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The hidden blessings

I was watching ‘Muhammad (saw) – the final legacy’ programme on islam channel tonight.
SubhanAllah what a spiritually charged programme that is! You have the chance to visually see the life of the prophet (saw). They were showing the episode of when abu Sufyan and another person came to become Muslim, just before the night of fatah (opening) of Meccah. They arrive at the tent of al Habib al mustafa (saw) and profess their iman. One thing which dawned on me was the immense love umar (ra) had for the prophet (saw). He was present in the tent of the messenger (saw) that nigh when abu Sufyan enters the tent. The first words umar (ra) utters is “o rasulAllah give me the permission to cut off the head of this infidel who has caused so much harm to the effort of al islam!”
The most striking thing to me was, however the realisation that, if people like me was living at the time of the prophet (saw) with umar (ra) always around the messenger (saw). I would probably end up having my head chopped off by syyidina umar (ra).
You see, many people wish to live around the time of the prophet (saw) and the companions. This is a good wish. Nevertheless! If we were living life-like we are doing now. – Obeying and following the messenger (saw) whilst also making shaitan happy by following him. Then surely people like Syyiduna Umar (ra) would not stand these sorts of people. As he was such a person, his love of the prophet (saw) saw no bounds. If he saw anyone living a double standard life. He would be the first to make sure no one in front of his beloved was half-hearted, sluggish, and lazy in following the Habib properly in its complete form!
People like umar (ra) are not like you and me, being laxed in islam and the sunnah. Anyone found to be leading a double life would immediately be summoned to account for his actions. This is why shaitan is and was sacred of umar (ra). They were the real men. Who literally would move mountains if the command came.
Coming to syyidina Abdul Qadir jilani (ra). He was like a reflection of umar (rhu) who was very stern and strong in the application of the laws of Islam! Anyone he saw leading a dubious life, – pleasing shaitan and also claiming to please Allah, he would come down harsh on them. As the love of al Habib (saw) was over flowing his heart.

**Any lover who has the love of his beloved engulfing his heart. The lover will not tolerate others violating or ‘seemingly’ trying to invalidate the ways of the beloved**

In his speeches he would at times call out “o you evil people” or “o you hypocritical people, who are within the gathering get up and leave!”. Just to admonish them and teach them a lesson. – Only claiming things will not be enough!
He was such a person that anyone who failed to offer the five Salah on time. He issued a fatwa that they should not be buried in the grave yards of the Muslims!

– we make empty claims of love for these blessed souls i.e umar (rhu) & Abdul Qadir jilani (ra). That we want to live with them, be like them, meet them. But, let me tell you one thing. these were such lovers of the prophet (saw) that they probably would not even consider us as Muslims. Simply because of the life we are leading… Pious on the outward and shaitan in the inward. As the old saying goes “a wolf in sheep’s skin”. Pretending to wear the clothes of Junaid al bagdadi (ra) whilst doing the actions of iblis!
– In many respects, it is a good thing were not living in their times, especially at the time of the prophet (saw). We can’t even leave the petty sins of the eyes for example. When at those blessed times, adultery was widespread and people used to do tawaf of the kabah naked. Men and women mixed together!
Yet, we have fanciful thoughts that we would have been on the side of the messenger of Allah (saw). When the temptations of the dunya and it’s attractions were at its climax. It was only the best of people who would be on the side of the messenger (saw) – those that were destined to be called “the companions of the best of the prophets”. The men who were mountains in iman. Their love of Allah and his messenger (saw) flowing in their blood.
This one such example of how there are hidden blessings which Allah gives us from behind the scenes. He (swt) does many things for us of which we can not even imagine. Sometimes we think we now more how things will be good for us. On the other hand Allah (swt) with his infinite knowledge knows what is good for and what is not. What will be joy and what will not. When we are told to leave the sins, that’s just Allah telling us “I know what I better for you in giving you pleasure and longer lasting”. – (example)

By ServantofAlMalik

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