A warning & a lesson for the rich and the poor

Last Night of Ramadan

29th August 2011

A warning and a lesson for the rich and the poor.

When sometimes a person get lots of wealth and all the things he wishes. The individual starts to think that he is okay in the sight of Allah. Due to this he becomes blind and deaf to the advices and guidances of the men of wisdom.
However, when things start to go wrong, he then begins to turn to Allah, trying to seek ways to him. In this there is great benefit that his losing the world and all his properties is now becoming a means for his guidance and repentance. – this type of attitude and character is mostly found in the leader type of people. Who have lots of influence like abu jahal and abu lahab. Their status made them blind to the guidance of the lord of all the worlds. We find many of those types of people did this to the prophets.- that they showed arrogance and pride of their wealth. Saying “look at how we have lots of property and wealth. Where is all the punishment that you keep on promising us”. – they go on further to say that it must be the case that Allah (swt) (their idol etc) is pleased with them.
Know this! There is no link to property, wealth, childrens’ or one’s looks etc to that of piety and closeness to Allah. A poor person can be a friend of Allah, yet also a very rich person can be a great friend of Allah aswell. Take the example of musa (as) and pharaoh. Musa (as) was extremely poor, where as pharaoh was the richest of the time.
– what determines the closeness of Allah is the one who has more taqwa and sunnah in one’s life.
Allah says never think that when a misfortune comes your way. That you have gone away from Allah. This concern you should have is when you commit a sin. As this is what will cause his downfall.

Continuation of 50 questions:
In the dunya the sunnah is the bridge of seerat. If one can cross over it in this dunya. Then one will be able to cross over the bridge of seerat….
A warning & a lesson for the rich and the poor.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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