Is Al – Khidir a prophet?

For centuries this question has baffled and confused many people. The ancient question “Is Al Khidir a prophet?” has caused much debates and deliberations to occur around the tables of scholars aswell as the public for generations. One group of Muslims claim he (al khadir) is a wallullah (a friend of god) whereas others have suggested he is a prophet because he had some extra knowledge that the prophet Musa (as) had not. Their point of argument is how can a common man have more knowledge than a prophet?
Below is the answer according to the mashaykh of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah. The highly esteemed shaykh then goes on to answer how al Khadir had the extra knowledge which ‘supposedly’ Musa (as) did not have.

Many of the questions which the ulema discuss and disagree on, are easily answered by the awliyah. However, these awliyah must be firmly rooted in the established sources of islam. He must be able to back up his argument from references in the Quran and the sunnah, by the understanding which the previous rightly awliyah & the ulema had. The reason for this is, it shuts the door for dubious and false people to start issuing false and astray answers which would lead people astray, from the straight path.

One such thing that these false people start saying is, when a man reaches a high station/ closeness to Allah he/she do not need to continue to pray the 5 established prayers. This is the reply of the Arif, Syyiduna Abdul Azeez Dabbagh gave to these false and astray people!

Servant of Allah.

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