The product of the messenger of Allah (saw)

The event in nelson, 27th September 2011

The product of the messenger of Allah (saw) – the pleasure of Allah.

The prophet (saw) taught us the pleasure of Allah and how to attain it. Shaitan taught us the displeasure of Allah and how to attain it. Now the option is upto us as to which product we want to obtain.
On one side you have the product of the messenger of Allah (saw). Where as on the other side shaitan is offering his product.
You see, in the business world companies always compete to get your attention inorder for you to buy their propduct. Likewise the messenger (saw) & the shaitan are offering us products. Now if we buy a bad product. It will be our fault and not the company’s. Since it will have said the products benefits and drawbacks on it’s packaging etc.
On the other hand, if we buy a good product. Only we will be the winners, as our product will be good when we take it home. So, what product is the messenger of Allah (saw) offering?
– this is nothing other than the pleasure of Allah & paradise. What is the devil offering?
– he is offering nothing other than the pleasures of dunya which has no bounds leading one to eternal condemnation in hell!

– Don’t go for the dunya, go for the creator of the dunya!
– Don’t go for your enemies but go for your friends. The best one being the messenger of Allah (saw)!
The awliyah do not ask for people’s money when there is no need for it. They ask the people to give their own bodies to Allah, not just their money! It is the trait of the false people who after delivering a speech or lecture, ask people for money. – for their personal things etc.

1) The bodily organs are avenues through which we can do good. However the vast majority of us, choose to do evil with it. Take for example the Tongue. – this is a lethal weapon. With this you can testify the shahadah, or choose to commit KUFR. A person can become Muslim by the Tongue and a non Muslim by it aswell!
– initially the devil inspires you to commit sins only with one organ of the body. He may say to some “okay you don’t have to commit sins with other organs of the body. Nevertheless, just enjoy looking at non mehram women. Just look at the beauty Allah created. Didn’t Allah give you the eyes to look at his beautiful creation?” – when a person starts to entertain such evil thoughts. Slowly, slowly the devil increases in making you move to the next organ to commit sins. By the end, all your organs are engrossed in sins and disobedience of Allah!
This is why the awliyah say you start to work on one organ of your body at a time. When you have made one organ of your body steadfast on minimising the sins relating to it. Then move on to the next. One by one you move onto the next one. The awliyah teach you how to do a counter argument to the devil!
The product of the messenger of Allah (saw).pdf
Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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