Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The signs of a successful Ramadan

29th night of Ramadan

29th August 2011

The signs of a successful Ramadan

Allah (swt) says if this Quran was revolved upon a mountain the mountain would have smashed and disintegrated due to the fear of Allah!
There are many mountains which split into two pieces due to the fear of Allah. All the springs and water we see sometimes gushing from them are signs of it’s fear of Allah. We will only know of the weight and power of Allah on that day! We will realise what weight we had brought on our selves.
Why are the mountains like this – with great fear of Allah? This is because they realise and have Marifah of Allah. On the day of judgement we all will be asked about the rights of al Quran.
– we have not been created for anyone else other than Allah. We have not been created to follow anyone but to follow the beloved messenger (saw).
– it is a great lesson for those who think, that on a day to day basis we see how relations are ended and finished because of some dunya. Brother goes against brother, uncles and nephews cut relations etc. This all points to the real relationship which should have only for Allah and his beloved. – with other relationships revolving around this central point. – of the love of Allah and his messenger being the main focus of our lives. – This is where our relationship will never end.
– One has to learn to practice the advices and knowledge we learn. Merely listening will not do. Shaitan listened to the direct speech of Allah yet he failed because he did not implement his knowledge. – especially at the time of his most need.

Continuation of the 50 questions going to be asked in the day of judgement.

….Thereafter we move on to questions regarding the Tongue. What we did with it etc. Then we will be held to account of our amals, of our hearts and minds. – what evil plans we had, how and IF we managed to implement the sunnah on our hearts and minds. E.g did we think good of our Muslim brother instead of thinking lowly and evil of him.

Signs of your ramadan being successful. If you realise that you have the following traits in you. Then know that your Ramadan has been successful:

1) those who have drowned themselves in the sunnah. – trials and obstacles will come your/our way but we have to stand up to it!
Shaitan will come in many ways. Sometimes by family, friends and wife. – making them a mouth piece to voice his attacks and whispers.
– The prophet (saw) said “for my ummah the greatest trials will be the wife/women.” – the reason why Allah told the believing Muslimahs to cover is because in the eyes of Allah the believing woman is far greater and honoured. We tend to cover all our precious things – diamonds, wealth etc. Then why expose our women to the feasting eyes of others! Why will there be more women in hell than men? – as recorded in a Hadith.
This is because of their misuse of their tongue and their unthankfulness to the husband for what he does for the family and house hold.

2) he/she is firm in not moving from the truth. – when the storm of shaitanic whispers and attacks comes. Whilst constantly he stays safe from the thunders of his nafs. – when his desires attack and are in their highest climax.
Allah says you will never go close to Allah. Unless you sacrifice the most closest thing to you. – which is unlawful I.e a particular sin.

3) it is to achieve a clean, body, mind, and heart.
– A lesson for those who try and deceive Allah when giving charity.
There is a Hadith where a person on the day of judgement will be taken to a massive room. Inside it will be full of broken things, deeply damaged goods etc. The person will reply( to the angels who take him there) what is this, that you have brought me to?
The angels will reply these are the goods you sent on to the poor and the needy. Allah has kelt them here. – imagine! And think for a few seconds…. Why do we give second hand, used, items to the way of Allah?
The signs of a successful Ramadan .pdf
Servant of Allah.

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