till sunrise (basically Fajr) pray Fajr and after sunrise leave for Arafat

Step 2) Then all day stay in arafah making dua and stuff. At sunset move to muzdalifah. Do not pray magrib at arafah. Pray magrib and esha in muzdalifah together.
– collect stones

Step 3) after Fajr and the sunrise, leave muzdalifah for mina.
In mina go and stone the big shaitan
– whilst reciting any duas you want.
Especially the talbiyah

Step 4) make sure your sacrifice has been done once the pelting has been done.
– after that cut your hair.
– after this you can come ihram
Step 5)Do tawaf ziyarah, then once this has been done go back to mina.

Step 6) on the 11th dhul hijjah stone all three shaitans. Do the same for the next day. On the 12th, then leave mina for mecca before Fajr.
– If you do not then you’ll have to stay an extra night in mina the 13th of dhul hijjah

Step 7) when at Mecca do the farewell tawaf.


Special optional rules and amals to perform on the plain of Arafah.

1) Before going to mina on the 8th you can do the Saee of tawaf ziyarah. As this is a wajib of hajj! – since after the 10th day when people return to Mecca after pelting the big shaitan (big pillar) to do the tawaf ziyarah. It is very hard to do the Saee (which is part of tawaf ziyarah) as there are a lot of people who do it then.
So, to avoid this one can do it before he/she goes on the 8th to mina.

**tawaf ziyarah consists of:
A) doing tawaf and
B) the Saee.**

Tawaf ziyarah is one of the fard of hajj.

2) Shaykh Ahmad dabbagh then mentioned a special deed (Amal) which many people do not do on the plains of arafah. Which has a great reward.
The Special amal to do in arafah is: (taken from a weak Hadith)
Imam suyuti narrated: after zawal, facing qibla one should read

– 100x laillahha’illahu walahul’hamdu lasharikala’hu lahulmuku wahua alaqulisahi’in Qadir
– 100x sura ikhlas
– 100x durood sharif
and it is also recommended to recite:
3rd Kalimah – 100x
– 100x Astagfirullah

The reward for doing such Amal on the plain of arafah is:
Allah says to the angels (for those who will do such act)
– I have forgiven the one who seeks me and praises my beloved.
– I have accepted his intercession (shafa)
– if he makes shafa (intercession) for all those who are present on the plain of arafah I will forgive them aswell because of him!

3) Second thing which the prophet (saw) did that day, (which is NOT part of the special amal) was he:
Read Allahu’akbar walil’lahil hamd
And made this dua;
laillahha’illahu walahul’hamdu lasharikala’hu lahulmuku wahua alaqulisahi’in Qadir…allahum’mahdini bil huda wa faktini’bit taqwa’ wagfirli’ fir’akhirathil ula

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