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Zamzam water mentioned in Genesis

Going back several years, i came across a statement which I found rather amazing and interesting. I was reading Martin ling’s book, ‘Muhammad (saw) based on the earliest sources’. In the first few pages of the book there is a quote which he includes from Genesis 21: 17-20.

This clearly highlights the mention of zamzam in other divinely revealed books. Namely the bible. Although the Christians take it to mean something else it is clear that here zamzam is referred to. Since the incidence of zamzam only occurred surrounding Ismail (as) and NOT Ishaq (as). Below is the direct quote from genesis 21: 17-20:

Further down the pages in the book. A reference is also made of how the prophet (saw) is mentioned in genesis 49: 1, 10.
I decided not to include this quote here. As many of us are already aware that the prophet (saw) is mentioned in a number of religious scriptures of other religions.
My point in highlighting zamzam being mentioned in other religious scriptures are:

1) To make more people aware that many of the Islamic significant rituals are also mentioned on other religious scriptures, not only in Islamic scriptures. Reinforcing the fact of the relevance and significance of such traditions in within islam from a different point of view.

2) Of how other ancient religious communities respected our way of life. Much to our ignorance, they are more aware of why we do certain acts in islam, than we are ourselves. Since in their books our rituals of islam are also mentioned. Like that of drinking zamzam and it’s significance.

By ServantofAlMalik

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2 replies on “Zamzam water mentioned in Genesis”

Will Christians deny that God said he would make a great nation out of Ismael ……… today islam is growing faster than any religion ..

Islam is the Original religion ( of God ..of Allah) as stated in all ancient scriptures ….yet non – muslims will deny this .


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