Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The freedom of will – the most powerful force

The freedom of will
The most powerful force!

Monday 5th September 2011

Notes from the 5th of september 2011 talk:

“the freedom of will – the most powerful force.”

What is the most lethal power that Allah (swt) has given anyone? Many say it is technology. Whereas others say weather, winds, stones, earthquakes etc.
The real answer to this question (as understood by the awliyah), is the freedom of will.
– The ability to choose between doing good and evil. However, our freedom of will does not extent beyond these two spheres. For example, many people want to live for ever. Only to find that they cannot. Many seek to stay healthy, again they fail.
Why is the most dangerous power? The answer is, because if we take the example of nuclear power. The most destructive thing that can happen to a person from neuclear power is, he will lose his life.
Still, if he or she died innocently they will enter paradise. However, with the freedom of will a person can cause such damage to himself that will cause him harm even after death. – This will not only cause him pain and agony in this world but will face far more worse pains and agony in the life to come. by choosing to lead a sinful life.

We see here how many people study 25/30 years then only to get a good job. Many who do get their ideal jobs then spend the rest of their lives living to work and not working to live. Then they simply drop dead one day. Ruining their life forever. As they misused their power they were given by Allah. – the freedom of will.
– They used this power to work the dunya and not the akhirah. Only doing effort for the world and not the hereafter which will cause them to enter hell.
Now, if someone is finding it difficult to use this power of freedom of will in the correct way. Then you have to give it or follow the correct people who managed to use it in it’s right way. These people were the prophets, awliyah and the saliheen.
We need to learn how to use this power correctly as this power will make us end in hell forever if we don’t. As no nuclear or atomic bombs can do this much destructive harm like the “freedom of will” can.
– those who intentionally want to use this power of freedom of will to do evil then they cannot save themselves from a very painful punishment!

2) The definition of Tawfiq as understood by the friends of Allah: – The power (freedom of will) given to us to control our bodies. For instance,
– If WE want to close our eyes when an opportunity for sin arises, then who can force us to do evil?
– If WE choose our abilities to kill someone or stop from killing someone then who can force us? – no one!
This is the tawfiq Allah has already given to us. This is one of the ingredients of tawfiq.
Allah (swt) has given us the most destructive force. This is freedom of will, with it we can either do good or evil.
So the ball is in our court as to how we play the game of life. It’s not that we can’t do the right thing. WE have been given all this tawfiq to do the good I.e the right thing.
We have to take the first step. As Allah says if you don’t take the first step, then he (swt) will not do it for us. If we don’t want to change for the better, then Allah will not force us to change for the better.
– We have to use this tawfiq that has been given to us to change. – the ability to control our own bodies from sins.
– If we shut the doors to sins, then no one will be able to force us to commit evil.
– If we want to (for example) stop from committing a sin with the eyes by shutting it. Then the devil cannot make the eyes to disobey us.
However, this control we have been given over our body, will end one day. This will be on that great day. People will be shocked and dumbfounded that their feets, hands, eyes will talk. Their tongues will be made to shut and the body will talk and testify against a person.
– Allah has given us this power and then the ability to control this aswell, by making us the leaders of our bodies.

3) The Summaries of Ramadan and what we should have achieved from it. Any achievement is gained by three things:
1) sincerity – to become serious with Allah.
2) steadfastness – any medicine or course you do, you have to do it continuously then you only become successful. 3) complete determination in the sunnah.

The signs of success:
– maintaining the steadfastness in the complete sunnah. By, not moving from the sunnah no matter what comes. If the society goes against you, you should stand strong and tall. – To oppose the thunders of nafs (ego)
– The person must be like a mountain who does not move no matter what happens. No matter what attacks one gets from the devil or the nafs. – to reach a level of purity so to continue the fight with the devils and nafs.
If these are in you then know your life is in a good track. That your car to the here after is on the right road.

The freedom of will – the most powerful force.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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